Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One
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Top 10 BEST NEW Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

November 29, 2019

Hey there and welcome to Get Indie Gaming
to the second episode of the series where we look at some of our most wanted indie games
expected out in 2020. If your most wanted isn’t in the list, we’re dropping one
of these videos each Wednsesday until the new year so do let us know which games you
would like to see down in the comments. At number 10 and by far the biggest risk of
this collection in terms of it landing next year is Sommerville although we wanted to
give this one a little signal boost and to show it off to people who might not have seen
it. Work began on Summerville all the way back
in 2014 as a side project for animator and artist Chris Olsen. Fast forward to 2017 and
Chris has founded a new studio based out of Guilford in the UK while also finding a partner
in Dino Patti, the former CEO of Play dead who you may remember were responsible for
Limbo and Inside. While looking very much a sci-fi side scroller,
a recent interview given with Eurogamer suggests the genre and mechanics will not be fixed
throughout and will offer more than just a 2 d perspective on how everything comes together. What this all really means well were not too
sure although the prospect of finding out is super compelling. Inkluinati is a deliciously polished looking
turn based strategy game within a medieval setting about illustrated animal battles with
plenty of eccentric humour. It will come with single player with local and online multiplayer
options too where you use so called living ink to paint and command your animals in various
battles to ultimately become the master illuminator – this one is expected out on the home PC
via steam. Coming up at number 8, murder at Malone manor
is currently in development for home PC with the team looking for an early 2020 launch.
Baron Malone has recently been murdered and all of the suspects are still to be found
within his manor. The main game mode has options for online co-op with three to 6 players and
here’s the luscious little twist, one of the players is responsible for the murder
and they are looking to confuse and disorient everyone else into accusing the wrong person. The multiplayer games are short, sharp and
intense lasting between 3 to 5 minutes. Having spent time with the demo, there’s enough
to manage and keep on top of in this game to really cause a spike in blood pressure
together with a noticeable hit of adrenaline. There are single and dual player modes although
if we wanted to bet, it’s the larger co-op version we’ed be placing our money on. While this has the hallmarks of CLudo and
Clue, the real time multiplayer aspect and the frenzy of play more than sets it apart
from most in this genre. At number 7 and a proper hidden gem from the
last two years of EGX shows in the UK, Tony Slopes is a delightfully looking and playing
racing game that will come with single and multi player options . It’s a snowboard
racer game although instead of snowboards, you make your way down the mountains on any
number of vehicles from bath’s to toilet thrones and lots lots more The single player will have you race to unlock
new levels, characters and racers where the multiplayer is all about good old fashioned
co-op based racing rivalry. Expected out soon on Early Access with a full
release most likely towards the end of the year it would be easy and a real shame if
this went over your head in the swam of other releases. It’s all very silly and yet even in it’s
early access state the joy and fun it can give players as evidenced from those at EGX
make it a differentiated racer to add to your wish list. First announced at the PC gaming show during
E3 2018, sable could be one of the largest indie games in terms of press interest and
coverage of 2020. Sable looks exceptionally striking with it
taking on influences from japaneese film making studios and promises a fully open world and
freeform storytelling. Sable will feature not just one umbrella like linear story line
but rather smaller ones that all piece together with different characters taking you through
the history and stories of the world and those that live there. You’re free to piece the stories together
in any order you choose and it’s supposedly quite unlikely you ‘ll see them all in any
one single play tough . While there’s no combat, there will be puzzle sections and
areas where you need to figure things out in order to progress. We love how this all looks and will be keeping
a very close eye out for news of sable as we move towards and throughout the forthcoming
year. At the half way point in this rundown and
coming to Switch and Steam on valentine’s day, best friend forever is touted as a gaming
first in that it mixes and matches a pet care based simulation game with dating as well
which.. well it all sounds kinda odd and had us scratching our heads when that info landed
into our email box a few months ago. Anyway in best friend forever you will be
able to date and fall in love as it were with a wide cast of individuals – you’ll also
be able to train and take care of your dog with it going everywhere with you and with
it interacting to your actions and adapting as the story unfolds. Hey you can even have
your best friend go out and try to pass their doggie exams at the Paws Academy all in what
looks a vibrant and wholesome town of sunny bay. This looks super fun and dare I say the perfect
casual affair to roll into come the evening when all you fancy is something simple, funny
and just not that too serious. This comes out on Steam and the Switch February 14th
where love is always just a woof away. Up next and at number 4, The Red Lantern is
a rogue-lite resource management game with what feels a strong narrative element where
you and your team of 5 sled dogs will try to survive the Alaskan wilderness and make
your way to the safety of home. Based around the premise of a real life Nordic
sledging race, you’ll play as the musher and when things go very wrong, it’s up to
you to keep your dogs safe and alive while also fending of animal attacks while making
sure you have enough supplies and materials to keep you and your dogs warm fit and healthy
. With hundreds of possible interactions and
the rogue lite elements, we think this could be something rogue-lite fans may want to keep
an eye on. It feels and looks unique and finely fresh although it will need a strong narrative
overlay if it’s really going to cut our gaming mustard. The red latern will come out next year on
home PCs, xbox one and switch at some point next year. At number three, and having gone all church
mouse on us for the last couple of years, the artful escape made a new appearance at
the recent Microsoft games and more showcase event in London a few weeks ago. Players are to step into the shoes of a performer
called Francis Vendetti within a journey inside his own imagination all being guided by the
accompanying musical score which in turn shapes the in game landscapes with them triggered
by your player movements. The information from the developers suggest the play world
itself is an instrument with it offering plenty options for musical jams, encounters with
other beings in animal and human form and many other psycodelic goings on too. The Artful Escape is due out next year with
the date to be advised – at the moment we understand it will be on Home PCs Xbox One
and Apple’s Arcade with perhaps other platforms to follow. Our number 2, the last campfire is in production
by way of Hello Games who many of you will know brought out No Man’s Sky although this
project is something far smaller in scope with the developers hinting it should be considered
something similar to the Pixar Short creations. While the last campfire was announced back
in late 2018, there’s still very little to go on in terms of what the game will really
offer although there’s no denying the beautify from within the teaser footage we’ve seen
so far. We do understand it will be adventure based
with Sean Murry head of the Hello Games studio calling it, and these are his words, a story
of a lost Ember trapped in a puzzling place, searching for meaning and a way home. Together
you will discover a beautiful wilderness filled with lost folk, strange creatures, and mysterious
ruins. All of this comes from just two of the wider
hello games team and those close to them have said we can expect something that’s artistically
interesting, fun to play and unique in what it’s looking to achieve. And taking the number 1 slot and by far and
away the most recommended game from viewers comments in the previous 2020 most wanted
episode, Hollow Knight Silksong was first announced towards the beginning of the year.
Now one of the team here has had three hands on plays with it already with the most recent
being from the EGX show in London back in October. With only one demo available, line
to play silksong was arguably the longest of all of the smaller games of the whole show
and the reaction of people who played it was all wall to wall smiles and laughter. The demo while short, wastes no time in getting
to the meaty parts of what makes Hollow Knight so loved by so many. The demo sees you play
as Hornet in what seems to be an early section of the game. Her abilities are at their base
levels and within moments I was platforming around the place and getting into scrapes
as you’d expect. It felt different from the first hollow knight
with the map elements more in line with Hornets abilities rather than those of the Knight.
It also feels faster, sleeker and more fluid in how it plays which felt really impressive
on the show floor with all the noise and accompanying excitement. One quick caveat – Calling this a game for
2020 feels risky. Team cherry have said it will launch when it’s ready and not before
and the folks on the booth looking after the demo were equally as cagey. In any case, we
can wait – on the basis of the demo, Silksong looks likely to one up the original from nearly
every angle we can think of While we’re almost out of time on this video
there’s still a few moments to mention we’re planning one of these each Wednesday until
the end of the year so if you have any suggestions, please let us know down in the comments. Many
thanks for watching and please click the like button and subscribe with the notification
bell turned on if you haven’t already done so and we look forward to seeing you all again
here for an other video.

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  1. Welcome to the second episode of the new series where we take you though 10 of our most wanted indie games expected out in 2020. Let us know down below anything you think we should cover in future episodes. Cheers!

  2. I don't see why so many side scroller games aren't on Switch also so many of these games could run on Switch that aren't side scrollers. I'm not a big fan of many Switch AAA games so this makes me a bit sad. I really wish Steam could make a great handheld one day that can use mouse and keys and controllers. That would be my true dream machine.

  3. Can I make a suggestion? There's a game called Damnview: Built From Nothing. It had an amazing trailer and it was supposed to come out this year, but I think it's coming out in 2020.

  4. I'm really looking forward to The Siege and The sandfox. A platformer stealth game with an amazing 16 bit style that seems to take heavy inspiration from Prince of Persia.

  5. I enjoyed Hollow Knight a lot and am definitely looking forward to Silksong. Hope Team Cherry reveals a release date soon.

    I'm hoping for spring 2020?

  6. Oh, one for your list would definitely be Unbound: Worlds Apart . Made by a small studio (AlienPixelStudios) it's about a little wizard dude whos village got destroyed by some evil "thing" and he's trying to find and stop said thing by using some special portal so traverse the world and space/time. Heavily inspired by hallow Knight and ori and the blind forest and they also made a demo. Really really really recommend.

  7. The Red Lantern: A game where you have FIVE cute dogs and each can randomly die protecting some entitled millennial chick who decided to participate in sled racing without any previous experience because "mom said she could do anything"? Thanks, but no thanks. This sh*t is too much xD

  8. Oh, I almost forgot about Sable. That Moebius vibe is too good to ignore.
    And of course, Silksong. Wich I can´t wait to play.

    The fact that the artful escape is coming to apple tv makes me guess that it´s not a microsoft exclusive. So I´m hoping to get a console release as well.

    Next year is looking swell for indies. Thanks for your constant love for indies, and sharing it with the rest of us. 😀

  9. I might be wrong but the A in "Sable" is pronounced as the A in "apple". Sable is the french word for sand, which makes sense with the trailer of the game. Thanks for the content!

  10. I won’t say I hate narratives in games but to me it is least important thing about a game and if they sold games with all cutscenes and narrative elements removed for like half price I’d always buy it. I just want gameplay first and most and always. Narrative can be good but honestly I’m a old man I could do without. Except Shenmue…haha

  11. Great video, suggestions for the next video :

    – Eastward
    – Scorn
    – Industries of Titan
    – Wind Runners
    – Embr
    – Prodeus
    – Buildings Have Feelings Too!
    – Star Renegades

  12. Sable is clearly inspired by Moebius! A french artist. Anime you probably mentioning – Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind was also inspired by Moebius.

  13. A few suggestions for a future list:

    Foregone: action-platformer that looks very similar (graphics-wise) to Dead Cells; NOT a roguelike, though; sometime in 2020
    Songs of Conquest: turn-based strategy, HoMM-style, with a similar-ish artsyle to Octopath Traveller (3D environments, 2D sprites); late 2020
    Stoneshard: traditional roguelike with a focus on survival elements, like sickness & injury debuffs; Early Access launch in February 2020
    Vigil: The Longest Night: 2D action RPG, inspired by Salt & Sanctuary and Castlevania; sometime in 2020
    King’s Bounty II: tactical RPG; sequel to the original, with realistic graphics; 2020; (Is this indie? I don’t know what is or isn’t, now-a-days.)

  14. Looking forward to Sable and The Last Campfire. Been playing No Man's Sky since the beginning. Can't wait to play their latest creation.

  15. Maybe Freedom Planet 2 will finally come out in 2020. I have personally been waiting for it about a year now, so I hope to play it soon!

  16. Hi, I highly suggest Stoneshard. They share lots of information about game in steam page. Maybe you want to check it out.

  17. Feels like I'm waiting Silksong for 30 years the hype is real for me lol. All games look great but Sable looks amazing imo I love the art style

  18. I'm really glad for Hello Games. They didn't give up on No Man's Sky, and saw their mistake in making it too big to handle. I can't wait to see how this new game turns out!

  19. Game called "Sheba: A New Dawn" from a startup indie! Would love to see it on your list.
    Their Twitter is: @KashkoolGames

  20. Hollow knight is not the most wanted indie of 2020, it is one of the most wanted games of 2020, the first game was better than 95% of AAA games

  21. Be sure to check out Tribes of Midgard when it releases in 2020. New trailers coming soon and I’m one of the developers btw. : )

  22. I have mixed feelings about this lists, you missed silksong in the first one (which was unnaceptable) and this list seems weird aswell… I recommend checking my own steam wishlist, the first 40 or so games (unreleased games) and maybe get some really good games comming in 2020 like Inmost, Star Renegades, TemTem and so on…

  23. Next year will be a good year for platformers:
    -Hollow Knight Silksong
    -Ori and the will of the Wisp
    -Unbound: Worlds Apart

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