Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2019 – PC, Switch, Xbox One
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Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Games of December 2019 – PC, Switch, Xbox One

January 26, 2020

December is just around the corner which means
2019 is nearly over. We’ve seen some incredible indie game releases over the year and while
December is usually one of the quietest months, there are still many great looking games coming
out before we roll into the New Year. Welcome to get indie gaming and in this video, we’re
taking you through 10 of the best looking indie games coming out this December 2019. 10: Interrogation: You will be deceived: We begin with Interrogation You Will be Deceived
you play as the lead of a special task force of investigators looking to stop a terrorist
group known as the Liberation Front and as is usually the case, you begin with a ticking
clock. The black noir theme used here is particularly
striking as is the over premise. Interrogation has been designed to simulate teal interrogation
like conversations and scenarios, where you look to discover the truth by way of numerous
real world interview methods and strategies. The sketch like figures are the culmination
of thousands of rotoscoped photographs of over 40 different actors which gives an almost
ghost like and celluloid quality to their on screen forms. LA Noir this certainly isn’t
with it needing delicate and subtle psychological manipulation of those your interview in order
to stave off what may be a chilling conspiracy. Added in the mix are also underlying themes
of radicalisation, police brutality and the imbalance distain those with access to the
machinery of power have over the powerless. Interigation you will be deceived launches
on home PC on December 5th with a port going onto the Switch in the Spring of next year. 9: Shovel Knight King of Cards
At number 9 and one we at Get Indie Gaming discussed back and forth about adding it to
this countdown simply due to the age of the franchise and yet given how much love there
is from players it made the cut, albeit perhaps a tad lower than some might expect.
Shovel Knight King of Cards is the final instalment of the Shovel Knight series. You play as King
Knight himself as he makes his way through 4 new worlds and more than 30 brand new courses
on his quest to give the good news to the Three Kings who rule over the land.
As always the gameplay rewards the typical signature bash attack of the knight with the
follow up finishing spinning strike. There’s a whole heap of new abilities, weapons and
armour with which to be looking at your very best and once you are done with the adventuring
and keen to hang up your shovel, there’s more to do in the way of card based battles
with future subjects from across the world. Shovel Knight King of Cards is out on December
10th and comes to PS4, the Switch, the Xbox One and Home PC’s via steam. 8: Earthnight
Next up at number 8, Earthnight drops on December 3rd on Steam and is being touted as an illustrated
epic 2D side-scroller that pays tribute, almost a love letter even to classic arcade games.
While these sort of phrases can force my eyeballs to roll backwards in their sockets, there’s
something about Earthnight that’s so very pleasing on multiple levels.
Firstly I’m super taken with how the art and animation have been pulled together. Earthnight
features more than ten thousand frames of animation each being hand painted and it looks
dazzling with it. This hand painted ethos extends into the level designs with them all
being procedurally generated meaning in theory no two runs will be alike no matter how many
times you play. There’s also the soundtrack which features
more than 20 original tunes written especially to interweave with the gameplay. Earth Night
looks pretty special and could be a real long burner for those wanting something fresh while
laced with nostalgia. 7: Mosaic
At number 7 and out already on Apple Arcade, Mosaic comes to Steam and all the usual consoles
on December 5th. Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, that your life has no real meaning?
Well that’s the proposition at work here in Mosaic, with the protagonist going about
his regimented daily grind of commuting and work while all the while staring at his smartphone
for those small doses of dopamine that make everyday existence that little bit more palatable.
It’s certainly a dark place with which to begin from which feels feistily executed on
by way of the subtle but depressingly grey and all round drab colour scheme. While there
are reviews to be had from those who’ve played Moasic on their iOS devices, I’ll
be going into this as fresh faced on the story and overall plot as I’m able. With this
coming from Killbrite studio and pulished by Raw Fury, I’m confident I’ll take the
character on more of a journey than just his daily grind. 6: Skell Boy
At number 6 and something in some ways in quite aesthetically odd, Skell Boy tells a
tale about a King’s evil wizard who having separated from his girlfriend, decides to
annoy the folk in the kingdom by making the dead rise from their grave.
While many an evil spirit popped back from 6 feet under, the evil wizard also summoned
one of the world’s long dead heros the bag of bones that is skippy and it’s with this
character you travel across the kingdom to vanquish the evil wizards henchmen.
While honestly somewhat odd to look at, it looks likely to bring a fine grin to the face
with it’s combat and the ability to interchange skippys body parts to acquire new abilities
within a lush and vibrantly coloured World – well it all looks like an action RPG that’s
not taking itself all together that seriously which makes a fine change. Skell boy comes
out early December on Steam and the Nintendo switch. 5: Big Pharma
At number 5 and coming to consoles, Big Pharma is a strategy simulation game where you’ve
guessed it, you take over the reigns of a massive Pharmaceutical Conglomerate. It’s
really up to you in how you go about steering your managerial ship. While putting on a pair
of nice person trousers and doing good deeds for humanity, well that’s often not the
best way to go about making your firm the money it needs to keep the pills rolling off
the factory floor. With over 35 different business challenges
to look into within 7 different pharma based scenarios, it really is up to you in what
business model you try although you will need to balance the books to keep your head above
water. With a freebuild mode to accompany the main game there’s plenty for budding
health care barons to get finely glassy eyed over. 4: Don’t Die Minerva
Our number 4, Don’t Die Minerva steps onto the stage this December in Early Access with
it expected to see a full launch within a 12 month period.
Don’t Die Minerva is a ation RPG rogue lite set in a haunted house where you play as a
young girl armed with a flashlight and a back pack fully of cute cuddly toys which come
to life within the house. While death is always around the corner, like
any decent rogue-lite each venture into the house sees you become stronger and more able
to deal with the horrors and nasties before you.
The full launch will be much larger in scope, will have more levels, biomes and additional
enemies and boss battles. For an end of year little Christmas jaunt
with ghosts and ghouls, Don’t Die Minerva with its randomly generated levels could scratch
my rogue-light itch going into the new year. 3: Wattam
Here we go into the final podium of the year and on the bottom step we have Wattam which
comes from the creator of Katamari. Wattam will ship so to speak on December 17th and
will be available on home PC via the Epic store while also coming to the PS4. The game
is coming to steam at some point although as of yet there’s no fixed date for when
that’s likely to happen. Wattam as you can tell is quite the odd looking
game – you play as a green cube shaped character who also happen to be a mayor who wants nothing
more than to bring friendship and happiness to his community. In order to do this you
will be needing to undertake some quite odd like behaviour which gets right proper daft
in places for example in helping a hot air balloon get over a fear of heights.
Said to be a reaction against the conflict driven games so prevalent in our market spaces,
Wattam looks a rare piece of top quality fanciful silliness. 2: Dead End Job
At number two, and given how much we here at get indie gaming love our twin stick shooters,
we could leave Dead End Job off this December run down.
While already available to play like Mosaic from earlier on the Apple Store, Dead End
Job comes to steam and all of our favourite consoles on December 13.
While there is a single player option, we’re most enthused by the couch co-op option which
all plays out like a ren and stimpy looking cartoon from the 90’s within procedurally
generated levels. You play as employees from Gouls-b gone, which
is the so called number 1 paranormal pest control company in the business. You’ll
earn your cash by making sure your get rid of all sorts of phantoms and other such undead
creatures from offices, restaurants and other such places.
Like any job there’s more to this one than actual goul hunting with you needing to play
a little bit of office politics with you greasing the wheels with your boss to earn your next
promotion. Now we also love how Dead End Job uses Twitch
and Mixer integration with viewers able to help or hinder streamers by way of deciding
which power ups the game will offer up and that nod to spectator based interactivity
should help to make Dead End Job as fun to watch on your favorite streaming platform
as it is to play in front of your living room TV. 1: Arise: A Simple Story
So here we are, the final number one in our monthly countdown of the best looking indie
games in 2019, Arise A Simple Story comes to the PS4, Xbox One and home PC via the Epic
Store on December third. This was first sown off a little while ago
in one of Sony’s State of Play steams and promises a puzzle adventure game which covers
the life of an elderly man in what the team behind it area calling a an emotional journey
through the life of two people where memories come alive and time bends to the player’s
will”. While at the time this video airs there isn’t
too much in the way of public facing info on how this will play, I’m suspecting it
to feature time manipulation of sorts with the trailer also suggesting the story will
be figurative and largely symbolic – we also note the trailer shows several scenes
a few times over although each time there are little differences.
While the studio behind this are relatively unknown, they have secured the same musician
behind the BAFTA award winning score of Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice so with that pedigree
on board, we may very well be on course for something rather special. Outro
Well that’s it for the December run down – still to come on Get Indie Gaming for
the rest of the year we have more coverage of the best looking games due out next year,
an of course our game of the year awards and rundown which will drop on December 14th so
go put that date in your diary. Many thanks again for watching and if you could give the
like button a gentle tap and subscribe to the channel, well that would be most welcomed.
All the best and see you all again soon.

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  1. Hi there and welcome top the last if the Top 10 new indie game rundown for 2019. Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to let me know what you like the most down in the comments.

  2. Hey GIG(Get Indie Gaming) do you have some information about "once upon a coma"? the steam page describes the launch for 2019 but notting concrete about launch date have been reviewed, is it possible that the game will be pushed towards a 2020 release?

  3. Wattam looks so bizarre and different that I need to give it a go down the line.

    Also, a random thought that just occurred to me; with crossover DLCs being all the rage, I'd pay big bucks for Umbrella Corp expansion for Big Pharma.

  4. Get Indie Gaming, I want to ask you… Is the Danganronpa main games considered as indie games? because I feel very surprided not to see it in some your videos where it could be part of

  5. Am I the only one who's looking at EarthNight and thinks of altered beast? It looks really cool! Arise also looks interesting

  6. Have a look at book of travels, a hand painted TMO (tiny multiplayer online) game, it's just sublime,

  7. Oh wow, thanks for that, quite a few completely new games (at least for me?). I am super curious about Mosaic (Is it on Android too or just IOS from the mobile devices?) and Arise looks fantastic too, makes me think of Rime a bit with a hint of Inside/Limbo…? Definitely would love to hear your opinions on gameplay once they are out!

  8. Mosaic looks enticing as does the interview one at the start. These are wonderful snapshots of a industry that's so creative. Kudos for your coverage.

  9. Thanks for adding Arise to 5he list! For anyone interested in gameplay, watch this one:
    Kuods for the rest of gmes in the list, very interested in many if them!

  10. Really looking forward to enjoying King Of Cards😊

    3 big games for me in 2020 are Jets n Guns 2, Wrath Aon of Ruin and Hollow Knight Silksong.

    We need a release window for Silksong😀

  11. New to your channel. I just want to say I LOVE your narration and editing. It's literally what I wanted when I searched for opinions on what new indie game to get. Keep doing what you're doing 🙂

  12. I Just want to add one more gem coming out in december, The blind prophet is a dark crime solving point and click adventure, with a lot of talking and choises to make. Its art style is magnifisent and the gameplay i saw from the demo has very nice twists and turns. Defenantly check it out!

  13. The narrator has no clue what he is talking about with most of these. Comes across very ingenuine. This is of course to be expected for a channel that tells us what is best from a month that hasn't even started yet. So it's just commercials disguised as info.

  14. I got instantly excited about earthnight after seeing it! It's in my wishlist now.

    I just love games that are different, that don't fear being creative. It's like playing a dream.

  15. Hmm.. I can't find the system requirements for Arise. The specification part of the epic store page is blank, the official site of the game doesn't say anything either… Very weird. I don't know whether my pc could run the game or not. :<

  16. Thanks for all your work separating gems from noise. Through your videos, I've found plenty of beautiful new titles which I wouldn't have heard about otherwise!

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