TOP 10 BEST MOBILE GAMES OF 2017 – Games of the Year Android and iOS
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TOP 10 BEST MOBILE GAMES OF 2017 – Games of the Year Android and iOS

September 27, 2019

What’s going on folk, my name is NimbleThor
and after nearly a year of playing a new mobile game every single day, and as 2017 is coming to an
end, I figured we’d have a look back at the 10 best free to play mobile games of the year
– or at least the games that I’ve had the most fun playing! Because honestly, I don’t fully agree with
the games picked by many of the app stores and news outlets! So without further ado, here we go; At number 10 we have Durango Wild Lands
I had a lot of fun playing this one, and was especially positively surprised by the multiplayer
aspect after being let down by Last Day on Earth; Survival, which didn’t really turn
out to have actual online real-time multiplayer. The game’s super high quality, and although
it is still only in beta, I figured it deserved a spot here in the 2017 list, as I really
enjoyed playing it, and I know many of you have as well At number 9 I want to put Crusaders of Light
because despite the much debated auto systems, Crusaders of Lights focus on team raid battles,
and the fact that these raids are available even at lower levesl and not just at cap,
made it the most interesting MMO gameplay experience I’ve had on mobile this year. At number 8 I put Dragon Raja M
And while there were a couple of great RPGs release this year, Dragon Raja ultimately
gets the spot on my Games of the Year list because of its amazing story, which is worth
reading every line of, and because of its interesting and visual stunning looking combat
scenes. At number 7 I landed on Snipers vs Thieves
which was a game that positively surprised me with its genre-breaking take on a mobile
heist game where we got to play as both the snipers AND the thieves. I actually really like this one, and if it
wasn’t for the fact that there were SO many great games this year, it could have been even
higher on the list! At number 6 I put indie-wonder of the year;
Data Wing It’s a game currently sitting at a well-deserved
4.9 out of five, and it’s honestly the best one-man-developer game of the year! What I particularly like about Data Wing is
that it’s got BOTH a great story AND difficult gameplay, whereas many games often lack in
one of these two areas. I placed it at number 6 because although amazing
to play, it IS relatively short. At number 5 we have Tactical Monsters
And it’s a game I greatly recommend to anyone who have ever played and enjoyed Heroes of
Might and magic. It’s a real-time multiplayer turn-based strategy
game played on a hex-grid with a solid hero-building system and combat. The game’s also both out on mobile AND PC
via Steam, and it’s actually highly rated on every store it is available on – and
that’s definitely well-deserved! At number 4 I landed Survivor Royale, but I will actually be willing to substitute Survivor Royale with Rules of Survival if that’s more
your flavor. The reason I put Survivor Royale so high on
the list is that it’s a really solid attempt at a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile
experience. before the original PUBG game has even come out yet! The monetization is almost entirely focused
on cosmetics, the matchmaking is fast, and playing was actually one of the more thrilling
and adrenaline pumping experiences I’ve had this year! At number 3 I put Quantum Siege
which is a game I highly recommend checking out because although the real-time multiplayer
strategy game is still in beta and most haven’t had the chance to play it yet, this is definitely
one of the games I have been the most excited about this year. It’s a game that not only visually looks amazing,
but also has more depth than the current most popular mobile strategy games such as Clash
Royale. And most importantly, of course; it’s actually
super fun to play. Now, as for number 1 and number 2, I actually had a lot of trouble figuring out which of these games should be number 1 and which should be number 2. but ultimately, I have placed Arena of Valor as no. 2
because there’s no doubt that this is overall the highest quality game released in all of
2017. It’s a 5 vs5 MOBA made by the League of Legends-owners Tencent, and it runs smoother than any other game I’ve played this year and has a visual
quality and polish that only Quantum Siege really even comes close to reaching. I’ve placed Arena of Valor so high because
it’s a real-time multiplayer game with fast match-making, while still remaining competitive
because of the ease of unlocking new heroes without paying, and overall just a very very laid-back
monetization. THIS is how mobile games should be made in my honest opinion, and I hope to see more like it in 2018 At number 1 I of course HAD to place Battle of Arrow which I was absolutely fascinated by right
from the first play. and while some may find the need to use the
gyroscope to control the game as a turn-off, if you can overcome that, the game is as close
to a perfect real-time PVP game that also ACTUALLY requires skill as they come. It’s definitely one of the most promising
games of 2017, with lots of features being added frequently, such as most recently friendly
battles. It’s by far the most intense game of the year,
and it’s one of my main go-to games right now And that was actually it for the list, but lastly, I’ve got a few honorable mentions that I won’t dive too deep into, but that I’d definitely recommend you checking out. And those are:
Clone Evolution, which is a great idle game, the Shadowgun Legends shooter, War Wings,
Stranger Things: The Game, and Crash Arena Turbo Stars – all of which are games that I had a lot of fun playing this year! and they could have easily made it to the list if there just were less great games released this year. So what do you guys think? Do you agree with my TOP
Mobile Games of the Year list? If not, what are your favorite games of the
year? Let me know in the comments section, and while
you’re still here; be sure to subscribe for a first impressions look at a new mobile game
every day from Monday ->Friday and until next time, just keep gaming, stay
awesome, and I’ll see you guys around!

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  1. Thanks for watching – be sure to subscribe for a first impressions look at a new mobile game EVERY day from Mon -> Fri 😎

  2. Thank you Nimble! I've been following you since near the beginning, and I know I'm not alone in saying that it's awesome that you do all the heavy leg work for the rest of us! Finding good mobile games can be difficult sifting through the garbage.

    Great video, thanks again!

  3. Great editing, fantastic input. Now this is a professional top end of the year list. Thank you for being another awesome voice in the mobile game community. Here is to 2018!!!!!

  4. I know you mention it in your video but I think the list would be better if you avoided games still in beta.

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  8. hey thor, thanks for your thoughts. any thoughts on the best of 2018 now we're getting close? have you tried jelly jellies?

  9. The guys at NimbleThor are cool! I have always loved game reviews for mobiles, however, not many people or companies were doing it! I then got inspired to dedicate each and every day to reviewing a mobile game! Daily reviews! You can check out my first few videos and let me know what you think! I've juuuuust started, so I'd really appreciate your support and subscription!

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