Top 10 Best Games w/ CROSSPLAY (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)
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Top 10 Best Games w/ CROSSPLAY (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)

January 28, 2020

But I don’t see a reason why cross plays at the standards for all fighting games Creative sandbox game that started in all a decade ago, and it’s been growing it ever since Cross play Cross play. It has really been making waves in gaming over the last couple years Especially with the rise of games like fortnight like it or hate it and I’m not sure why you would hate it at all Cross play is here to stay and after the announcement that the new Call of Duty will have full cross play support you can bet That a lot more mainstream games will now have it in the future But what are some cross play video games that you can play right now? What are the best what is up? Everybody chaos here today We’re gonna be checking out a list of the best games on the market right now That have cross play support and be sure to let me know which of these is your favorite and let me know one game That you would add cross play to that doesn’t have it in The comment section drop a like make sure you subscribe turn on those post notifications Here we go Number 10 Killer Instinct 2013 that’s right. Kicking off. Our list is a fighting game from Microsoft and iron galaxy And for those that don’t know Killer Instinct was originally a 2d fighting game from rareware that was released back in the mid 90s But in 2013 Microsoft decided to reboot it in grand Fashion and ki was released for the Xbox one of the PC late that year and has been periodically updated through a season System over the years with the last season being in early 2016 when Microsoft abandoned that format in order to make the game free to play instead which allowed more people to access it Now the lack of content was initially criticized the games reception has improved over the years and it’s now one of the best fighting games On the market killer instinct is available on Xbox one and PC and it’s free to play on both systems And yes, it has full cross play support Next up is Ark survival Evolved now. This is a game that has kind of gone up and down in popularity over the years I can remember a couple years back It seemed like every youtuber and streamer was making content on it, but then it died down again, but it’s still very popular Most close to 50,000 players a day on Steam alone It’s an open world survival game with an island setting in a bunch of dinosaurs, and it was originally released back in 2014 on the PC via steams early access program it got a full boxed release in August of 2017 as well as a port to the Xbox one and the ps4 and in the following year It was brought to the Nintendo switch so in late 2017 the games developers struck a deal with Microsoft that allowed them to enable cross play between the Xbox one and the PC although you have to be playing the game through the Windows Store and not Steam in order to enable cross play I’m not sure why they did that and this I wouldn’t call this full cross play because there are strings attached but it does have cross play if You’re enjoying the content make sure to drop a like on the video make sure you Subscribe to the channel with post notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can get that elusive first comment At number 8 is Halo Wars 2 now Halo Wars was released all the way back in 2009. It’s crazy That was a decade ago And it was a really fun spin-off of the main Halo series instead of being a first-person shooter It was a real-time strategy game that had you bossing around Massive armies and doing battle with the Covenant and in an effort to win back the trust of Halo fans Microsoft greenlit a halos war 2 which was developed by Creative Assembly and released in early 2017 for the Xbox one of the PC it actually got pretty good reviews and it managed to recapture that same fun of the first game where it was easy enough for everybody to understand but it was really difficult to Master the mechanics on a Starcraft now a few months after its initial launch Microsoft made the game even better By flipping the cross play switch on it allowed cross-platform in many of the modes Including the campaign the firefight in the custom games and all unranked multiplayer modes. Microsoft has made it very clear They are trying to push Cross play as much as they can and you’re going to be seeing quite a bit of that on the list Brawlhalla Brawlhalla, it’s a 2d platformer fighter heavily inspired by the super smash bros series, especially well specifically Melee players spawn in on a stage with various platforms as you try to use free flowing moves and combos to build up the enemies Damage and knock them off the stage which leaves you the last person standing. Does that sound familiar to anybody? Concept very simple easy to pick up much like the Smash Bros games But the actual mechanics are very technical and difficult to master much like smash bros Melee and brawl holla has become a popular alternative For many fans of the smash series. The game wasn’t released for the ps4 in the PC in October of 2007 but then it was ported over to the Xbox one and the switch the next year and in June of 2019 the brawlhalla devs announced they would be rolling out a cross play update that made it possible for PC Xbox one and switch players to all match make together Unfortunately, this is another game where Sony has been left out because they keep blocking cross play. They need they need to get on board Now number six is sea of Thieves This open-world pirate adventure game definitely got off to a rough start, but now that it’s been patched up pretty good There’s a bunch of content updates it currently has some of the most fun you can have with your Xbox one is a Massive open world pirate game where you can team up with other players To man your ship sail the seas discover various islands treasures all that before Possibly encountering other players crews and getting into naval battles it launched in March of 2018 two very negative views I mean it had technical issues There was no content three hours in and you were bored but rare and Microsoft have stuck with it and in the end of the story It’s a good thing because it’s now part of the Xbox game pass and it has full cross play between the xbox and the PC Cracking you to the top five today Gears of War 4 This was the first mainline Gears game to not be developed by Epic Games in the end result It was actually pretty decent all things considered and feature the same third-person cover shooting that the series made famous But it also featured much smoother game playing a few additional movement options like wall mounting and cover kicking Gears four also featured a decent campaign a massive horde mode and an extremely fun Multiplayer and you know what the best part was it had complete cross play between the Xbox the PC plus Here’s four is currently available on both the Xbox game pass and the PC game pass So if you have the game pass on either of those platforms You have access to Gears 4 and you can play it with people on the other system Once again, no, Sony but then again that’s an exclusive Xbox game a number for Street Fighter 5 in terms of Street Fighter games 5 definitely wasn’t the best but that’s not to say it was bad because it was still a good fighting game fans of the series weren’t too happy about Capcom’s decision to simplify a lot of the mechanics in Street Fighter 5 and also narrow down The character roster and then things got worse a few months later when Capcom started adding in-game advertising it to the mix but at the end of the day You can’t argue with the gameplay and to put it simply It’s good Street Fighter 5 looks and plays really good As any good Street Fighter game should and catcon definitely made the right call and adding Cross play is currently available for the PC and the ps4 and it features full cross play support between those two platforms And personally I think all fighting games should have full cross play with shooters I can understand why people may be skeptical about letting a controller versus a mouse and keyboard player I get it to a degree same input device Whatever, but I don’t see a reason why cross plays is the standard for all fighting games speaking of the standard fortnight, you knew it was gonna be on here first hit early access in the summer of 2017 and you guys know this story for nice popularity grew rapidly thanks to the free-to-play model the unique gameplay systems and the fact that There’s cross play now first only a few platforms can play together But as time went on in the game grew we eventually hit the point where every platform Including mobile could play in the same lobby Now this kicked off some discussion as to what platform is the best as well PC players Certainly dominate the content creation side of things. There’s also a ton of professional controller players in the mix So love fortnight or hate it It made massive strides for cross play in mainstream gaming and I think it was a great thing for the industry as a whole at number 2 Rocket League now. This is one of those games that I don’t think anybody knew they wanted it until They played it I mean soccer with miniature cars with rocket boosters attached to them isn’t really something That many people think of when they’re coming up for a new video game idea But someone had the idea made the game and now it’s one of the most popular recognized both games in the entire world It’s a very simple game where a few people get on teams. You play some soccer with an oversized ball and oversized arena while driving rocket-powered cars now the skill ceiling and rocket League is Insane as when you first start out it can be difficult to hit the ball at all But when you will watch streamers and pro players They will be flying around the field and doing ridiculous backwards plays like it’s nothing rocket league is currently available in the PC ps4 Xbox one and switch and it features cross play across all four platforms, which is rare There’s not many games out there like it and fortnight if you’re enjoying the content make sure to drop a like on the video make sure you Subscribe to the channel with post notifications on so you always get alerted when a new video goes up and you can get that elusive first comment And at number one today the resurgence of Minecraft. Did it ever really leave? Ok? Yeah, the creative sandbox game that started in all a decade ago and it’s been growing it ever since it’s pretty much always been popular as it’s never really came down from its initial high and it’s Even been growing more recently as the new consoles come out minecraft continued to be ported and supported on them in in 2018 the bedrock update went live and activated cross-platform play For the PC Xbox one switch and mobile devices now Sony has been hesitant shocker To allow cross play on their system since they have a tendency to have their heels dug into the sand pretty far on new ideas But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they cave in and allow cross play as well but as far as the best cross play games go I have to give it to minecraft at the number one spot and there you Have my friends. Those are 10 of the best games on the market right now with cross play when I say full cross play That’s games, like rocket League and fortnight. The ones that have the the trifecta or quad Fecteau You can literally play with anybody on any platform There’s not many out there, but I think it’s gonna become the industry standard as we move forward you guys let me know one game that doesn’t have cross play that if you could flick a switch and Make it happen you would I hope you guys enjoyed if you did take a second drop a like make sure you subscribe turn on Those post notifications check out the playlist with all the other top tens and I’ll see you soon

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  1. Every game should have cross play honestly but a game that I want cross play on is TROVE

    I can’t play with my friend because he has a PS4 and I have a pc

  2. The video footage of "Minecraft" isn't Minecraft, right? The uploader just used a different from a newer game, based on Minecraft. Why?

  3. I think that the elder scrolls should be cross play I mean what is stopping eso its already online just make it cross play

  4. You should denote if the crossplay functionality is strictly random or can I choose to play with someone on PC. I wanna play with my dad and an Xbox controller is alien to him lol.

  5. Why would anyone want to play with a keyboard and mouse player when they have a controller ? Plus the fps makes a huge difference which gives pc players a big advantage

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