Top 10 Best Crafting Systems in PC Video Games (2018)
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Top 10 Best Crafting Systems in PC Video Games (2018)

September 14, 2019

Crafting systems in various games can be either a vital gameplay mechanic necessary for success
and survival, or a fun mini-game allowing you to turn seemingly useless trash picked
from your enemies corpses into valuable items for a much lower cost than what your local
merchant asks for. Welcome to G2A.COM – for today’s gaming
top 10 list, we will take a look at games from various genres – from survival sandboxes
to RPGs and shooters – and choose the ones where crafting your weapons, food and other
necessities is truly worthwhile. A quick note before we start – if any of
our choices catches your attention, you can grab them on G2A.COM using the link in the
description. Don’t forget to leave a comment below letting
us know which crafting system in video games is your number one – and make sure to subscribe
for a regular dose of gaming inspiration! Let’s dive into the list! It’s not all farming in Stardew Valley – soon after your arrival to the village you will
find that many items important for your farm can – and should – be crafted. You start off knowing a handful of recipes,
but you can increase your crafting library by learning new skills, buying schematics
from merchants, or receiving them as a gift from friendly inhabitants of the Valley. You can craft a number of items, starting
from simple cobblestone paths, moving up to fertilizers and sprinklers to help you take
care of your crops, through artisan tools that allow you to, say, turn eggs into mayonnaise
or ferment fruit into a beverage, to even bombs, should you need an explosion to happen. Both Fortnite Battle Royale and the PVE mode of the cartoony shooter game are quite crafting-heavy. During your games, you will spend a lot of
time chopping down wood and mining stone or metal to be used in building structures and
traps for your enemies, as well as gathering materials and schematics for weapons and ammo
to give you an edge over other players. All that while looking over your shoulder
to make sure you won’t be sniped by a inconspicuously looking bush. Dragon Age Inquisition gives you some general schematics for new weapons and armor, but
it’s up to you to choose what kind of ore and fabric to use. Each type of metal or cloth can give your
crafted items different features, depending on the crafting slot you use it for – for
instance, your mage can get a bonus to their willpower stat if you use samite in the utility
slot of their new robe. If you choose silk instead, they will receive
a bonus to their magic stat. The material used also changes the appearance
of the crafted item – this means you can force all of your companions to wear the incredibly
stylish yellow plaidweave. Dead Rising 2 allows you to create a bunch of ingenious and hilarious combination weapons
to make your zombie-killing more effective – and much more fun. For instance, you know how zombies enjoy eating
human flesh? Grab a severed hand and put a dynamite stick
in it – your mindless enemies won’t be able to contain their hunger and will swallow
the explosive, allowing you to make them go boom from within. Gluing a machete to a toy helicopter will
result in the creation of heliblade, a weapon perfect for decapitating zombies. Combination weapons can be crafted by trial
and error, though they will be more powerful if you use a special recipe found in-game. The base game offers 50 different combinations,
and the DLCs come with their own recipes, such as a saw launcher made with a bunch of
saw blades and a tennis ball launcher. For the most part, crafting is an optional
mechanic in Divinity: Original Sin and its sequel. But upgrading your weapons, creating special
arrows or spellbooks, mixing ingredients into powerful potions and cooking a warm, home-made
stamina-enhancing meal can save you a ton of coin and bother. The crafting system in the first game boils
down to combining two elements to get a finished product, or a more advanced crafting ingredient
to be further combined. You can rely on recipes found in books, or
let your imagination run free and mix-and-match ingredients to see what happens – though
that’s not advisable with potions, which can turn out to have adverse effects if you
mix the wrong things. For some enhancements, you might have to find
a special location, like a furnace, or a mobile kitchen but the majority of items can be created
on the run. Who doesn’t like a good bowl of tomato sauce
made with tomatoes and a hammer? Divinity: Original Sin 2 took crafting to
a new level. You can now combine up to 5 different ingredients
for a variety of results. An especially nifty crafting feature is creating
new skills and spells by combining the spare skill- and spellbooks in your inventory. For example, a pyrokinetic spellbook combined
with a scoundrel skillbook allows you to gain the ability to sabotage your enemies by making
their grenades explode in their pockets. No game makes grind as fun as Warframe – and since that sweet, sweet grind is centered
around crafting, Warframe deserves a spot on this list. Whether it’s a shiny new weapon, a sentinel
buddy to follow you around or a whole new Warframe allowing you to change your playstyle,
you can craft it using the resources obtained during your gameplay. Successfully finishing a mission or killing
a boss will often be rewarded with a blueprint, which is the base for creating any item. Once you have obtained the desired blueprint,
you will have to collect the necessary materials, and then spend some credits (also earned during
your gameplay) to commence the crafting process. Of course, you can spend some real-life money
to speed up the process or even skip the crafting entirely, but where’s the fun in that? Terraria allows you to roam around a sandboxy, colorful, pixeltastic world slaying various
monsters and building your settlement, as well as collecting a huge amount of different
materials. Those materials, with the help of a workbench,
a furnace, and other types of crafting stations can be turned into a huge variety of weapons
to slay enemies on your dungeon crawls, or items for your house which will make the difference
between a primitive shack and a sprawling settlement full of colorful inhabitants. The amount of items you can create is staggering
and it’s still steadily increasing. No list about crafting in games would be complete without Minecraft. Seeing how Minecraft is basically a huge box
of LEGOs turned into a video game, creating new items out of the blocks in your possession
is obviously a vital feature of the gameplay. Not only do you have to use the correct amount
and type of materials, you also have to put them in a certain pattern to get the item
you want. Some basic items can be crafted straight from
your inventory. For more complex items, you will have to use
a workbench, which gives you a bigger grid to drag your ingredients onto. As with building blocks, the amount of combinations
is huge. It’s hard to choose just one survival game that does crafting right, because crafting
is the meat of virtually all of them. Rust, Ark: Survival Reborn, The Forest, 7
days to die, Life is Feudal – choosing from the wide offer boils down to choosing your
favourite setting. Differences aside, they all share the same
approach to crafting – unless you enjoy constantly re-spawning naked with a rock as
your sole companion, gathering resources and turning them into more and more powerful items
is a must. Whether you’re looking to deter hostile
players, dinosaurs, medieval knights, zombies or cannibalistic mutants, you will have to
put an effort into creating and upgrading your weapons and base. You will probably start off by creating simple
weapons, such as bows, arrows, hatchets – don’t worry though, with enough skill, materials
and the proper workstation, you’ll be able to move up explosives, saddles for your pet
dinos, rocket launchers and shotgun turrets, in no time. It’s all in the name – Factorio is a game about creating factories. You start off as a survivor of a spaceship
crash on a remote planet full of resources. At first you have to harvest them manually,
but pretty quickly you will have to automate your mining and crafting process, creating
an infrastructure and researching new technologies to power your blooming economy. Automated mining equipment, generators and
electric lines to deliver electricity to your production lines, train tracks for logistics
– soon enough, you will create an industrial landscape on the rich, hostile world. Did we mention hostile? Yup, all your ingenious creations and structures
have to be protected from the local creatures, which aren’t too thrilled about the changes
to their environment caused by the expansion of your new civilization. Good luck! This concludes our list of top ten games with
the best crafting systems. Do you agree with our list? Which video game do you think has the best
crafting? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t
forget – if any of the crafting games we mentioned appeals to your DIY instincts, you
can grab them on G2A.COM by clicking the link in the description. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for
a regular dose of gaming inspiration and see you next time!

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  1. you can tell he is reading of a script because damn, he sure was wrong about alot of the game, and also that he called it Ark Survival Reborn, instead of its actual name Ark Survival Evolved

  2. a list of games featuring a crafting system and Minecraft isn't number 1

    I give you a like just for being brave enough to do that

    and btw, I do think there are crafting games better than Minecraft out there

  3. Top ten crafting? Why? More like ten games that have crafting and how to play them.
    Nowhere on this video are comparisons made from one crafting system to another, and what is done well, what is done poorly and what should be avoided.
    This is no top ten, not even a personal one. This is a list of things that exists, and I can't see the purpose of it. Sorry.

  4. No better crafting system than the one in Final Fantasy XIV, although I'm still looking. Suggestions welcome 🙂

  5. Not a good list for crafting systems. Just some games that happen to have crafting as a focus. Crafting systems wise games like Runescape, FF14, Mortal Online, LOTRO, etc. should have been on here. A few like DA: Inquisition and Minecraft fit, but overall not a good list.

  6. Dwarf Fortress is missing. The mother of ALL crafting games. Yes, I know, ASCCI graphic, but you HAVE to mention Dwarf Fortress.

  7. Not mentioning Wurm Online is a painful gap.  Especially in recent years when the graphics have been drastically improved.  Sandbox game.  Full terraforming.  Build wherever you want/can, as long as other players do not control the and you want to build on.  Seriously.  Wurm beats all other MMO's for crafting.  Hands Down.

  8. in all games I had played,I had a 2 games opinion:Planet Nomads is really good,but his sandbox system is very limited.Planet explorers have a very nice sandbox but ground vehicles and submarine vehicles,fail a lot.The storyline of both is simillar,both wanna get out of planet,both are very similar.This is my offense to anyone

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