Top 10 Best Android Shooting Games

September 20, 2019

10. Opening our list of Top 10 Android Shooters
is Snipers vs Thieves Play as both sides of the criminal coin in
this exciting action game from PlayStack. A heist game at its core, choose between the
good and the bad as you oversee a bank robbery from two different perspectives. Either you gang up with three other people
to make your way to the vault, or play as the lone sniper trying to eliminate each of
the delinquents. While only one side has the gun, it’s just
as much fun to connive with other people to take the money from the bank. Distract the sniper away from your cowering
mates, and take cover under the various objects scattered around the stage. With different powerups given for each team,
the game is made even more intense. Crime doesn’t always pay, but you’re always
welcome to switch sides or give it another go. Collect as much loot as possible, upgrade
your gadgets, and spend your gold wherever you please. Praised for its two-fold objectives and varied
gameplay, it receives a PlayScore of 8.24. 9. UNKILLED A self-dubbed successor to the massively popular
Dead Trigger 2, Madfinger’s zombie-themed FPS takes on a colorfully grotesque ride through
an infested city. Like a mix of Suicide Squad and Dawn of the
Dead, the game lets you take control of a ragtag band of heroes in a neon-lit New York
city. With the wolfpack, you’re tasked to stop the
growing plague from spreading. Use their combined might to take down the
undead beasts with a barrage of bullets and explosions. With zombie killing action spread over 150
different missions, there’s a lot of face-shooting fun to be had in this pocket-friendly diversion. Optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra X1, it just might
be the most beautiful looking game on the mobile. Feel the game’s smooth graphics and shooting
mechanics as you explore each of their various game modes. Customize your characters, test your might
in PvP, and show them who the real unkillables are. It has a PlayScore of 8.25. 8. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Gameloft might not have the best reputation,
but we can always expect them to bring console quality to the mobile. Their take on a popular FPS franchise, Modern
Combat feels like a simpler, more budget friendly Call of Duty. Gather your band of brothers from all around
the globe and partake in an intense battle of bullets and tactical mayhem. But, aside from the shooting, this installment
also comes with a gripping storyline. Taking place after a nuclear war, experience
the world from both sides as you save kidnapped leaders from a terrorist group. Go from the mediterranean Barcelona to the
icy Antarctic in this harrowing globetrotting adventure. This is the first Gameloft game to be powered
by the Havok Engine. Enjoy its realistic visuals and physics as
you fight to become the world’s best. A freemium FPS anyone can enjoy, as long as
they have 2 gigabytes of space. It has a PlayScore of 8.28. 7. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 It might just be another zombie-fest, but
it’s top-down perspective offers a whole new experience. While it’s not a face to face battle against
the undead, tensions soar as hordes of ghoulish monsters crowd every trying stage. Curb the massive global invasion and use your
arsenal of weapons to fight against their viral spread. The game takes on another level of challenge
with over 17 types of infected monstrosities. Upgrade your weapons and rain your bullets
on those lightning fast, body-splitting freaks of nature. With their unbeatable co-op mode, you can
even team up with friends and strangers in high level clearing rooms. Plan out your strategies as you coordinate
turret placements and effective positioning. There’s over 160 guns and armor to collect
and upgrade using their well-implented RPG mechanics. Take up your roles among Assaultmen, Medics,
and Gunners and survive the coming apocalypse. Strategy shooting at its finest, it has a
PlayScore of 8.3. 6. RIVAL FIRE From the frontlines, to impossible missions,
Glu Games adds another to their long list of cover-based shooters. It’s probably their most gorgeous title yet. Jump into the hectic battlefield and duck,
cover, and roll your way to victory. As cover-based shooting goes, you’ll have
to make use of the environment to survive each gruelling match. Choose from the real-time struggles of deathmatch,
or test your skills against waves of enemies in Survival Mode. Whatever you choose, Rival Fire has dozens
of guns in store for you. Collect Sniper Rifles, LMGs, Shotguns, and
more, and use them to fire up the action. Bring up to three of your squadmates and conquer
the leaderboards. For a compact mobile game, it provides a ton
of fun for you and your friends to enjoy. With its barrage of firepower and crazy antics,
it’s a game that far exceeds the mobile standards. It has a PlayScore of 8.39. 5. Xenowerk You know the game’s on when two sticks are
involved. If you enjoyed Space Marshals, then you’ll
definitely love Pixelbite’s latest dual-stick shooter. Set in a futuristic underground lab, test
your skills in the deep abyss of their punishing levels. Take a stroll around the alien-infested halls
and challenge the beasts that lurk around each corner. Just like their previous title, Xenowerk also
boasts their usual vibrant 3D environments. Encounter their detailed monsters as you take
on the task of eliminating the alien threat. With each encounter, the game rewards with
you a few bits of currency. Use your accumulated gold to purchase your
own set of guns and armor for the long journey. While it might get a bit repetitive, it also
gives you a few objectives to spice up the adventure. Upgrade your weapons, choose the right gear,
and defeat the mutants once and for all. It has a PlayScore of 8.41. 4. Guns of Boom A modern upgrade to Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade,
this recent entry to the growing pool of mobile FPS is one of the most promising this year. As early as now, it’s has been shaping up
to become the first essential multiplayer shooter on the mobile. Just like a budget Overwatch, choose from
their zany cast of characters and enter their vibrant tactical arena. It’s an all out firefight as you try to eliminate
your foes in their epic deathmatches. For a mobile game, it packs an insane amount
of detail within its whimsical 3D environments. No experience is necessary with their slick
combat mechanics like autofire that lets you shoot down opponents in your crosshairs, combining
tactical fun with the delights of casual gaming. Strategize your way through the tactical arena,
pick off enemies, and don’t get caught in the crosshairs. It’s one of mobile FPS’ finest, and it has
a PlayScore of 8.58. 3. Dead Trigger 2 Madfinger Games’ flagship zombie shooter makes
it to our list. Keen on creating the most popular zombie game
on the mobile, their sequel to their Dead Trigger debut manages to increase the overall
satisfation of undead massacre. While their newest single player story isn’t
the most original, it sets the stage for another exciting shooting experience. Take part in the global resistance, and travel
each corner to save the world from the growing epidemic. Jump from country to another as you prepare
for a gruelling escape around each of their 10 regions. Collect as much highpowered weapons as you
can by fufilling their daily Global Missions. With over 30 different weapons, choose from
the razor sharp Katanas to the heavy artillery machine guns. Customize your loadouts with the Hideout Feature,
and save the world, one region at a time. Continually updated with more zombie killing
action, it receives a PlayScore of 8.63. 2. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions If you want a recipe for complete and utter
chaos, then you came to the right place. The sixth installment for the Geometry Wars
series, enter a prismatic universe and get ready for an explosion of polygonal shapes. With obstacles coming left, right, and center,
it’s definitely not a game for beginners. Slide into the kaleidoscope world and battle
against waves upon waves of enemies. An award winning shooter, Geometry Wars belts
out their signature clutter and quality. Already released on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation
4, this mobile version lets you take the panic-filled land wherever you go. Shoot and maneuver through over a total of
100 levels, and become mesmerized by their rainbow colored universe. If you need a bit more challenge, it also
offers a hardcore mode without drones and powerups. It has a PlayScore of 8.68. Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Legendary Wars. This tower defense game blends strategy and
shooting into one medieval adventure. Guide your troops through a gauntlet of magical
foes. It has a PlayScore of 8.15. 12. Iron Force. Jump into your very own tank and play your
role in a team of warheads. Shape your favorites into their ultimate form. It has a PlayScore of 8.15. 13. Zombie Gunship Survival. You’ve fought zombies on the streets, but
this game takes the battle to the skies. Step inside an armed airplane and nuke those
nasty undead to bits. It has a PlayScore of 8.12. 14. Sky Force 2014. A tribute to the classic shoot em ups. Rescue the civilians in this 10th anniversary
edition packed with beautiful levels and extreme boss battles. It has a PlayScore of 8.06. 15. Hopeless: The Dark Cave. Enter a dark cave with your blob friends and
use your guns to fight against the shadowy creatures. A game where no coward survives, it has a
PlayScore of 7.96. 1. And the best shooting game on the Android
is LONEWOLF (17+) As much fun as the action is, it’s the combined
might of story and gameplay that makes games truly shine. LONEWOLF gets both of those right. Mixing in a compelling visual novel scenes
with the joys of bloody eliminations, it takes you on an immersive adventure in the shoes
of a hitman. It’s a neo-neoir story that will tests every
fiber of your morality. Step into a dark world and traverse through
its 5 hour story spread over 30 missions. In between their tense shooting scenes, LONEWOLF
also features well-crafted hand-drawn scenes that seem to pull you further into the criminal
environment. Not only does it put other mobile games to
shame with its art, it also boasts one of the most realistic sniper mechanics yet. Bask in the true to life recoils as you uncover
each of your client’s secrets. You might not usually listen to age restrictions,
but this just might be the exception. A dip into the life of crime, it has a PlayScore
of 8.8.

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