Top 10 Best Android Games For October 2017 , New Android Games October 2017
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Top 10 Best Android Games For October 2017 , New Android Games October 2017

September 5, 2019

Hello Guys, welcome to the gamers point, A
new month has started and many new games are out, so today we are here with 10 new awesome
games for your android and ios devices, but before we dig in, make sure to hit that subscribe
button and also click on the bell icon so you never miss any future updates. First on our list is Guns on Fire. This is a new 3d shooter game where you have
to kill your enemies as soon as possible and complete the mission. In the game you will be shooting your enemies
with different types of weapons. There are different game modes to play, such
as online multiplayer mode, story mode, exploration mode, and challenge mode. There is a unique skill-based character switching
system, and You can choose among 9 types of characters in this game. Game has great graphics, amazing gameplay,
and has rating of 4.0 stars. You can download this game for free. NBA 2k18. NBA 2K series is back, with 2K18 for mobile,
featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Game has new game modes to play like, career
mode, the association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack. This game will be, the most authentic NBA
mobile game experience yet. My career mode has expanded script and more
interactions for your player, and Association Mode includes New multi-season mode, which
allows you to control a franchise’s. This game has not release for android yet,
but you can purchase it for ios devices. . Tank force: Real tank war online. Become a professional tank driver on the battle
fields of this game, where you drive a combat machine across rough terrain and destroy enemy
tanks. Unlock more than 40 tanks from around the
world, and test every combat vehicle in effect. Be ready for battles at any time of day and
in any weather, and fight against computer rivals or against players from all over the
world. Rely on your tactical skills and accuracy,
and complete battles to get rewards and upgrades of your tank. Game has superb graphics and is available
for free. Splashup. SplashUp is a great opportunity to train your
visual memory and abstract thinking. This is a free casual game which will be your
best time killer. In this game you are surrounded by darkness,
and the only way to see anything or to find a way out, is to sprinkle as much paint everywhere
as possible. Painting is your vision and orientation in
space, but don’t rely only on paint, because you will not find a way out without logic
and abstract thinking. This new game has a rating of 4.7, and you
can download it for free. PepeLine adventures. This is a 3D puzzle game, where you have to
help two people in finding each other, after they lost each other in a magic world. Game has 3D game art, easy & unique gameplay,
many different levels, and 6 different fairy islands. Game has unique gameplay, and you will use
Rubik’s cube algorithm to complete missions. Move the stone blocks in the right directions,
and create a safe road to connect the characters. This is a free game and over 300 players rated
this game with 4.1 stars. Flora, and the darkness. In this game you will take your character
across the fantastic levels, which are full of amazing creatures and dangerous traps. Flora, the main character of this game, is
the only survivor after the attack of darkness. Now she must defeat the darkness, and return
the light to her planet. Discover the amazing living world of her planet,
and reach the end of the levels with the help of the special plants and with using the abilities
of the ancient Gods. Flora and the darkness, is available for free
with the rating of 4.2 stars. Flat Pack. Flat Pack is a 2D and 3D platform mix-up game,
where you have to control a small character and complete the missions. The game has very cool traps and enemies,
30+ different levels with their own twist, and epic boss fights.. Controling the player is very easy, and you
can simply control your player by single hand. As you progress in the game, level keeps getting
harder. Flat Pack has received the ratings of 4.2
star, and you can download it from your android and ios stores. The tiny adventures. This is an action-adventure game that proceeds
swiftly. In the game you have to take your player across
canyons, temples and other locations, and Help her overcome all obstacles. Tap the corresponding buttons to make the
character run forward, run back, jump over barriers and interact with surrounding objects. Solve the puzzles that hinder the way, and
open the road of adventure, by using your imagination. This game has got the rating of 4.5 stars
and you can download it for free. Cat Quest. Help a cute cat in his journey across a huge
world, by participate in battles against various monsters and completing other tasks. The main character of this game, is a descended
from a famous family of dragon hunters. Go to journey of searching dragons together
with the cat, and direct him by swiping the map. Cross the seas in your ships, and Visit cities
and small villages with unexpected meetings and tasks. Cat quest has decent graphics, simple controls,
and a big world to explore. Cat Quest is a paid game, with the excellent
rating of 4.9 stars. Faily Skater. In this game you have to control a skater
rushing along the streets of a big city, and Help the character in performing breathtaking
stunts and avoiding crashes. Start an exciting journey across different
districts of a seaport, by taking the hero through the streets, lanes, roofs, and other
tracks. Be attentive and tap the screen in time to
make a skater perform incredible jumps and stunts, and avoid fatal crashes against cars
and other obstacles on the way. This game has received the rating of 3.9 stars
and is available for free. So guys these were 10 latest games for this
month that you should definitely try. If you liked this video then hit the like
and if you dont, then hit the dislike button. Also subscribe to our channel, and click on
the bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates. We will be back with another video soon. Untill then, keep gaming and have a great

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