Top 10 Best Android Games For January 2018 , New Android Games January 2018
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Top 10 Best Android Games For January 2018 , New Android Games January 2018

September 18, 2019

Hey guys I m Rohit from GAMERS POINT, and
i m back with list of best android and ios games of January 2018. but if you are new
to our channel make sure hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss any future updates. Number 10 on our list is Snow Trial, a 2d
game similar to Alto’s Odysessy, In game you will perform insane jumps and stunts while
rushing down the hills and complete challenging downhill tracks. In game there are more than
50 levels to play and 14 different characters to unlock. After completing single player
mode, you can also compete in multiplayer matches against other players online. Snow
Trial is a free game and has rating of 4.6 stars. On Number 9 is Motocross Offroad, which a
free 3d motocross game which you play alone or join your other players in multiplayer
mode. Game has decent graphics and supports 3 different controls such as button, joystick
and tilt. There are 11 different bikes for you to ride and 20 plus race tracks to race
on. Motocross offroad also lets you play the game offline, so there is not internet connection
needed to play the game. Motocross offroad has got the user rating of 4.1 stars. On Number 8 is Double Dragon 4, a beat ’em
up action game, which was released on steam last year and finally makes its way to android
and ios devices. Double Dragon 4 offers same exiciting gameplay and retro graphics as the
Trilogy series. In game you can also play tower mode after completing the story mode,
You can also as play enemy characters after unlocking them in the game. You can try first
stage of double dragon for free and pay to play the next stages. Double dragon 4 has
got rating of 4.2 stars. On Number 7 is Odysseus Kosmos, it’s a traditional
2D point’n’click game with retro-pixel style graphics. In game you and your service robot
Barton are stuck in deep space near a black hole. The Black hole affects your ship in
strange and unexpected ways and now your goal is to save your ship by solving different
riddles and puzzles. Game has total 5 episodes adventure and cool retro pixel art style graphics.
Game is currently in unreleased state and can be downloaded for free. Number 6 on list is Geometry Dash Sub Zero,
which is the newest spin-off in Geometry Dash series. Just like its predecessors Sub Zero
is rhythm based platforming game. Game has lots of levels, each with unique background
music and many icons and colors to customize your character. The paid version of the game
includes some extra features like a level editor, more icons for customization, and
more levels to play. Geometry Dash has the rating of 4.8 stars, and you can get it for
free or purchase the premium version form app store. On Number 5 is, Drift max pro, which is a
car drifting game with gorgeous graphics and great car mechanics. Drift max pro offers
more in camparison of its previous installment and lets you choose from 5 different game
modes such as Daily Track Race, Perfect Drift mode or career mode. Game also allows deep
car modification where you can change color of car, change spoilers, rims, doors or hood
sticker. Drift max pro is a free game with rating of 4.6 stars and can be played offline. Number 4 on our list is Bridge Constructor
Portal, which is a physics-based bridge construction puzzle game where you guide vehicles through
a series of test chambers using Portal game technology. dGame’s harder puzzles are nothing
short of mind-boggling on first glance, but unlimited number of attempts to get it right,
gives a satisfying progression. Bridge Constructor Portal is not a free game, can be purchase
for 5$ from android and ios stores. On Number 3 we have WWE Mayhem, game that
has been released recently on December 14. Gameplay of WWE Mayhem is very similar to
Marvel’s Contest of Champions, but its pin system to knock out opponents and reversal
system that saves you from getting blasted with your opponent’s special move adds a twist
in the game play. Game also features versus mode, events, huge wwe roster and 6 wwe super
star classes. WWE Mayhem is a free game and has received the ratings of 4.4 stars. On Number 2 is Dirt Xtreme 2. which is a 2.5d
racing game recently released on stores. Dirt Xtreme 2 is as good as the previous installment,
and lets you enjoy every moment of the game. In game you can also race against real players
from all over the world and also join different clans. You can also unlock different bikes
and character customisation by in game currency. Currently Dirt xtreme 2 is in unreleased state
and can be downloaded in few countries. On Number 1 is DC Unchained. DC Unchained,let’s
you form super-heroic groups from over 30 DC Universe heroes and villains and you can
cape up as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and more. The action
will occur through out Metropolis, Gotham City, and other recognizable locales. Game
also includes 3on 3 player vs player battles, story based campaigns and cooperative gameplay.
Game is currently in unrelased state and you can download it form the link in description. So guys these were top 10 android and ios
games games of January 2017. If you like this video then hit the like, and if you dont,
then hit the dislike button, Also subscribe to our channel so you never miss any future
updates. We will be back with another video soon, till then keep gaming and have a great

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