Top 10 Best Android Games 2016 | MUST PLAY
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Top 10 Best Android Games 2016 | MUST PLAY

September 10, 2019

Best android games June 2016
Hey guys this is Samman here from Explore Gadgets and these are my picks for best android
games for june 2016 First up we have desire
Desire is a French adventure game where the protagonist of the game also called desire
is color blind and the game is also made black and white to express how desire sees the world.
Desire is a loner and feels no joy and he is trying to find his purpose in life. The
controls are pretty simple as you just have to point and click. The narratives are amazing
as well as the audio and the art style fits right in this game and makes it even better.
Overall it is powerful game that speaks to the darker side of humanity and it is also
available on the play store for 3.70 dollars Second we have MMX hill climb
MMX hill climb is that game that challenges your understanding of physics mainly acceleration
and speed as you have to have the right amount of acceleration to progress and maintain your
speed as well. In this game you have monster vehicles that you have to control and upgrade,
which will affect your time and distances on the race and these times will be recorded
on the leaderboard times on the leader board and your goal is to beat that leader board.
For controls you’ve got two buttons to control everything with, the accelerator and the brake.
When you’re in the air these control the tilt of your big-wheeled vehicle, when you’re
on the ground they control how fast you’re going. This game is a really good time passer
and very challenging and you can grab it for free on the play store. Third we have get me bro!
Get me bro is an online multiplayer runner game where your sole purpose is run and chase
a high score overcoming obstacles. The game is played by tapping on the screen with a
right thumb for the character to make smaller and bigger jumps and by tapping the screen
with a left thumb the character uses spells. You also have a multiplayer option where you
can challenge other players and beat their high score. The music fits perfectly in this
game and for the visuals it is set in a dark and grim place and animations look nice. Overall
this game is very fun to play and it you can get it for 2.15$ on the play store. Fourth we have nonstop knight
Here your hero automatically runs through dungeons, and you watch them fight, triggering
special timed abilities, and using the money you earn to buy more and better equipment.
As your hero defeats each level by defeating the boss you are advanced to another floor
where it gets even harder and it is very crucial that you upgrade your gears. Your knight does
keep autoattcking and moving but it is entirely up to you to time the special abilities and
use it strategically. All in all, Nonstop Knight is a very nice game and is very fun
to play in your free time and what more it is free on the play store. Fifth we have zenge
Zenge is an amazing classic looking puzzle game that challenges you brain on a whole
new level. unlike many classic puzzle games that are on a grid this one fixed tracks for
blocks to move so it will definitely be harder for your block to go their designated positions.
The game starts off very simple but keep on playing the game and you will find that gets
harder and harder and even introduce new elements like portals, sticky pieces and switches.
As you match the blocks you get a picture at the end which seems to narrating a story
of a person who embarks on a journey to different places. The audio is amazing and so are the
visuals and you can get this off of play store for just a dollar Sixth we have the same world
The same world is another puzzle game that seems like an impossible game but it actually
you just need to be calm and think before you do anything as a simple mistake can mess
this up. The game although being very hard is very fun to play and is an amazing brain
teaser. At first the puzzle might look hard but once you get the answer you will find
that was actually pretty easy. The game narrates a romantic story of light and darkness. And
it your job to solve the puzzle so that they can be together. The audio is very nice that
fits very well with the gameplay and visuals are amazing and you can grab this game for
free on the play store. Seventh we have sky force reloaded
The sequal to the hugely popular skyforce game that was released in 2014 has finally
arrived and like it the new one is also free to play. If you love playing top down shooter
games this is the one you are looking for on android. If you are new to to this genre
well you just drag your plane around the screen shooting everything. Sky force reloaded has
kept its feature to rescue human survivors like its predecessor and made the game a bit
difficult as you have to stand still to save the survivors in war zone where you are trying
your best to dodge the bullets missiles and many obstacles. The visuals have gotten an
upgrade and more customization can now be done on your plane. Eighth we have swordigo
Swordigo is a mobile platformer that doesn’t fall into the same pack as most games in this
genre do as swordigo follows a side scrolling genre while implementing amazing elements
of surprise and puzzle solving like the classic mega man. The controls are also kept very
simple with touch screen buttons for moving, jumping, attacking and using an equipped power
all of which can be rearranged. The gameplay does become difficult as you go on but make
it more challenging and more fun to play. This game costs 2 dollars on the play store
and it is worth the price. Ninth we have crashing season
The concept of this game is very simple players can control their chosen animal and they need
to crash into hunters and other such dangers in order to stay safe. There are lots of different
animals – such as bears, Crocodiles and many more – as well as different 3D environments
to go with them. The environment as well as the animals are rendered using polygon shapes
that gives it an amazing and good looking graphics. The gameplay is really fun and knocking
down hunters have and amazing feel that is one of the joys of playing this game. All
in all it is a fun game that attracts players of all ages and it is also free on the play
store. Last but not least we have tiles clicker
At first glance you might think that this is a piano tiles rip off and in a way it is,
especially like when you press a tile a tone is played and when you keep on pressing other
tiles in order the tone becomes a melody but unlike piano tiles this game tests how quick
your brain can react as there is no repetition of sequence and pattern of how the tiles are
displayed like piano tiles. In this game you press the tiles numerically in ascending order
and try to achieve a high score. The game is quite challenging and is a very good time
passer and although the graphics are not great it is definitely worth a try as you can also
grab it for free on the play store. Well that was it for this video guys do leave
a thumbs up if you liked it, subscribe if you loved it and I will see you guys next

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  1. Great video and games selection. Oh no, the game Get me Bro says not available in my country 🙁 I really wanted to try it, looks like a good game. Thanks +ExploreGadgets

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