Top 10 Best Android Card Games

September 11, 2019

Opening our list of Top 10 Android Card Games
is Mabinogi Duel. Meet the colorful characters in the dark Mabinogi
world. Play against sorcerers and knights using your
deck of 12 cards and fight against players in PvP or PvE! With over 1000 cards, there are millions of
possibilities. Use resources to activate your cards to destroy
your opponent’s health. Strategically build your deck to counter enemy
debuffs and turn the tide in your favor. It’s magical world and gameplay is directly
inspired from Magic’s. Some say it’s the closest thing to a Magic-inspired
TCG. Complete missions, trade cards, and travel
around the world of Mabinogi. It has a PlayScore of 8.09. 9. Card Wars – Adventure Time Inspired by the same card-game that almost
ruined Finn and Jake’s friendship. It’s a fancy, super-complicated, awesome game
that’s perfect for nerds, adventurers, and unicorns alike. Hang out at the land of Oo and compete in
this epic battle of wits. It’s unlike any card game you’ve ever
played. Floop your lands, activate heroes, cast ultimos,
and watch your opponents go down. It comes with Jake’s corn-based heroes,
Finn’s cool pig, and a bunch of never-before seen creatures made especially for the game. Customize your decks with strategic precision,
and become the cool guy with Marceline, BMO, and the rest of your Adventure Time favorites. Take the crown, or drink from the icky dweeb
cup. Let’s hope you’re a better sport than
Jake. It has a PlayScore of 8.13. 8. Magic 2015 Before there ever was Hearthstone, there was
Magic: The Gathering. But let’s face it, it’s pretty damn complicated. Not everyone can learn all of it at once,
but a lot of people still wanna play it. In comes Stainless Games and Wizards of the
Coast with the mobile-friendly Duels of the Planeswalker. Conceptualized as a steady introduction to
the world of Magic, it’s a much simplified version, replete with tutorials and handicaps
to aid the neophyte card-collector. Take your first steps and go against the computer
opponents using your preconstructed decks and a little help from the shuffling elves. Despite its relative simplicity, it still
manages to attract hardcore gamers thanks to its high-production value and enchanting
artworks. Plus, this fifth installment adds the ability
to create your very own decks. While it may be haunted by annoying microtransactions,
it still managed to collect a PlayScore of 8.18. 7. Sentinels of the Multiverse It’s time to put on those hero masks because
justice is about to served. Unlike many games on this list, this award-winning
card game is a cooperative comic book adventure. Go online, choose your hero and join a ragtag
group in taking on a collection of monstrous and maniacal villains from around the cosmos. The mechanics are simple, but the strategies
are complex. For every one their unique heroes with their
own gameplays and abilities, they also have an albeit limited array of unique and challenging
villains that will stand in your way. Think and work together with your team and
combine your skills to save the crumbling multiverse. It also has single player support that lets
you control up to five heroes, so you can set-up for the long haul, destroy cards, and
defeat the villains all on your own. So go live out your comic book dreams, and
learn to play a poor hand well. It has a PlayScore of 8.31. 6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Konami’s popular trading card game takes on
a new life with enhanced visuals and redesigned controls for an optimized mobile experience. Become the world’s best duellist and defeat
its iconic roster of villains. Begin your journey to the top as Yami Yugi
or Seto Kaiba. With your deck in hand, take to its futuristic
arenas and fight against an assortment of beautifully animated monsters. Watch the dark magician cast spells against
the Red Dragon, and many more signature creatures. With its generous starter rewards, purchase
cards with your free gems and line your decks with the rarest beasts and spells. Become the game king by completing stage missions
to go one on one with the legendary characters, or by facing off with talented duellers from
around the world. With original voice-overs and in-depth duels,
it’s the perfect game for beginners and veterans alike. It has a PlayScore of 8.48. 5. Card City Nights Meet conventional videogame characters in
this unique card game that oozes with style. Enjoy the rich urban atmosphere of the night
sky and challenge a multitude of zany players to collect legendary cards that dominate the
city under the pale moonlight. The gameplay revolves around a 3×3 grid when
battling another challenger. Match the perfect card to maximize a damage
dealing blow to your enemies’ health and whip out effective combos to turn the tide
of battle. There are over 180 unique cards to find and
the absence of In-App Purchases make this game much more welcoming. Aside from that, its jazzy soundtrack mixed
with hip hop can make your dueling nights fun. It has a PlayScore of 8.51 4. Guild Of Dungeoneering This turn-based adventure comes with a twist. Aside from the usual dungeon crawling shenanigans
that your main character has to go through, you don’t take control of him this time. Instead, you CREATE your own dungeon in multiple
ways. Enable traps, monsters and loot with your
own hands and traverse a seemingly familiar adventure made by you. You start off as a simple hero, but later
transform into powerful classes as you progress. The cards presented throughout the game make
up your own journey. Battle with other characters with your guild
decks and engage in turn-based card battling goodness. Make sure you play your cards right because
this game has a PlayScore of 8.56 3. Clash Royale From the team behind the massively popular
Clash of Clans, SUPERCELL makes a different turn of approach to their castle-sieging game. Gone are the impenetrable walls and superpowered
Tesla Towers, say hello to Elixirs and protecting your Castle against a rampaging enemy with
cards. Face off with players from around the world
and plan your deck ahead as you rush your legion of warriors to destroy the enemy’s
castle. Meet the iconic cast of characters from the
Clash universe including Sorcerers, Goblins and more. Customize your deck to its most powerful form,
fill it with damage dealing meteors or unleash your nasty giants to tear down the enemies’
defenses. Just be mindful of your elixirs! This game has a PlayScore of 8.58 2. Hearthstone Blizzard’s take on the Trading Card genre
takes it to a whole new level. RNG aside, this is a great lore-oriented card-game
that speaks volumes about the entirety of the Warcraft universe… along with surprisingly
good easter eggs from their other projects. Just like Magic, control a deck and choose
among the 9 iconic classes and characters from the Warcraft universe. Each has their own unique abilities that shape
the battlefield, and it’s up to you to outsmart your opponent. Maximize your turn by dealing the most efficient
damage to your enemy and watch them concede when you play your cards well. With expansions and balance changes coming
in every season, it’s a good game for a casually fun card-battling experience. It has a PlayScore of 8.65 Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 15. WWE SuperCard. Who said cards and wrestling don’t mix? Perform killer moves with your team of pro-wrestlers
and watch the cards in high-flying action. WWE’s a wacky place, but we sure didn’t
expect this. It has a PlayScore of 8.09. 14. Pyramid Solitaire Saga. From the makers of candy rush comes the only
solitaire game you can play with friends. Discover the secrets of a bygone time with
Helena and her pet rat Kingsley. Solve puzzles, catch Scarabs, a travel through
time! It has a PlayScore of 8.03. 13. Order & Chaos Duels. Embark on a trading card adventure along with
the heroes of Gameloft’s hit MMORPG. Defeat the demonic spirit Zepar and put a
stop to his invasion using the game’s over 200 cards. Restore the order in the chaotic world of
Haradon. It has a PlayScore of 8.03. 12. Card Wars Kingdom. An upgrade of the classic Card Wards, engage
in awesome, super-complicated battles against friends and strangers in the new PvP battle
mode. It’s a mathematical duel with over 200 cards,
including special cards for every hero. Rule the land of Oo with a PlayScore of 8.04. 11. EMPIRE: Deck Building Strategy. Explore the procedurally-generated worlds
and take on ferocious monsters in grid-based tactical combat. Manage your deck filled with action and spell
cards, and test your resourcefulness with the useless Strife cards. It has a PlayScore of 8.08. 1. And the best Android Card Game so far is Reigns What could possibly beat the other card games
on this list? Apparently, Devolver Digital’s Casual-Indie
game takes the throne. Although it’s not a card game that lets
you battle with players in real time. Instead, it lets you govern a seemingly complicated
kingdom as a king. Make choices by playing the right cards. Swipe left and right to determine the future
that rests upon your kingdom. Your decision is pivotal to the growth of
your land. Manage its four important pillars and anticipate
the events that hinder the progress of your beloved creation. Its simple controls make it easy to manipulate,
yet difficult to master in the long run. Long live the king, because this game has
a PlayScore of 8.78

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