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August 28, 2019

Don’t do it! F######CK! F####CK F#CK F#########CK Guy behind us Outside of the window I like it I like it, yeah Right there, right there Ok, hold on Almost got him Ok, one more Hold on Only that one time I decided that.. OK.. That was.. What am I doing dude? What’s happening right now? I wanna know WTF is happening right now dude WTF IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW DUDE? Okay, is that how Counter Strike works now? This guy is just gonna go like that, and I’m dead? You literally see like.. his f#cking shoulder patch and you just die from a pistol from that far away God Gabon You suck so much penis at making videogames it f#cking hurts me bro it f#cking.. You’re so rich it’s insane how could you not fix this f#cking game?! F#CK this game! I’m outta here.
Everybody can suck my f#cking weener He pushes off it! This f#cking game sucks penis – I’m out. Such a joke of a f#cking game Stupid AF man Stupid AF! FU devs FU! 🖕 I never liked any of you guys Game sucks F#ck everything in existence I’m gonna catch you guys on the next stream maybe possibly and maybe I’ll never see you again I’m getting the F#ck offline cause f#ck everything suck my weener Do you understand – I panic! I panic! I panic every time! Tap A I’m tapping A I’m tapping SPACE I’m tapping SPACE! That is SPACE IS THIS NOT F#CKING SPACE? WHAT IS THIS?! THIS IS SPACE! WHAT IS THIS?! THIS IS SPACE! THIS IS SPACE! Oh..! No! Why is everybody coming at my live?! Why is everybody coming at my live, dude? Give me 2 seconds, mate! 2 f#cking seconds You can go F#ck yourself man Hit him! F#cking hit him! F#CK YOUUUUUUU!!!!! F#CK YOUUUUUUU!!! F#CK YOUUUUU! F#CK YOUUU! F#CK YOUUUU! *breathing heavily* HOW MANY… Like – You’re like this guy, dude Just like.. I’m f#cking 15 I’m f#cking 15 I’m f#cking 15 I watch streamers I don’t have a f#cking life I don’t have a f#cking life I don’t go to school, cause I’m f#cking dumb I’m home from school and I got.. Okay, keep going – come on.. Yo, dance again bruh – I was.. Dance again! You’re a f#cking pu$$y, dude I’m a loser I got acne I don’t have any friends that chill with me Oh God, wassup I’ma f#cking watch streams – all day every day I hate this game, dude! Okay It’s okay, Mitch It’s okay It’s okay I need attention I made ( ) OMG I don’t get enough attention OK I’m gonna stream snipe you and kill everybody while I’m going through F#ck! You f#cking.. F#ck yourself b!tch NOOO!! Why?! WTF dude I have a f#cking trap up there! You f#cking cock suckeeeeeer! Come on down, boy – oh shit! It worked! What?! STOOOP STOOOOOP STOP! STOOOOOOP! STOP! This is actually f#cking pissing me the f#ck off so f#cking badly
(Polish streamer) these guys are trying to finish me You f#cking pu$$y! I hate these kids Trash f#cking mouse! Really?!
I got f#cking knocked off?! There’s 2 guys dude (….) GET OUT!!! (……) What’s wrong – do you think it’s funny, dude?
Seriously F#ck off I’ma lose my f#cking.. I’ma lose my f#cking mind No, I’m not gonna put my.. I need an AR I need a – I need a a f#cking AR! If I don’t get an AR, that’s GG Just give me a f#cking AR If I spawn, give me a f#cking AR Just give me an AR Stop spawning me AK’s I can’t use it! Give me an AR!!!! F#CK! F#CKING FAT.. I can’t say that word I can’t say that f#cking word! F#cking asians and now f#cking goddamn roofcamping! YOU’RE F#CKING TRAAASH! (…..) F#CK YOU! WHAAAT?! Oh my f#cking God! They call me GreekGodXpert YOU’RE SERIOUS?!?!?!! I get it – It’s loud Shut up! You wanna see loud?! Shut up! I can see the light at the bottom flickering It’s gotta connect to the PS4 – you’re right! How do I shut it off? How do I shut…. Nah, FU [email protected] Da f#ck you say to me, you little shit?! How are you – how are you not at f#cking school? You kiss your mother with that mouth? It’s called you ki.. It’s called “you kiss your mother that f#cking mouth”? Huh? – OMG why are you so angry? Because the f#cking YouTube soc.. You shut up when I’m talking to you! You shut your mouth! F#ck this weapon delay, man! F#ck this, dude I’m getting honestly so f#cking annoyed man How everyone just comes right to me Like, how they.. I’m so f#cking mad right now, man THIS GAME IS A F#CKING JOKE! Why can’t I build? Why can’t I build? Why can’t I build? WHY CAN’T I BUILD?!!! F#####CK! WHAT JUST HAPPENED, MAN?! WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME?! STOOOOP THE F#CKING.. F#######CK! – F###CK NOOOO! F######CK! NOOOO! I reloaded ALL MY F#CKING GUNS! I’m f#cking sick I am sick and tired of getting f#cking shot
by some loser shit stain No..! Trap?! OMG he put a trap there?! WHO PUTS A TRAP THERE?! Look at this trap – who puts it there?! Eeeeey Disco Disco No.. No, I can’t place a wall because of the fence, man! Noooo! 1 HP??! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! OH MY GAWD! Are you f#cking Nooooo! I had a f#cking jumppad that I couldn’t use, man Those kids are so f#cking bad, dude I’m so f#cking dumb, dude I’m done with this game, man it’s really f#cking bad, dude It’s so bad, man Are you kidding me I couldn’t build, because of this stupid f#cking (..)? the metal (..) are you kidding me, dude? Ok, that means they have no idea
what they’re f#cking doing I would f#cking fly out there to the headquarters to show them how to f#cking build, okay? Why can’t metal break metal – like what.. Is this… IRL? It’s a f#cking videogame Okay I should be able to f#cking build wherever I f#cking want! Literally a guy right here to my right Look at him – look at him That’s who I lose.. That’s who I lose to Right – this guy right here This – this – this guy This is who I lose to, right here – this guy This is the most popular game out there, right now and I lost to a guy sitting in a bush because he was a bush a green, ugly looking bush I lost to a punk kid in a bush in the most popular game out there, right now Wow – are we going into the wrong direction or what? Huh? What are these 2 stupid stooches doing I got 3 invisible shots on that guy F#CKING 3 invisible shots! 3 invisible shots.
No numbers, no nothing 3 invisible shots on that guy Nothing! Hey, I made it – I did it again! I did it again! I did it again! Yeaaaah! Get me off this pu$$y game Holy shit This game is f#cking.. Get me off that pu$$y game Ho man! ARE YOU F#CKING KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME – DAYBREAK?! NO HIT WRENCH – NOTHING?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Sssh ssshh ssh.. F#CK! F#cking stupid f#cking game This game is terrible! These idiots at Blue Balls Entertainment Architecture Design Services are terrible! Overrated! F#ck man! Just f#ck it! F#ck! ***CORRECTION: THIS IS TYLER1 IN DISGUISE*** This f#cking game is so stupid! Wowowow! Daybreak You did a great job! You did a great job with your Asian servers! The – the – the The method – the theory The design theory – the implementation It’s perfect You did a great job! This f#cking game is so stupid! This game is so stupid! This is idiot These idiots at Blue Balls Entertainment This game is such a flop! It’s such a flop! It’s foney! It’s pathetic! These idiot designers they’re clueless at Blue Balls Entertainment Clueless and they’re having a $350,000 tournament –
are you kidding me?! I’m just – I’m getting outta there F#cking stupid f#cking game! This game is sucks! This game sucks! It’s terrible! It’s so pathetic – how you aim, the mechanics everything – It’s embarrassing! You see how.. [email protected]! These idiots don’t know nothing
about Triple-A development! Can you believe this f#cking game, huh? Can you f#cking believe this game?! This game is so pathetic! It’s so terrible! This game is the worst game in the history of videogames It’s terrible! They’re having a tournament for this shitty a$$ game They’re actually having a ga.. a stupid a$$ tournament for this shitty game Think about the state of the industry,
ladies and gentlemen how desperate gamers are to play quality games We’re playing this Are you kidding me? You know what this game is? It is like.. Catered to little cartoon Little flappy gum little baby boys That’s what this game is Right – there’s no skill Shotguns and shields every single game How boring is that Like – this is nothing like attractive to me about it – I’m done I’m done with it Get me off this game I’m done playing it for today – I hear him pick up his computer
and chuck it across the room

– At 3am
– He would queue League while you were sleeping? My keyboard is broken again! – He would play League while we’re asleep – Damn – He would get so mad – and he would just break all of his shit – WTF..?! – Relax, buddy! F#CK YOU! F#CK YOU! – They’re Horde, right? 🤡 (..) Shut the f#ck up! Can you guys hear me?! Shut up, you troll! I will find you and I will f#ck you! I will f#ck you! You want a little brother?! Do you want a little brother?! I will f#ck your mom and I will give you a little brother motherf#cker! You’re trolling me on my stream?! This game is such a trash, dude It is actually just unbelievable bruh I shouldn’t have left the H1Z1 sponsorship I shouldn’t have left the H1Z1 sponsorship This game – I just.. I cannot explain to you bruh This game is just – It’s complete trash dude I can’t explain to you how much trash this game is, man 🤡 (..) Oh my Gaw I swear to God I swear to f#cking Lord I WILL F#CK YOU! It’s just It’s just unbelievable, dude Unbelievable, dude “Hey guys” “We’re gonna put together a computer
and make it look really good” “and we’re gonna sell it to you for $2500” “and when you take it home” “and you look inside” “the only thing good about it
is what you can see through the glass” “When you open the actual computer,
you’ll see that everything is SHIT!” – True Like – that’s the f#cked up part I f#cking knew it too STFU! STFU! I lost 18! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ARE YOU F#CKING KIDDING ME?! FU! F#CK ALL OF YOU! I WILL SPREAD YOUR A$$CHEEKS APART AND I WILL SUCK THE SHIT OUT AND I WILL PUT IT INTO YOUR MOM’S A$$ JUST SO I COULD F#CK HER! I shouldn’t have left the H1Z1 sponsorship –
I knew it dude F#ck, I shouldn’t have left the H1Z1 sponsorship “Thanks for your money, you filthy animal” “Is this your favorite donation message?”… GOD F#CKING DAMNIT! THAT’S NOT WHAT F#CKING DONATIONS ARE FOR! YOU F#CKING IDIOT! ..TO GO ON HIS F#CKING STREAM Poor baby already died – I’m not mad that I died Poor baby already died F#CKER! F#CK! – Awww, what happened ProGamer? Why don’t you tell me who the heck was guarding my back? – Nobody, you dumb shit – because you scared them away with your anger – No one wanted to drop with you, except me Idiots! Just reign in your anger and you’ll probably have a Wow! F#CK OFF MAN! B!tch ..f#cking dumba$$ F#cking bullshit!

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  1. Wie is jullie favoriete (Twitch) streamer?

    (links naar hun Twitch streams staan in de videobeschrijving)

  2. 0:00 ●───────━━━━━━ 23:59 ⇆

  3. Some of these people just get owned fairly and can't handle it. I get if someone is cheating with a mod and just owning everyone. Times like that, it's just best to turn the game off! I try to stay away from games that are going to have me saying more than a few bad words!.

  4. the players are just spoiled brats

    especially drdisrespect.. one of the shit players.. he just rants and thinks hes the best but he's not… just a ranting loser

  5. What a bunch of whiny bitches. Lol Most of these “guys”- get dropped, “This game is garbage, it sucks, it’s a piece of shit!!!!!!” But you’re streaming it and playing it, you scrub ass morons ?

  6. 3:47 he insults the students cuz they go to school to learn and he is playing Fortnite as an adult the whole day
    Sad life man

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