Top 10 Android Tower Defense Games
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Top 10 Android Tower Defense Games

September 8, 2019

10. Opening our list of Top 10 Best Android Tower
Defense games is Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces It’s a battle of good vs evil in this classic-style
Tower Defense game. Smartpix Games’ offers a unique twist to
the conventions of the genre: You’re fighting for the Dark Forces. Fend off the righteous “Light Forces”
with your arsenal of traps, towers and monsters. What better way to set the balance of the
world than to thin out the good horde? It has 24 types of towers, 6 maps, and over
50 campaign missions for extended fun. Use the alchemists’ skills to create runes
and power up your dark army. It has a different kind of improvement and
style, which makes it a good intro on our list. It has a PlayScore of 8.17 9. OTTD Game Here’ a game that lives up to its title. It’s a truly over-the-top tower defense, that
pits you against sentient eyeballs, towering mechanical foes, and chopper-riding octopods. While most tower-defense games focus on tower
customizations, OTTTD highlights the use of heroes and weapon upgrades. Choose from a variety of unique heroes and
dominate the battlefield with its whole arsenal of bad-ass looking weapons. From your collected coins, fortify your tower’s
defenses and upgrade your heroes armors. Storm the battlefied and decimate your enemies
until the arena turns into a pool of their blood, bones, and guts. It’s a tower-defense meets RTS game that’s
full of sweet, sweet carnage. It has a PlayScore of 8.25. 8. Madness TD 2: Tower Defense A visually stunning Tower Defense with a cartoony
twist. A sequel to the popular Tower Madness, help
an adorable flock of fighting sheep from an oncoming alien invasion. It’s a mad, mad battle against the extraterrestrial
threat. Destroy waves upon waves of forces with rockets,
missiles, and more. The game gets progressively harder with 16
different alien types. Learn their abilities and weaknesses, and
turn the tide battle every single time. Climb the learderboards, and compare times
with friends and strangers. While there’s 70 maps to play on, it’s just
as much fun to replay them to reach the highest scores. With impressive visuals and unique premise,
it’s one of the highly recommended tower-defense games on the android. Protect your flock, with a PlayScore of 8.31. 7. Sentinel 4: Dark Star The gold standard of iOS gaming, Sentinel
comes back to the Android with their fourth title. After four long years of waiting, we can finally
return to the deep tower defense action that the series offered. Establishing mechanics and features throughout
its series, there’s a lot left out in their introductions which might make it difficult
for newcomers to the game. But, as a game loaded with content and diverse
strategies, it offers a rewarding enough experience for those who bother learning the ropes. Play around with its experience-gaining towers,
commanders with their own special abilities, and droids that block enemies in their path. While it’s traditional as traditional goes,
Sentinel shows us there’s still some hope for the genre. It has a PlayScore of 8.34. 6. Bloons TD 5 It’s time for some ballon-popping action with
the mighty monkeys of Ninja Kiwi. Making its origins in the flash era of PC
gaming, Bloons has done so well in adjusting to the tides of the new generation. So much so that it spawned several tower defense
titles, providing hours of fun to the fans of the genre. Released in 2014, TD 5 entered the scene with
an impressive graphical upgrade, and a handful of exciting new features. Pop all the balloons with the Monkey Sub tower,
and conquer its daily challenges. Their classic modes also make a return. Take down every colorful invader along with
friends in co-op, and master the map in freeplay. It has a PlayScore of 8.42. 5. Jelly Defense Far from the destructive mess of usual tower-defense
games, Jelly Defense takes its own quirky little form. Immerse yourself in its world of oddball jellies. Its maps are no different, taking on the monochromatic
palette that highlights its colorful citizens. As far is art is concerned, this game definitely
stands out, having the kind of charming eccentricity that keeps drawing people in. Once it does reel you in however, you’ll find
that it’s one of the more challenging tower defense games on the mobile. It sticks with the genre’s old, demanding
and ultimately punishing formula. Savor the sweetness of each of your hard-won
victories, and save the jellies from their squishy demise. It has a PlayScore of 8.46. 4. Anomaly 2 From the makers of War of Mine is a strategy
game that oozes with jaw-dropping visuals and turns the whole tower-defense genre on
its head. Created by the folks at 11 bit studios, it’s
a bit ironic to find just how stunning their games can be. This second title in their Anomaly series
boasts the same PC quality graphics, making each of their tower-destroying exploits a
more satisfying experience. More accurately described as “tower-offense”,
you control a fleet of vehicles bent on demolishing the massive structures of its alien invaders. While you can’t directly control your fleet,
you can devise the most strategic paths to maximize the alien destruction. Choose the best squads and weapons because
this game has a PlayScore of 8.56. 3. Tiny Guardians A tower-defense game that doesn’t have towers. Venture around the beautiful land of Prism
and save its citizens from the beasts that roam its land. It plays much like the tongue-in-cheek Bardbarian. Form your own party of tiny guardians, and
go in search for the mysterious sorceress. Choose from 12 guardian types and devise strategies
against its diverse array of enemies. Unlock and upgrade your guardians and unleash
their powerful attacks. Test your skills in the different difficulty
settings of their Story and Challenge modes. It’s an adorable and fresh take on the tower
defense genre and it has a PlayScore of 8.57. 2. Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time! Popcap returns with an all new photosynthetic
tower-defense game for all ages. This time, travel back in time with Krazy
Dave as he wants to relive his taste buds with his precious taco. Things go haywire when he goes far off into
the past, putting him to various historical periods filled with zombies such such as Ancient
Egypt, Golden Age of Piracy and Dinosaur. Continuing its iconic flora and undead battle,
use a variety of plants to take down Dr. Zomboss and his legion of zombies from all across
time and space. This sequel features an all new Plant Food
mechanic to power up your plants. The game is actively updated, adding more
features to the game. It receives a PlayScore of 8.67 Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 11. Tiny Archers. Become the most powerful legion of tiny archers
in the kingdom. Draw your bow because this has a PlayScore
of 8.16 12. King Of Thieves. Prove your skills as a master thief in ZeptoLab’s
quirky tower defense game. It receives a PlayScore of 8.09
13. Castle Creeps TD. Fortify your defenses against hordes of orcs
and monsters in this 3D TD game. It has a PlayScore of 8.07
14. Steampunk Tower. Protect your precious Etherium Mine and survive
waves of invaders. It has a PlayScore of 7.92
15. Royal Revolt 2. Lead your army of powerful warriors to protect
your throne. It receives a PlayScore of 7.81 1. And the number one tower defense game on the
Android is Kingdom Rush: Origins As if you didn’t expect it already. One of the classics of the flash days, Ironhide
Studios puts a twist on their time-tested formula, going back to the beginnings of their
beloved saga. This prequel is the third in their series
of tower-defense games, and it boasts the same amount visual eye candy and balanced
mechanics as their previous ones. Engage in more fast-paced gameplay, along
with your army of elven soldiers. Protect the kingdom from sorcerers, serpents,
gnolls, and other fantastical beasts. Their brave turn to a more fictional world
comes with new towers, heroes, and spells. With each successive hit, Ironhide Studios
reminds us why they became one of the cornerstones the genre. That’s why they’re the best on the Android
with a PlayScore of 8.91.

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  1. Realm Defense(Legends TD),Kingdom Rush(All),Empire Warriors TD and Bloons Defence is the best games i have ever played! 😀

  2. No realm defense?! Wtf 😆😆. It has better gameplay and even graphics then kingdom rush. Smh don't believe me give it a try then come back.

  3. Hey guys, try my indie tower defense game, it would make my day if someone like it 🙂
    You can find in Google Play – > Tower Defense Forest 3D

  4. Empire Warriors TD is in my opinion far off the best TD game, maybe not specificly for me but for the general player that searches for some long term game (Currently 4 and a half month released)

    The game is by far easier than the Kingdom rush series to begin with but reaches a certain difficulty spike about 2/3 way trough the main campaign as far i noticed yet. It´s impossible to beat the story itself with Champions (their name for heroes) without proper runes. Bosses with their hordes of allies are simply too challanging… or just oneshot champions straight away with an instant death ability. All maps can be played in 3 Difficulties which are Normal, Nightmare and Hell.

    The game has some Basic storyline and a few lines of text in it with short discriptions to the reasons why a battle or a defence is set in this certain place, but nothing too much in depth besides that. It also Features a Mini-Wiki inside of the game for Towers, Rune stats on each level and quality, Hints and of course already unlocked enemies stats in each difficulty, yes you actually can see how much more defense, health and damage your enemies get in higher difficulty levels!

    The game itself is rather RPG-like focused if i can say so, grind up your heroes to beat higher stages and even with fully upgraded runes (5 star is most but you can build them from lvl 0 to lvl 15 and that costs a plenty of time, so it´s even long term focused) it still is challanging…. well.. unless you´ve got proper knowledge about how to set them up, and for those who still want some proper challange in their defense game, just don´t use fully geared heroes and you´ll still get your brain worked. There are also Activity events with daily quests in certain timespans.

    There is a Tournament mode in addition to mess with other players in endless waved maps, which get harder from wave to wave with an actual ranking system comparable to league rankings. Bronze to Diamond and the top 10 are King and Master. When setting up your profile you also can set the flag of your country besides your name, just for people who care for this so get your country into the hall of fame!
    You have 5 Tries per day +1 for each VIP lvl +5 Tries for each advertise you watch(there is a daily limit of advertises to watch and you also can use those to double your crystal gain after missions) when you ran out of tries. Also since i´ve got both versions installed I´ve already seen aswell: if you do 3 of your free tries on the free version and turn on your premium version, you also just have 2 remaining in the premium version. Rankings of premium and free are linked!

    Yet i´ve played the game for about 2 weeks and i bought one certain Champion 2 times just because i wanted to have her: for the free and premium version seperately. Yes there is a Free version and a Premium version, but don´t let that scare you. Probably wasted that money since She might get free again over the next patches just like 2 other champions got right while my yet short 2 weeks of game time.

    The Premium Version costs 0.59€ to me (in google play store) and besides the starting bonus granted by the premium version, there is no diffrence to the free version! Heads up free players, no permanent disadvantage! The bonus is the Champion "Miria" a bunch of gems and crystals and a few 4 star runes. Besides that the only other diffrence to the free version is: The premium version receives updates 3 hours to one day earlier than the free version…. also i just have both because the premium version currently is on discount for free…. which is probably pointless to have the same game twice though.
    Also the part that i´ve said before: I bought a hero twice, for each version once, not has to scare anyone. As far i noticed there were 2 updates just in the 2 weeks i´ve played and they released 1 Champion each update and whenever they did, one of the champions hidden behind a "paywall" before the update got released for "Free" each time, probably to keep only 2 champions behind a paywall.
    Either able to still purchase for real money or for ingame currency like 15000 gems. "Miria" which is dropped by the Premium bonus, costs 7500 gems if bought regulary and was about 5 hour playtime farming to me to get her. Even strong heroes can be aquired without real money, belive me, she´s blasting things up, literally!

    Let´s Compare it to Kingdom rush, since it´s nearly the exackt same besides details what it does better or worse since Kingdom rush is often named as the best of it´s genre. + is better +/- depends on how you look at it – is worse
    + It´s completly free! And just in case there exists a premium version if you really want that start bonus.
    +/- Upgrade skillpoint system is the same but actually has a unlockable skillpoint system for items and powerups aswell! Both systems use stars from Normal or Nightmare difficulty.
    +/- Has a rune system. You can forge (using lesser runes, gems and crystals as materials, all three gained for free over time) and equip runes and Equip them into your Champions. Turns the game maybe easier than wanted for some hard challange TD players.
    + Thanks to the Rune system also weaker heroes turn into strong ones! Some even better once fully geared than the paid ones because of skill synergy!
    + You can use 3 Champions instead of just one on the battlefield! This not turns the game easier, it´s simply harder on later levels anyway than Kingdom rush.
    = About Equal amount of enemies compared to a single version of the Kingdom rush series
    + Has a speed up button….
    – Less in Depth story.
    – Slightly worse graphik
    + Just 2 heroes are hidden behind a paywall at the same time, currently 7 unlockable for free.
    + Regular updates and balances, you actually can read the patch notes!
    + Activity events
    + Cloud save! Yes you actually can change your mobiles without loosing all your progress!
    +/- online Rankings in tournaments, people might get willing to play more to hit the ranking or pissed since they are worse then others no matter what they do or just because they use a paid hero. Trust me as far i seen in just those 2 weeks, there already were 2 Champions unlocked for regular ingame currency besides their regular money price, everyone who paid them wasted something on them, they will be more pissed than you 😉

    I yet can´t see why Empire Warriors TD won´t get the best of it´s genre besides some lack of deeper story if it has that much advantages against the supposidly best of the genre.

  5. The 3 best TD games are Bloons TD6, Bloons TD5 and Bloons TD4. But they are not meant to be played on a cell phone (at least not on anything less than high-end), because they can lag a lot and drain the battery completely. WE DEMAND BLOONS TD 6 on PC!

  6. 7:24 if this wasn't number one I might have cried it is my favorite mobile game and it deserves to be number 1 thank you for making it number one

  7. Hi everybody this is best top video about kingdom Wars & wars

  8. Has anyone checked Base Defender?

  9. I cheat the
    Kingdom rush
    Kingdom rush frontiers
    Kingdom rush origins
    Kingdom rush vengeance
    I will finish all
    Origins is the best or vengeance

  10. What is about Realm Defense, it's also very good, if you lokk at the Comments it got 4.8, so the exact same like Kingdom Rush and Realn Defense got 19 times the Downloads….

  11. Tower Defense Games:-

    Bloons TD 5

    Sentinel 4: Dark Star

    Madness TD 2: Tower Defense


    Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces

  12. Yes,I am a Chinese player,If kingdom rush is a legend, then what I want to say is that the legend will never die!I love it and support it forever!ironhide studios are always the best!

  13. Realm Defense, Infinitode and Empire Warriors TD >>>>>> Interestelar space >>>>>> Kingdom Rush series

  14. I alredy know pvz2 & btd5, I played them long ago, and see that other people play & like them, make me I don't know, proud, thx for make me remember, 1 more sub

  15. these a terribly boring and simple looking, id recommend entropy TD on Starcraft II US or EU depending on the time of the day

  16. Hello Everybody! I've Been Finding This 2D Tower Defense (It's Actually Not Really Like Tower Defense, But I Call It Like That There Are Like 3 Lines And Then You Can Spawn The Minions In Either The 3 Lines And Also Has Achievements To Get New Characters One Example Of The Achievement Is Finding 10 Skeleton Heads)Game And It Is Also 2 Players (Split Screen) Can Someone Help Me In Finding It? Thanks!

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