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Top 10 Android Games

September 7, 2019

number 10 game in my list is a a with
this stuff you have to catch an empty space you have to click exactly on time
because this game have a lot of levels like 1000 levels and there are levels
which are really really hard and other you know other levels which are pretty
easy to do this game is really addictive game when you start to play it you will
want to pass levels and it will be really reality for you a similar game
like AAA is Archer number 9 alright so for the second top 4 games we have
robotic the game is pretty cool it allows you to choose from three
different powers you can add three minions like or you can add three
options from here this is a hacking power alright and we want us this game
is pretty nice you can play or you just level up and after every
level up you can go here and I’m great any ability from here which you like to
increase you can have the holding the ability to play an open or multiplayer
you can play multiplayer with random players around the world which is pretty
cool you know number eight Harry girl so all you have
to do is to draw and you have to also you have to close these two dots
together you know and you as levels mrs. pickle so after you passed levels you will be
able to choose a different pan for number seven we have our climb racing
this type of games are really popular and really played around Android devices
is a really cool game where you can accelerate or brake and you can choose
different vehicles different locations all our goal is to get more money and to
reach long distance a game and if we going to crash look at that very cool this alert game will be hard
to die you can bring this far and you can play similar like that and the game
lacks when for the number-6 we have bad lag this game is pretty cool and really
amazing look at the graphics what have to do is do that click on the touchpad
Android touchpad seriously and try not to be crashed that’s how we go and this
is really hard you know you can – come on bastard run die please
oops alright we got speed here up up we go here we’re gonna multiply
that’s why this game is pretty cool because you have to be very careful you
have to find exactly this pause and think little bit you know when you play
this game first look at that can we do oops oops yeah we have to do this let’s
go and there’s only the graphic is real amazing this game is on my job cuz I
really like you that I play the hold and if you guys want to play this game it’s
really funny no yeah but I haven’t done something good
here dad died here for the number five we have
archery tournament so this game is pretty cool and you don’t maybe have to
get the meaning really point which is not
really simple to do and doing that get scored and you’re gonna get here arrows
the wind speed out here and right now is your zero but when employed is wind
speed can change and you have to shoot exactly the target target will go far
from you and after playing the Lord the game will get harder and harder as you
can see I’m having wind speed and I have to calculate exactly where should I
shoot the three mobile phase ran game to demand for number four we have remain
Adventures this game is pretty cool is not a hard school we’d have with graphic
and yeah why do we have hair I’m freakin egg all right so
King me got one Haiti yep have a go here we go fight for the finish we have another master here let’s say don’t go bastard how long is this level
guys have a go we’re ready to finish
no but another game on my tow place is was the home game Temple Run 2 we are
playing on lost jungle so the game is pretty simple
you’ll just have to run and Doge action under actually do some action in time
you know like jumping dry left stuff like that there we go I was close that’s how you go there’s many maps that that you can play
on I just died gonna get here skip because I got something here
collection and I told you we’re going to menu we’re gonna see here wherever is
that bridge that for the map we have multiple maps here a lot of my guys
where we can play which is pretty cool some players repost money money money
money you know by this time the first one I think yeah also have abilities Santa Claus and holy moly
closes box number two on my top games we have another game three nine it’s rustic
Ryder I really enjoy your day we pull sometimes might be hard but now
I swear they hide we have it great I’ll play
cool all we have to is those people do the
tasks that you have to do in order to complete levels stuff like that look at
them this beat is is-is-is don’t go don’t go
don’t all model down down down down down we don’t have where to go here have a go that’s how you go to halftime and
after noticing dyma a rustle times up let’s play again best games in the world
will be from in my opinion clash royale and clash type of games
Clash of Kings clash of clans and our other clash games are not really similar
but these games are vehicle and yeah card I’d say let’s see I’ll go for pack
up eyes this time I’m gonna represent Python the clunky and we have different
cards we have legendary cards epic cards the legendary cards are very sparse in
game I actually have a legendary power here we have the epic cards we have the
rare cards which are pretty cool and the common cards here we can buy daily and
new cards will appear within time and here we go
we can go for battle and 2v2 you can open chest by opening chest we’re gonna get cards
which is pretty cool you know give me some cards yep I’m gonna do like
geek show I’m gonna do a training battle here camp play I’ll show you how this
games I have to play so all I have to do is to choose some cars there and to make
a deck and yeah you have to play with deck your life and the game is not
really too easy cuz you have to tink any place you have think where put the the
cards yeah I’ve seen fathers in a play that
stuff I get I wish gonna gather which is going to kill that bastard that I’m
gonna use this Buster here I’m gonna get this let’s use apparent dragon if this buzzer won’t attack me I’m gonna
get is this time this tower sorry it’s down fireball here
yeah boss is gonna do a lot of damage the game is over guys I’ll look at that
bum and I won’t go game you can play too me too
that’s all for today thank you guys for watching

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