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September 8, 2019

Hi everyone, here’s a really interesting game
that’s just launched it’s called Strike Fleet Omega. It’s a little bit like that air traffic control game, can’t remember
what it was called was really popular on the iPhone when it
first launched, except with this one you’ve
got guns, hooray! So, draw the lines, send out your fighters, intercept the enemy. The enemies come in waves and over time
you get more ships so you get more fighters and your ships get bigger guns and so on. Quite a cool, like, introductory level. Sort of sees you fully kitted out. Free on the apps store now, does have in app purchases but I haven’t
given those a really good go ye. It’s definitely more of a strategy
orientated game. You’re going to kind of think about how far you’re sending your ships out
before the next wave comes in and also if you’ve
noticed the turning circles of ships is quite important as well, if your fighters are
not facing the enemy like for instance there they’ve turned around, they’re not going
to shoot there. They only shoot when they’re facing towards. You can also do complex paths as well which follow so
send them on a patrol and if you do it just
right Difficult game to play and talk about because
you keep getting distracted by trying to get your fighters in the right location. Hours of head scratching, this game. Fun for all of the followers and family. Nice to see this sort of game as well getting reinvention. there’s only so many times you can land
a Boeing 747. By the way, tends to get a bit more hectic. Great game, up on the Play Store now,
go and grab it. Three stars. All right! I can’t remember what this game is called because I’ve just downloaded it and
I’m playing it for the first time. It’s on the Unity platform which I
absolutely love. That was really cool, Nice to be able to jump and fire at
the same time. Quite good fun. Controls were all right. Who doesn’t like jumping on somebody’s
head? Who’s getting a health bonus? What does that button do? At least the mobs don’t respawn when you die. I believe in the giant. Really cool. Killer Bean Unleashed. So there you go. It’s a game where you are a killer bean. Bring it on, I say. Killer Bean Unleashed. Hello everyone, So here we are with a really interesting game, Picked this one up last night and really
enjoying it already. It’s called Besieged 2. Pretty simple idea and it’s free to play, has
in app purchases as you might expect. The idea is to see how long you can hold off
the forces of death and destruction by firing arrows at the encroaching
enemies. You can level up your staff, level up your kind of dudes you have to fight back, your
weapons, and all this kind of stuff. It makes for quite an enjoyable game.
How many waves can you defend against? The enemy mobs get more difficult as you
go along, they get faster, more armour,
better weaponry etcetera just as you do but the idea is not to aim where the mob is but aim where they are going
to be by the time the arrow reaches them. So in this case, each mob, depending on where you hit them,
you do more damage. So if you can score a couple of headshots you can usually waste them quite quickly. As you see, as they walk forward, I’m not aiming
where they currently are, just in front of them. Only thing I’m not loving about it is how
long it makes me wait between each wave. Then there’s the upgrading. I mean graphically, the presentation is
beautiful, really, really nice looking game. Quite a bit of waiting between each wave,
which is a bit of a shame really. So I can start upgrading some of these
things if I like. I’ve already done a few upgrades for my
various bases and so on. So far I’ve managed to get as far as stage 4. As free to play games go, it’s been
very well done, it’s good fun. You see this olympic looking guy, he can take
quite a few arrows before he eventually dies. Aim quite far ahead of him, slowing down a little bit. You can see I have unlimited arrows but
it takes time for them to fill up so you can’t do a massive blitz. It’s all the way up at the top. Even the animation on this phone is really
well done which is nice. Yes, not a bad little game. Free on the Google Play Store now. Hello everyone, I’ll have to be quick because
my phone battery is dying. But I wanted to quickly show you this
corking game called Robo Tech. Really, really clever, it’s a kind of rock,
paper scissors kind of game but whoops, knocked the camera there! With a slight sort of twist to it. So it has the campaign play, you pick
who you want to fight, What you do is you press level it’s a little bit like a slot machine. You’ll spawn effectively, when I press this. A result, and that then gives me guys
that fight for me. Fight against this guy. He then has a gun, he’s just decided to unleash his weapons
on me. Depending on the results you get on the roll, you get different boosts or bonuses so I
am going to now unleash my weaponry, I’m going for a boost. microwave 2.0. Normally if I get one of each symbol I get
normal results but you get boosters and if you score
three in a row you get another go. Really, really clever. Ridiculously addictive. I meant to play this
for a couple of minutes last night to check it
out, see what it was like an hour later, I stopped. It’s nice to have a game which is
this colourful, and I don’t know, it just feels as awesome to play. I’m having really, really good fun. So you have three different types of guys you can spawn, There are shields and boosts and also hacks
you can do to try to steal these people
from them. The idea is obviously to take out your boss
robot or the enemy’s boss robot in this case, spawn some more guys, Yeah! Three in a row! So he’s basically a super guy he’s actively epic, If you score a result like that again, you get
to heal yourself. So Robo Tech, like I say, it really is
good fun, up on the app store now, it’s a massive game by the looks of it. And some of the hard levels start to get
really really challenging, you’ll have to really think about blocking your opponent’s attacks, and so on. Good game, really good fun, like I say
free on the app store now. Let’s finish this guy off shall we? Nice explosion effect at the end there. OK, here we are with Defender 2. I didn’t
play the first game but the second game is all right. So you have to tap to direct your spears at the enemy try and keep as many of them as you can. Stop them getting to your wall. If you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed, throw that at them. No idea what these things are meant to be well, other than targets, obviously. If you hold your finger on You can tell I’ve played this game a lot
can’t you? It’s all going horribly wrong. Strange munchkin men are probably going to win. Go away munchkin men. Yes, so that’s Defender 2, make sure you
get the idea, you’re probably better at it than me. It doesn’t suck that badly, OK, here we are with Alternative Mission, it’s a storm hell
style game, If you’ve ever played a star game before,
it’s pretty self explanatory for you, If you’ve not before, the idea is, fire your bullets very very quickly which usually
happens automatically, avoid enemy fire, pick up power-ups and guns and take out bosses at the end of every level to show how awesome you are. I am reasonably awesome, I’m very awesome in fact, Like I say, it’s very sensitive, You can see all I have to do is sort of tap it and it jumps everywhere, You could make it a bit less sensitive maybe, Didn’t notice that last one. Solar power-ups, There it is. See what that does. Very cool game, on the app store now and it’s free. Go grab it. So here we are with FL Commando. Epic start, Frontline Commando. Well, if the intro is as good as the game or if the game is as good as the intro, So, as you can tell, we’re playing this together at the same time. For the first time. Nice, stereotypical terrorists. Graphics are quite good. Not like the look of that helicopter That would be a good time to run away. Well, it’s not a bad game, I can see myself spending a little bit of
time on this one. Graphically it’s nice, Yeah! Patriotic stuff! Free on the app store, might as well
give it a try, kill a few hours and a few terrorists, obviously. OK, this is Devil Ninja 2, sideways scrolling, Frontstorm hell game, there’s loads of these
things around, this one’s got a slightly different style to it, very Japanese, kind of like 1990s style, slightly better graphics, very annoying sound effects, kids buy this one, actually it’s free, get this one,
and really annoy your parents. You get one life by the way, The best option is to keep jumping
and firing trying like to splatter everything in front of you. Quite tough on your fingers though, angry boss. Free on the app store now, Go and get it
Devil Ninja 2. Who doesn’t like Ninjas and devils? Hello everyone, So here we are with a game called The
Dutchman, quite an interesting concept. Has a kind of Angry Birds style there to it. Moving from each stage of the game the idea is to throw objects for the monkeys to convert those monkeys to your side and then the
monkeys in turn can pass their fruit, let’s call it, on to other monkeys. You drag between monkeys to select where your fruit is going to be thrown. So select to go, a different fruit to him. And you can see his colour starting to change,
he’s been converted. Now he’s my colour, I can now make him, See the way that monkey goes, Quite a simple game, but strategically, it’s
going to take quite a bit of getting used to. First level cleared. I’ll go to the second level next, I found it quite a bit difficult on the second level. So if you hit your own colour once you’ve
converted them, they get super monkey mode, which enables you
to fire fruit twice as quickly, if I can get this going. The graphics are really colourful, I think
it’s going to be a great kids’ game. Probably going to inspire quite a few adults
at the same time. It looks quite a bit more difficult, going to
have to spend some more time thinking about this one. Game over monkey. So that’s Dutchman. Quite a good game, going to take quite a while
for people to get their heads around and really get into. And going to take a very long time to play,
I’d say. Excellent fun, go and download it now. Free in the app store or there’s a premium
version which I think unlocks more levels. OK, here we are with Cartoon Wars 2 the sequel to probably my favourite game
of last year. Same principle but now you have a big ass hero to use as well. So we’ll collect ourselves a hero. You can still upgrade all your bits and pieces
if you want, you keep big arrowy things, and the idea is still to spawn as many mobs
as you can as quickly as you can until you overwhelm the opposition defences. So first let’s get some arrowing going on. And as always I’m going to wait for my man to power-up. He’a apt to slow down a little bit until I’m
ready. As you can see, he’s getting a good pounding. double tap This seriously is probably like the greatest
game of all time. I know ridiculous but it’s such good fun, so addictive,
I mean, I’ve never played a game with so much
tapping, So I made a tap tap revenge but you know, defeated street i was you know it extremely he’s got you come to confirm
that you like it taken by vehicles to take a quick
overcome popsicles a contract except if you could take a good deal for quick
enough four justices worldview really likes paying developments keep replenish
yesh consciously called here and we have to do it looking at the self-rule prime
candidates come on monday solution here can’t keep pushing the games and about as difficult
as it was less than uh… thanks for the hearing she actually is a mystery indicated misidentification they can initiate put pressure on them when we get to my inflationary game who or exceeding win went back up the world to me right i think christ if they don’t know if
they’re we waiting for it’s free today would

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