Top 10 A League of Their Own Moments
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Top 10 A League of Their Own Moments

November 7, 2019

Just like Jonathan Ross’ milkshake, this
is going to be tasty. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down our picks for the top 10 A League of Their Own moments! For this list, we’ve gathered the funniest
and most memorable moments from the Sky One sports panel show, “A League of Their Own”. Any moment from the show’s standard series
is in contention, but we’re not including scenes and stunts from the “U.S. Road Trip”
spin-off. We’ll keep it clean for today’s opener,
but only just. Sat alongside former teammate Robbie Fowler
for this season eight episode, Jamie Redknapp tells a soapy story from their playing days
at Liverpool. And David Walliams is hanging on his every,
erotic word. Of course, the bubbly anecdote needs to be
seen to be believed, so they recreate the cosy conditions on their desk, with Walliams
taking the lead – much to Jamie’s obvious embarrassment. At least Fowler’s eager to get involved,
though. The show often ends with the Right Guard challenge,
and there have been some classics in the past. But we’ve picked out season seven’s cage
fighting finale for some no holds barred entertainment. David Walliams and Jack Whitehall are sent
to the ring while their teams answer questions. Walliams concedes quickly, but Whitehall sticks
it out for almost a minute with an opponent who’s probably twice his size. Jack’s claims of a turnaround are unconvincing,
but the praise from James is well-deserved. Regular viewers know how much Redknapp loves
his golf. So, he’s in his element for this hole-in-one
challenge. But then fellow panellists Freddie and Jack
turn up, and ruin Jamie’s perfect day. Posing as caddies, Whitehall and Flintoff
distract and demean their co-star, while Kriss Akabusi flies in for extra motivation. With course etiquette out the window and fuelled
by Jamie’s increasing frustration, Jack and Fred have laid on literal fireworks if
Redknapp sends it home. But will he ever succeed? Jack Whitehall joined “A League of Their
Own” in series five, and James Corden wasted little time in welcoming him to the show. With guest panellist Steven Gerrard giving
inspiration for initiation, Freddie and Jamie take Jack within their sights. Fred’s misplaced effort only serves to raise
Jack’s anxiety, while Jamie’s right foot is straight and true. It’s not the first time that a famous athlete
has taken aim at one of the stars, but Redknapp’s strike is so sweet it must’ve left Whitehall
sore for days. You might know them as two of Sky Sports leading
pundits, but Jamie Carragher and Redknapp were at a loss to analyse our next incident. Primed for an in-show lap dance, the former
Reds were anticipating some risqué entertainment. Instead, big Neil Ruddock takes to the stage
in a barely-there police uniform. Razor proceeds to inelegantly lose the little
clothing he does have, before flashing just about everyone in the studio. His full frontal didn’t make the show’s
final cut, though. Thank God. This high-speed challenge featured in the
opening episode for series seven, with unseen footage used for an ‘end of season’ special. James, Jamie, Jack and Freddie get behind
the wheel with Jimmy Carr and Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams. Carnage quickly ensues. The group splits into drivers and navigators
for some high-risk hilarity, racing through an otherwise picturesque forest location in
Wales. Not one to half-arse anything, Fred accelerates
into the challenge and produces a game-changing moment. Ambulance, please. Aaand, that’s a write off. For a show which specialises in big stunts,
the ‘who’s scared?’ skydive is a standout clip. James Corden conveniently sits this one out,
as Flintoff, Redknapp and John Bishop take to the skies for an exercise in fear factor. Fred seems relaxed, Jamie apprehensive, Bishop’s
rueing the beneficiaries in his will. Fitted with heart-rate monitors, all three
throw themselves from the plane for a bird’s eye view of terra firma. And all for a quiz to determine who was most
afraid. For the record, it was Bish. We’re poolside next, for an extremely well-choreographed
feature involving three of the show’s regulars. As temporary members in a pro sync-swimming
team, Jack, James and Jamie glide through near-faultless routines for a panel of expert
judges. Complete with props, kicks and comedy backing
tracks, it’s difficult to pick a favourite performance. From Corden’s sassy intro to Redknapp’s
nifty backflip and Whitehall’s perfect finish, even Freddie admits he’s begrudgingly impressed. Special mention for James and Jack’s make-up
too. Go glam or go home, right guys? We transcend the show with today’s runner-up,
for a moment which had a lasting impact on British sport. Because Mo Farah’s ‘Mo Bot’ starts here. The long-distance runner was on the eve of
London 2012 when he appeared on Freddie’s team, and James proposed creating a gold medal
celebration for him. Guest panellist Clare Balding came up with
the idea, and Mo performed the now-famous salute for the first time. Corden quickly names it, and the rest is history. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a
few honorable mentions. John Barnes’ rapping credentials were well
known long before this series nine appearance. So, with Amanda Holden in the studio, he goes
all-out gangsta for a glorious rendition of “Rapper’s Delight”. But the show hits new heights when Jamie Redknapp
joins in, nailing every lyric like he’s done this a thousand times before. Amanda seems quite confused throughout the
whole thing, but it’s a definite yes from us. There have been many musical numbers, but
hilarious hip-hop with ex-England internationals is “A League of Their Own” at its very

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  1. Sorry but when have you ever heard David Walliams' name pronounced like that?!

    Some of the pronunciations by British voiceovers on this channel are ridiculous. Lol you know how to speak/say it, why are you saying them differently to how you know…

  2. Do a top ten moments in British history as not enough people now a day appreciate our great history and all we have accomplished

  3. Okay, three things:
    1. It is pronounced DAY-VID I don't understand how you mispronounced it!
    2. Out of all the hilarious clips you could have chosen you choose this lot – and with no honourable mentions?! Wtf.
    3. You need to do another list now so that you can correct your mistakes – with Freddie's baby photo being in at least the top 3!!

  4. My favourite moment is when James had photos taken at the gym with Jack’s Mum then Jack got his own back by going for a night out with James’ Dad ?

  5. What a shit top ten do you even watch the show can't even speak properly or say names correctly sort your head out what a waste of time

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  7. I can think of 10 clips of top of my head that are better than these do you even watch the show

  8. What is the point of making an, in essence, best bits video of the show and then talking over every clip describing what is funny about it. Just play the clips and keep shtum mate. Also it’s not French GCSE, he’s not David Ginola, no one has ever pronounced David Walliams’ name like that you pigeon.

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