Too Many Steam Games…what should you play? – Steam Showdown Intro

November 16, 2019

Okay, let’s see here what should I play… Uh Civ 5? Tsk I’m not really in the mood for an RTS right now. It takes forever to play a single game. Let’s see, uh, maybe a first-person shooter Borderlands 2? I’ve never actually beaten that but I don’t know the color palettes pretty much the same all throughout. What about a game I haven’t really played like… Black Desert Online? Ehhhhh MMO’s they’re such a time sink, goodness gracious! I don’t really feel like…spending that much time; I only have a couple hours. Age of Empires? Eh. Amnesia? Yeah, you really have to be in the mood to play that game. You know what? I know what I need. That’s right, I’m starting a new series called Steam Showdown where the dice will determine what I play next. I’ll play each game for at least five hours and give an opinion that’s 5 minutes or less. So stay tuned.

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