Tomahawk Bows® Deluxe Model Review and Testing
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Tomahawk Bows® Deluxe Model Review and Testing

August 14, 2019

3Rivers Archery Your Longbow and Recurve Experts Hi I’m Johnathan Karch and today we’re talking about Tomahawk Bows® Deluxe model. Now the Deluxe model is taking the form of our current Tomahawk Bows®, that their made on, and changing the woods. But not just changing the woods, but looking at look that’s just…. Wow! And that’s what we’ve done with the Deluxe. Some very nice features to it that make it stand out. ‘Cause you can shoot an ugly bow… But why would you want to? Now, the Deluxe model is offered both in our 1-piece Diamond Series and our 3-piece Legacy series. Now, with the Diamond series. The one piece. It’s back… is Bacote and accented with dark Mora. With checkered accent stripes. The crown here is a lighter Mora and Yew. The tips are natural looking G-10 fiberglass for it. Which means they are reinforced to take any of today’s modern high performance strings. The belly is full Bacote. So you get that really gorgeous grain patterns that Bacote is known for. The riser we’ve got Phenolic and Bacote. And then of course the checkered accent stripes. On the Legacy series. We have, starting with the riser, Phenolic around Mora on this one. With checkered accent stripes. Where we cap it with the Bacote to give it a different look. The limbs are very similar. They are Bacote capped with a dark Mora, and the G10 fiberglass. Where on the belly is full Bacote. Nice thing with the Legacy series is you can use any Legacy series limbs with this bow. So if you want the riser, but use the black foam core limbs. Or just really whatever look you want for it. Go for it. And also with being a takedown like this you can get different length limbs, different weight limbs. And very easy to change out. Other thing that these have in common is the rest material is this calf hair rest and plate. Makes very slick. So good for shooting. No grip material so you can have that warm feel of wood in hand. And of course to show of the woods you have in the bow. We’re very open on lengths and weights we can make them too. Very happy to do a custom order for you. If their is something particular. But normally we do 62 inch, 64 inch for both. And then the Legacy we can do 66 inch. And weights Like I said, very open also, but 35 to 65 (pounds) in weights at 28 inches. But if you have something that you particularly want give us a call. We’ll talk about it. Get an order in specific for you. Now there are no holes drilled in these bows. Has the Diamond medallion there. Tomahawk Bows® on this one. Just gorgeous bows. Taking what we’ve built for many years on the Tomahawk® brand. And giving it a new look. A new face lift. To really just put it off in a class of its own. This is a bow that heads are going to turn when you
walk up on to the range. You’ll love it. I know I do. And what we’re going to do next is go on our range and put it through the shooting machine so you can see a bit of the speed. One thing I did forget to add is in the limbs there is a piece of Stabil-Kore™ that goes in them. And that Stabil-Kore™ is to help with limb stability so you’re getting the best performance out of your bow. Shot, to shot, to shot. Let’s go up on the range and give them a try. Okay, here we are on the range. We’ve got the Diamond series 1-piece Deluxe set up. Ready to go on our shooting machine. We got our chronograph set up to record it. It’s about five feet past the back of the bow here,
and our target down range. Ten grains per pound of pull. Eight grains per pound of bow… pull. And we’ll show you how they perform against each other. Ten grains being recommended for hunting. [thwack] 181 (feet per second) [thwack] Duplicate, 181 (feet per second) again. and for the final shot [thwack] Duplicate again! 181 (feet per second)! Okay, with 10 grains per pound, a 56 pound bow Getting a nice, solid 181 feet per second with it. Hunting weight arrow. Let’s drop it down to eight grains per pound of pull. See how it does. Here we go. [thwack] 197 (feet per second) Second shot. [thwack] Duplicate, 197 (feet per second). [thwack] 197 (feet per second). And there you have it. Solid numbers right there. Both with a regular weight arrow, and
a hunting weight arrow. Excellent performance out of the bow,
and beautiful to boot. Deluxe model, of the Diamond series Tomahawk®. We’re going to go real quick with the Legacy series
just to show you the shots. Okay, we have the Legacy 3-piece strapped in here.
We’re going to see how it does. 56# @ 28″ Ten grains per pound. Eight grains per pound. [thwack] 177 (feet per second). Second shot. [thwack] 176 (feet per second). Third shot. [thwack] 177 (feet per second). Alright, the upper 70’s. 177, 176, that range for it.
With the ten grains per pound. Switching over to eight grains per pound. First shot. [thwack] 192 (feet per second). Second shot. [thwack] 193 (feet per second). Third and final shot. [thwack] Duplicate 193 (feet per second) Alright, there you have it. That’s shooting the bows. Good idea what the speeds are.
As you can tell, solid performers. And beautiful to look at. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery. If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions please comment below. And if you really enjoyed it. Please hit that share button and share it
with your friends and family. Thanks for watching.

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