Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: New Expeditions Mode Explained | Ubisoft [NA]
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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: New Expeditions Mode Explained | Ubisoft [NA]

August 26, 2019

to Kenley College where the vegetation is lush,
the facilities are modern, and the elevators are occupied. This is Expeditions, a new
mode in “The Division 2” that’s available now and
free for all players as part of the episode one update. Hop on a chopper at
the base of operations, stash that signature
weapon in the overhead bin, and you’re off to live
the undergrad dream with some quality library time. You’re here in search of
a missing military convoy. From the caution tape and
broken mirrors look of things, the Outcasts are to
blame, and an ECHO reveals that they have numerous
nefarious schemes afoot. You’ll have to
investigate each one to find out what your foes are
up to and how to stop them. Your first stop is the
library, a sizable building with lots of stairways and
signage to help you get around and get the drop on your foes. There are flanking routes
and firing angles aplenty in the major combat
areas, giving you some tactical
flexibility as you take on the varied objectives and
the very cranky hammer bros. Once you’ve dismantled all three
of the Outcast’s operations, take a moment before returning
to the ECHO one last time and completing the mission
to find the loot room. This treasure trove moves
around and is restocked daily, giving you even more reasons
to visit your local library on the regular. As you explore the other
areas of the campus, you’ll encounter some locations
that are listed as offline. This is because Expeditions
mode unlocks gradually over the course of three weeks,
opening a new area each week and challenging you to
investigate and clear them all. Complete all three areas
and not only will you get some serious
loot, you’ll also get the location of a new exotic
weapon, the Diamondback rifle. You know, the one
with the snake on it. Next week, a new
area will open up, bringing new challenges, new
rewards, and new revelations about the fate of
the lost convoy. Expeditions mode is part of
episode one, which also brings two new main missions
that continue the story as well as new weapons, new
exotics, and new classified assignments. It’s the first of
three free episodes coming to “The Division
2” in its first year. For one-week early
access to new episodes as well as exclusive access
to classified assignments, pick up the Year 1 Pass
from the in-game store. And for more on “The Division
2”, subscribe to this channel and visit us at

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  1. The first thing i saw in this video was the hitbox bug that let the hammer guy hit him even though he dodge rolled

  2. Ubisoft makes such great games that everytime I insert their game discs into my console I'm afraid it might get pregnant.

  3. On related note, I really dug one of the new missions layouts. The layout was very… diagonal? Nice verticality and felt very open In that, there was plenty of cover, but no “best place to be” or cheese spot. Really had to keep moving and keep situational awareness high. So lots of replay value before getting old.

  4. After realizing that the black tusk outfit was only temporary event even though I literally bought every item u needed to unlock it after the event I couldn't unlock it I'm feeling pretty burned Ubisoft.

  5. Ik its always been a shooter, but I would love to see some stealth options in the game. Obviously this wouldn't work on elites, but sneaking around and using takedowns on the reds (at the right moment) would be cool. Also, I think having a new mission which involves clearing hallways and rooms would be cool rather than just sections filled with enemies.

  6. To bad final loot room is timed gated so you cant get the diamondback exotic probably because the final loot room has premium credits in it booooooooo

  7. I like this. People complaining below have no life and need to reevaluate their priorities in my opinion.

  8. Ubisoft stay serious with your games and presentations! We are taking your games seriously so don’t try to act childish!
    This is a solid franchise and i want it to be badass and dramatic. It’s a pandemic game ffs

  9. Damn shame its a time-gated, ONE and done thing. This seriously was what you guys wanted to replace Survival and Underground with?

  10. I tried updating and keep getting a "Failed to Download, check internet connection and disk space" error.

    Really annoying that now UbiSoft is taunting me with this trailer

  11. Hey, Ubisoft when are there going to be an update where you can lean without aiming on Console for Rainbow Six Siege.

  12. I like the game however expeditions kinda suck definetly no where near as good as the other modes in the division 1, or as I hoped for. Hopefully the next 2 locations get better.

  13. I wish you guys should fix the specialization weapons not enough ammo to carry with you, can't switch specialization weapons when you're not in the base camp, you can't get more ammo for your specialization weapons that should have been in the ammo box when you're out of ammo, and other things I can't explain I went to this mission after I was done investigating the Kenly College I didn't have time to explore I just leave immediately and continue to kill the enemies with my specializations weapons please fix that Ubisoft.

  14. To bad the loot you get is garbage and the stats suck . They need to fix this game . I wish it was better but the devs keep adding stuff instead of fixing what's already in the game .

  15. Division 2 end game idea elite gear suits

    I think they should bring back the 6 pc gear sets from division 1 or some form of it in the form of broken gear suits which will be full suits that can only be worn as one and pieces should be scattered around the map in various dangerous location relative to the gear sets that can be found and repaired to make the entire suit as one…

    Example: Banshee gear set pieces can only be found in dark zones, whereas reclaimer gear set pieces can be found near hospitals and wild life locations, a total amount of pieces is required to be found per suit – example 10 pieces per gear suit….

    Once all pieces are found for a gear suit, a basement with rooms for all the suits you have found will have a repair station where a large amount of various resources will be required to build the suit, after the suit is built a final piece is required called the battery, this is used to power the suit and a boss fight called ‘ The guardian’ is unlocked for the suit you have built…

    The guardian must be killed for the battery to be extracted, these guardians will use the elite gear suits against you during the fight….

    Waves of enemies will fight along side the guardian and as the guardian looses health it gains more abilities from the gear suit.

    Example: after loosing a quarter of Health the guardian will gain 1-2 extra ability’s from the gear set suit to use against you.

    Once the guardian is at half health, extra enemies stop coming, and it is your groups vs the guardian alone, but now the guardian has access to the full capabilities of the gear suit, including buffs and debuffs.

    During the fight each team member is given one life, if a downed player doesn’t get revived after going down and bleeds out or gets killed, a 3:00 timer is set for the player to be saved out of the death state, if unsuccessful the player will be dead for the rest of the mission, but if the player is revived within the timer the one life is consumed and the next time that player is in the death state they cannot be brought back and they will be out for the entire match…

    Guardian fights will be slightly different based on the suit you are trying to build.


    Striker Guardian – will have much better accuracy and will slowly gain the damage and healing abilities of striker if they hit your team consecutively for a period of time, it will have a gauge metre above its head giving signals on how strong the striker damage and healing is and it will be up to you to figure out what build to bring and test out different combinations and strategies…

    Banshee guardian – will be held inside the dark zone underground, and various enemies will be required to be defeated to reach an underground elevator to reach the guardian, during the fight shooting the boss for too long will increases rogue meter, the higher the meter the more effective the banshee guardian will be against you, and a similar things will be for the other gear sets.

    After defeating the guardian and the battery is retrieved, no further resources will be required for the gear sui. The suit will have one very unique and distinctive cosmetic look and will be displayed in the basement hall of elite gear suits for easy access.

    Once you have a completed a gear suit, there will be empty stat slots on each pieces and the suits can have anything rolled or stacked onto the empty slots allowing for complete control and customisations of the gear set build and the ability to create the ultimate build, with every stat slot empty you have the power to experience and experiment a god build…

    This is just an idea to maybe bring some life to division 2 of course lots of things will need to be tweaked or changes this is just a rough written idea as it came to my head, things will need to be changed and looked at and tested but In my opinion, if done correctly this could be a really fun addition to the game and it could maybe bring back some fun from division 1 into division 2…

    let me know what y’all think?

  16. I stopped playing this after the raid dropped i played the game everyday since launch and i could barely damage any of the enemies. I havent played it since. Such a shame

  17. I disagree with that term "serious loot", basically those loots r the same as those I can get from open world, so nothing special or "serious" about.

    Expedition mission is ovetall good imo, the fighting is good, but a little lack of changes in its form, always npc spawning after u activate something, shd have a good mix between "fighting your way to activate something" and "npc spawn after activating something". If there's a rng on which form will b, it will b better coz players won't know which scenario we will b facing until we r in. i.e. if I see npc 1st, I know is a fierce fight b4 activation, else is going to b npc spawn in after activation. But regardless which form, I won't know until I step into the hall or location.

    Puzzle for mission wise is ok too, more effort needed for 1st time, once know the answer, future game play will b easier. Changing loot's room opening panel daily is ok imo as long as don't apply that daily changes method on mission coz TD2 players r here to play a game with shooting, not treasure hunting that need to run around trial-and-error to figure out how to open the door etc.

    Weapon wise is disappointing honestly, they look nice, sound nice, but not nice in playing coz they r really underwhelming & has very little practical use (bcoz dps too low)

    By mathematic cal, it seems ok, but practically, they r ineffective that I have to change back to my regular weapom half way thru a Challenging mode game play, it just doesn't stack. Perhaps a slight buff of 10 to 12% in dps to make them more viable, else these 2 weapons r just another "white elephant".

    Have not done the other 2 new missions & got the new BTSU glove yet, so no comment on it.

    Hope my feedback helps.

  18. It's booooring af… It's just like normal missions with some hidden transitions… Bring survival or underground back !!

  19. I regret so much for buying this game. i wish i could change for the new ghost recon. My hard earned money….

  20. Just hate the fact that you have to constantly shoot someone to down them… it is the only reason I don't play it

  21. So just kill enemies in 3 different areas depending on the week? Seems like it will get old fast. I still say we need more division 1 style game modes. At least those had modifiers (underground), randomized objectives (the pier), or were just really fun (survival).

  22. I really like this game but some of the bad guys are almost impossible to take down alone without getting killed off sometimes 5 times I don’t have the game anymore but I’m thinking about getting it again someday.

  23. Bring back Underground and Survival lol
    Also add the game on Steam pls 🙁
    Epic store sucks an Uplay really lacks social interaction ;(

  24. Can y'all make ela ok again make her grzmot mines disable plants and put Montagne shield down and give her an elite skin

  25. this missions are super bad! made em yesterday it is just a big lootroom with random guys random enemy and random anything. if you start the lfr it counts for the whole island. you cant just lfr for one mission.

  26. Given up on this bullet sponge game I paid for the season pass and the game is so mediocre it's worse than Destiny 2. Grind to win. No this game isn't for me I'll stick to wildlands

  27. Ghost recon wildlands had better mechanics but shitty graphics compared to the division 1 and 2. It pisses me off bcoz I feel like the developers take away things from each game that are essential and make the game better and more fun. For example In GRWL one could make the character crouch or lay on the ground and shoot while rotating at 180° climb jump and even shoot at most windows and shatter the windows glass to enter the building which made the game super dope when it came to escape from enemies and take cover. Not to mention that one could also drive most vehicles well all vehicles. Imagine playing a game like the division that has the same or better mechanics than GRWL with awesome graphics that allows the character to do all the things that I mentioned above . That's what I dream of.

  28. The Division 1 -2 not easy game but best tactics shooter! I prefer PVE mode… 🙂 …and Ubisoft game best than other franchise game.

  29. I really liked the Division 2. It is really addictive and fun when you play its main campaign (not talking about the story because it is not there… it's just an excuse for you to keep on shooting people… but no, the story is not good nor engaging at all). I'm even playing the black tusk continuation solo and believe me, it is REALLY HARD but fun. Now, I'm having problems to pay more money for extra missions that I've been told are pretty much same old… same old…. and not that interesting at all. I believe what this game really needs is to release all that for free now since many people are complaining on how much they charge for practically anything new.

  30. $60 game…$40 pass…Ubisoft really shot for the stars with their pricing…If you're going to charge 2/3 the price of the ENTIRE GAME maybe include 2/3 as much content as the base game…or maybe don't price it so egregiously…

  31. I am a bit sad. First time when I heard about expedition mode I thought this would be like underground with random generation maps and objetives. but instead this mode have timed-limited events with low replay value I guess.. or more like re-play normal missions. I miss underground.. the best mode from the division 1.

  32. You guys should add an ability customization so we can mix and match certain things like grenades, the signature pistol and costumes without having to use that certain customization.

  33. How about fix the audio problems, completed them and won't be doing it again boring, gets purple gear or weapons from Loot area hahaha cheers. It's not free you paid for it.

  34. Hi, on solo party , there is too much bag, it is not normal to have so much bag everywhere and food, besides they are not even hidden. Would be an Appocalypse mod with few resources and more interesting resources.

  35. For those of you suckas who got year1pass and still ain't get eagle 🦅 lol 😁 I got free no year 1 pass 👍

  36. This mode is actually really amazing, it's so fun to figure out the tiny puzzles with your friends and piece together a little story lol


  38. Seriously Ubi you guys are F***ING pathetic. There is hundreds of people with the Capital Hill not being available due to undiscovered mission yet no resolve. You guys need to pull your heads out. It's so sad that I have put in so many hours only to get road blocked buy a pathetic glitch. Also can't enter the DZ WTF.

  39. I'm glad they are adding new content but they made a mistake adding that activity summary because now their cover based shooter is turned back into division 1 style gameplay. The reason why? Tryhards running through the maps at fullspeed trying to score the most kills and damage as if there is a prize or something. The ones that get themselves killed doing that, I leave em on the ground. It's ridiculous. Before the "scoreboard" people actually played the game like it was meant to be played.

  40. I think it'd be a cool idea if they did a tower mechanic where you go in solo or with a team and try to make it to the top. Each level is increasingly harder and they change up the enemies types every season or so (3 months) to keep things fresh. Also make it league based like PoE so every time it's reset the leaderboards are too and people try to be the first ones to clear it or get the fastest clear time. Maybe at the end of the season those who got past a certain level get a cool little skin or cosmetic item like LoL does with gold ranking. Damn, now I talked myself into really wanting this lol

  41. Yeah but they put it on rotation I tried to play it today and you cannot go to it ! I'm getting frustrated with this game cuz I want to see my money put to useI bought the season pass but what does that really get you? the division 2 and destiny 2 has really been pissing me off I can't wait until borderlands releases they know how to treat their fans just seems like these daysgame companies want you to invest a s*** ton of money in their game but you don't get much in return unless your company is named Rockstar they did a great jobwith red Dead redemption 2 I think that was probably the only game I've been really satisfied to play this year

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