Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Rainbow 6 Siege Special Operation 2 Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]
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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Rainbow 6 Siege Special Operation 2 Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]

August 26, 2019

this is Valkyrie. One of our operators
recently went off grid, and we suspect she’s in Bolivia. She’s a good operator, but
she can get carried away. We need to move fast. We already have an operator
on the ground in Bolivia. Her name is Twitch. Link up with her and show
her what you’ve found. Dead bodies everywhere. TWITCH: Caveira has
definitely been here. NOMAD: Caveira did this? TWITCH: You better hope she’s
in a good mood when we find her. NOMAD: Tell me
everything you know. Tell me everything you know. The fucking Devil killed us. Breaking your ally
wasn’t very challenging. But I’ve found ways to have fun.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, I liked this special operation. But considering all the hype that it had, there was a lot of wasted potential. When Ubisoft made this op centered around Caveira, the hype was real for Ghost Recon and Rainbow fans alike. With that said, I feel like a lot more could've been done with the story.

    The dialogue between the characters could've been written (and voice acted, especially for Twitch) way better. The story for this op could've been a lot deeper and stretched out, with more cutscenes showing interactions between the characters, especially the Ghost Recon Ops and Caveira. It also could've dove deep into Caveira's and Dengoso's backstories leading up to now, with some cutscenes showing flashbacks of the two being together.

    I did like the ending though. Bowman should've known not to mess with a Rainbow operative, or in this case a family member of a Rainbow operative…especially when said family member is related to Caveira.

  2. They Should Add Death From Above Melee Attacks , & Add Daily + Weekly High Value Target Rewards For Ghost Mode With New Bosses ?

  3. they need to fix some of the customization of the guns in pvp like seriously where arr the attachments i understqnd some classes use silencers but let there be more options

  4. Its amazing how little Ubisoft Learned from EA about Loot-boxes and in game micro-transactions. The amount of transactions in this game has turned me off of buying any more upgrades to wildlands or anything else they are pushing including The Crew 2 and The Division 2 which I had planned on getting. Wildlands went from barely tolerable micro-transactions to about 20x the level of what Star Wars Battlefront II was.

  5. I'd love to see a sniper focused update, high powered scopes, range finders, bipods that sort of thing. I usually pick the role of a sniper when playing with friends and I'd would be great to feel like an actual sniper sitting high up covering friends.

  6. You guys killed it with adding the 416 and 10.4in barrel I finally feel like a correctly armed SF group. But can we ever expect to see more like a Mk18?? And running pec boxes on the top of the rail??

  7. help pls.. i finish the el sueno mission.. and the ghost fallen "& road to narco appeared already.. how can i activate this new mission or mode?? rainbow six siege.. pls

  8. Things to add that will make the game so much better

    Bipods and tripods

    Higher magnification scopes for lmgs and suppressors for them

    Ability to choose where the lasers are placed on your gun

    Being able to set up tents or use fast travel locations and go inside them and sleep. You can use this to be able to pass time if you don’t want to fight at night in the province your in

    More crye precision customization like there airframe helmet pouch zip on panel avs. Recce configuration and there battle belts and a heavier jacket like the fieldshell 2

    Dump pouches battlebelts ability for no backpack

    More hairstyles

    More weapons like the mk18 mk11 or mk12 spr m249 saw ump45 mp5k

    Helmet cover for all helmets

    Ability to change the nvg on your helmet

    Have ai nvgs go down when you flip them down

    Have bigger lobbies where you can have up to 16 people maybe create more ai

    Ability for ai to drive

    Ability to only equip 1 primary

    Add some sort of knife

  9. DEAR UBISOFT..ITD BE AWSOME IF YOU….would implement the feature to do like sam fiaher or other ubisoft games in wildlands whwn using CQC with hands..or melee weapons..such as when your behind Cover and pulling a enemy behind cover And Using stealth LIKE A GHOST undetected. ..or be laying down as they pass and WITH A GHILLIE SUIT ON ONLY. .THEYD PASS AND UD HIT A BUTTON TO DO LETHAL STEALTH TAKEDOWN..OR GRAB THEM….to use A SYNC SHOT WITH FRIENDS LIKE YOU WOULD WITH AI TEAMMATES…OR YES the splintercell games!? these would make game more imersive and fun..and actually being able to lure them where u want with DIV LURES NOT jus make them shrug their dang shoulder's
    ..please and ty

  10. btw ubisoft sams classic stealth yes buuuut hes also got the power to massacre a whole military…yes hes that badass…lol and if hes getting too old after next splintercell game then have Sarah fisher follow in his foot steps and take revenge on people who coukd of got outaline with her father or vic..have her be NOT only first female splintercell chacter but also be a badass totally..#RESPECT for them femalea who can throw down..yes jus lime girl from RB6 but more better..rb6 i belives more team wprk,kinda destruction. .

  11. And did they really have to bring up Patriots, I'm still not over that, cancelling what looked like everything I wanted from a rainbow six game and replacing it with a (admittedly good) multiplayer game.

  12. I love this game but playing on a public lobby is terrible. A lot of the time the people on the lobby you join are horrible at this game.

  13. Is Operation 2 and the Siege Pack available for a limited time? I was thinking about picking up Wildlands this weekend.

  14. I really want a new single player Rainbow Six. It still sucks Patriots was cancelled. I can't stand online games or games with time presure and Siege is both. I want to take my time, plan and be tacticle and do that in a world with great areas and a great story where I controle my team.

  15. YOU GUYZ HAVE TO FIX UNIDAD THEY ARE BROKEN!!!!FIX IN SPECIAL OPERATION 3 PLEASE!!!! for ex. youre hunted shoot a granade laucher at unidad kill the BOOM next star your hunted shoot another BOOM next star then those apache choppers can shoot through walls in ghost mode and yea..

  16. Ubisoft, can you add a rail attachment on the next update that had a flashlight AND a an/peq 15 laser sights together at the same time for a rail attachment like what most operators use? Also, can you add m203 iron sights… I would also love to see bipods in this game, as well as an option to use a bipod and foregrip at the same time…

  17. Can you also add an option to unequip primary and secondary that way I can go undercover in ghost recon wildlands which would be amazing…

  18. Well at least it's not that f..n "predator" mod, now i have reason to reinstall the game again, if you(UbiSoft) keep this up, then maybe my trust going to return.

  19. Can we have bipods as well as a bipod and foregrip attachment together? I would also like the.laser sights mounted on the top and a nother m203 attachment with iron sights…

  20. I just bought this game tonight just so I can hunt the predator and now I can hunt caveira with twitch on my side.that's Epic

  21. Ubisoft, can you please allow us to raise our landing gear on planes in Ghost Recon Wildlands? PLEASE, A LOT OF US ARE ASKING FOR THIS!

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