Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 4K Official Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]
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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 4K Official Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

August 26, 2019

location [INAUDIBLE].. Something bad’s on my ass. Well, you’ll need to
eliminate the prey. GHOST11 (OVER SPEAKER):
Copy, Ghost Lead. I’m on your [INAUDIBLE]. Time now. [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] [GRUNT] Fuck. [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] Ugh, shit. That hurts. [GRUNTING] [DISTANT VOICES] GHOST11 (OVER
SPEAKER): Take cover. There’s an Azrael
drone overhead. Copy that. Got it. [HEAVY BREATHING] [ANIMAL GROWL] GHOST12 (OVER SPEAKER):
Ghost Lead, this is Ghost12. We’re en route to your location. OK. GHOST11 (OVER SPEAKER): I
got eyes on you, Ghost Lead. Copy. I see you. GHOST11 (OVER SPEAKER):
You got three bad guys closing from the rear. Nothing to report. Going to continue my search. Reconning for location. You have a
Ghost Lead, we’re set. I’m bringing
the flight to you. Be ready. Get set, guys. [DISTANT SHOUTING] [GUNFIRE] Good cover. Bravo team will set a
diversion at the gate. Me and 11 will infil the
got two armed hostiles here. GHOST11: I got right. GHOST LEAD (OVER
walls, but they got numbers. Bravo team, I have
eyes on your position. [GUNFIRE] [GRUNT] SOLDIER 1: If you got nothing
to do, clean your gear, and clean your weapon. SOLDIER 2: All right. No problem, sir. Three hostiles. That’s a Malphus drone. GHOST LEAD (OVER
SPEAKER): Stand by. Ghost Lead to initiate. Heavy spotted. SOLDIER 3 (OVER SPEAKER):
Ah, it’s quiet on my side. Damn. There’s nothing here either. Nothing ever
happens around here. [GRUNTING] [SLASHING] Have a target in sight. [DISTANT VOICES] Set. I have the drone. Drones out. Ghost Lead, we’re set. GHOST LEAD (OVER SPEAKER): Go. [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 4: Contact. Enemy contact. Let’s move quick and quiet. SOLDIER 5: Where
the hell are they? [GUNFIRE] [GRUNT] These guys are dead. [GUNFIRE] All right. Let’s find these hostiles. Take point. I’m right behind you. Bravo team, we have hostile
inbound your location. SOLDIER 6: Eyes open, boys. We have enemy
moving in the area. [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 7: Over here. I see him. [EXPLOSION] [GRUNT] SOLDIER 8: Hit the target. [GUNFIRE] What the– [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [WHIRRING] What the fuck is that? [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 9: Stop them
in their tracks! [EXPLOSION] SOLDIER 10: I got
diamonds over here. [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 11: Take them on. [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] SOLDIER 12: Hey, I hit him. GHOST LEAD (OVER
SPEAKER): Hold in place. We’re almost there. SOLDIER 13: They’re moving– moving. [GUNFIRE] What the hell are you doing? No, no, no. I don’t want to die. Why are they doing this? SOLDIER 14: Get
them, God damn it. SOLDIER 15: Hey, you. Eat this. [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] He’s hit. [GUNFIRE] I got you. [GRUNTING] SOLDIER 16: I’m pushing forward. I have you covered. [THUD] [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] Hostile down. [GUNFIRE] Time to go. Shit. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DRONES FLYING] [GUNFIRE] [SCREAMING] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [SLASH] [SLASH] PRESENTER: Available October 4. Preorder now for
guaranteed beta access. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I am really hyped for this game. Still love to play Wildlands! They want to make this game more realistic with the survival stuff, which is a great and fun thing. The fact that he got shot in the leg and start walking bad is a cool addition! But a few moments later he gets a fleshwound from a bullet in the arm and then falls down a big slope, rolls over a couple of times and he can still "walk" further. Let's be honest, if you are hurt like that and then slide down so far like Nomad, in a T-Shirt, I think you won't move again (or at least not like that). And how is possible the Wolves are "nearly-perfect" but couldn't find one crippled man? I am not sure, but I think, after that fall, Nomad would have been easier to find?
    I know, he is a Ghost and they are undefeatable!

  2. will this game be on steam like wildlands ?
    and when can we buy this game and play ?
    last question 4v4 pvp also like wildlands?

  3. When he said quick and quite he meant his team not everyone else because they are unaware that there is more than 2 people on the brovo team

  4. Throws smoke grenade
    Tank: "Welp, I can't see through the smoke so that means I can't shoot through it."

  5. When the "Gameplay Walkthrough" is just animation made in the game engine with very little actual gameplay.

  6. I'm British, my girlfriend is from California. I got an invite to play the Technical Test, with the option to invite 3 friends. Suffice to say she's enjoying playing it with me and has even got Wildlands now, too, so we can play that until this comes out! She's awesome!

  7. Please improve placement of hand when aimed in with guns. For example left hand can look slightly odd with some weapons

  8. Came back to this vid after two months after watching the most recent gameplays and Im sure this game is being downgrade :/

  9. Actually i think this will be the first ghost recon breakpoint i will be hyped for (didnt play widelands) I love raids and open world. Should i be hyped again, will see. (i was hyped for Anthem for a year and they screwed everything. I hope this game will make it.


  11. Remember when single player let you switch thru 4 characters with different loadouts? You could position your team for ambushes. That was a long time ago. Did we loose the tech to get back???

  12. Locked to online only but you download the full game to hard drive ??? worst of both worlds scenario, stream least their doing the work and storing the game, offline gameplay there isn't any, anyone remember the riots about forced to be online ??? wtf happened to that ??! Now we just lay down and pay wow.

  13. A very impressive trailer. The characters look very tactical and realistic, the way they move, hold the gun, snap to aim, including the way they talk to each other on coms. If it were incorporated in the actual gameplay, however, that'd be a blast. Pls spice up the character movement, leaning round corners, remove the dead eyes, change up the sounds a bit, like enemy alerts and target marking and drone launch… After so many hours playing wildlands they have gone a bit stale)

  14. I liked it, sans the part where the gunner took 3 large caliber bullets without getting mortally wounded.

    Then homegirl throws him on her back (huh?). She stabs him with a magic syringe that brings him back to life, and then his MG and fully loaded backpack, ammo etc teleport back to him

    Some other things…

    If covering yourself in mud, you're going to stay dirty, even if it's raining

    Deer would detect you well before that encounter, or at least bolt away much quicker

    Wrapping banadages over your wrist and leg isnt going to stop previous blood loss. Blood loss will continue at least somewhat causing you to weaken. I'm guessing blood loss isn't factored into gameplay (i.e., get shot and heal yourself infinitely). A bandage also isn't going to heal ligament, bone, or tendon damage, and any damaged arteries are going to require a TQ (Hoping this game has TQ's.).

    Shouldn't that base or whatever it is be on high alert after the nearby gunfire? Gunfire carries for miles

    Why keep on a ghillie suit the whole time? Those things are hot

    Noone hydrates the whole time.

  15. Me after the first gameplay: i will not buy any ubisoft's game anymore

    Also me after a while l: f**k this is one day edition

  16. Is it just me, or is every developer trying to make Uncharted? Please stop.

    Scripted events are for bad developers.

  17. Gee i wonder if ubisoft will scam us again and not give us a factual visual representation of the final product for ps4 or xbox 1. Hmm Ubisoft. Lets see how the real graphics will look on console. Atleast do honest practice and show console buyers how the game will look

  18. Wouldve been nice if the torch tool were something u had to actually control yourself and you could cut the fence however u liked. But no.

  19. More interactive actions make for better game experience Ubisoft its the little subtle things that make big differences

  20. I'd love to see a woman that small, grab a man in gear while she is also carrying gear and fireman carry that man anywhere.

  21. Dude I swear to God if the character customization is like the division where you have to PICK UP clothing to unlock that clothing and/or pick up armor pieces to change it, I'm going to be EXTREMELY disappointed with Ubisoft. Like, I already have The Division 2, I don't need a 2.5. KEEP THE CUSTOMIZATION THE SAME AS WILDLANDS, Just add more stuff, Cuffed boots, More shirts, more vest, ETC. ETC., DON'T FIX WHAT'S NOT BROKEN UBISOFT.

  22. How is Ubisoft doing so many games at once ? Watch dogs 2, assassins creed ragnarok, beyond good and evil 2 and this ? What am I missing.

  23. If you guys are feeling skeptic about there is a YouTuber called "RussianBadger" who took part in the July beta and video on his experience with the game. However because of the rules set in place by Ubisoft the video is only snippets of the gameplay. I think this game will be great personally and I think we should take a chance on Ubisoft and try the game.

  24. Looks legit. Hopefully bullet physics are on point. Looks to be a good one-two shot placement for AI. Hopefully PVP they can not tank and take 14 mags to the head piece.

  25. Why don’t the guns have straps? It just glues itself to the side of the backpack…”we’re going for realism and had real special forces aid in the creation of this game” the gun should dangle down the front or hang on the back. Proof: looking at any photograph of an actual soldier with a rifle. Naughty dog and Rockstar seem to know what’s up. You feel like you are actually taking out guns

  26. I never really played the ghost recon series but this and wildlands have my attention going to get a copy when the shop opens

  27. Here's the hoping the scripted events aren't blatantly obvious like they were Wildlands, Far Cry 5, or just about any modern Ubisoft game, where you almost get punished for being too good.

  28. The muzzle flash at 9:10 and 10:02 looks awful. It looks exactly like the muzzle flash used in Wildlands which already looked horrendous. Also, the driving at 5:24 does not look improved compared to Wildlands. I really hope this will not be what it looks like in this video. Lastly, I also hope they will have improved the ragdoll physics of enemies to a more realistic movement.

  29. ubisoft in a nutshell : i gave you these cool movements, should be enough, i don't have to please you with the story so stfu

  30. Ubisoft, can you please enable the player to use binoculars from the passenger of the vehicles??? And can you make the lobby hold six co-op players??? Please??? We have a task force of six with different specialties. Thanks for the great game! The new one looks amazing.

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