Tom breaks every barn find rule and still finds hidden treasure | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 71
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Tom breaks every barn find rule and still finds hidden treasure | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 71

January 3, 2020

– It’s been a while since
we’ve driven this Woodie and I was looking forward to this episode, getting in the Woodie and driving again. But I looked at the weather forecast and for the next six days, rain. And woodies don’t like the rain. So we’re gonna put the Woodie away and take something more modern. (upbeat country music) Welcome to North Carolina. We’re on the road heading
East towards the coast. Some of the tips I’ve been
giving on Barn Find Hunter over the past several years, how to be a successful barn find hunter, is to well, drive an interesting old car. Like the ’39 Ford Woodie
that you see so often. Don’t necessarily go out on Sundays because Sunday is probably
the worst day of the week to look for old cars because
people are doing things with their family and
don’t go on holidays. Well guess what? This Barn Find Hunter, we’re
breaking all the rules, three strikes; we left the Woodie at home because we have seven days of rain. It’s a Sunday and in the
South, it’s a holiday. It’s the Daytona 500 Sunday. So we’re gonna see what we can find despite all those problems. We have no leads going
into this event right now. We’re gonna go out and film
episodes the old fashioned way. Hunting for old cars which
is what I love to do. Just ride down the road
looking behind that house, looking behind that barn
and talking to old guys who might know of other
old guys that have cars. See the van in the back
there, right there? All right what do you think? Let’s go for it. Just found a guy with you
know, an old panel truck but then as we got closer,
there’s a panel truck and a gasser and I said, don’t tell me what it is under the cover, is that a Mercury? He said it’s a ’53 Merc. It had a straight front axle,
a 454 Chevy engine four speed, a project car but he said,
I’ve got to go to work. (snickering) Darn! Okay let’s see what we got here. You know it’s funny, you
always see Jag sedans parked. I think there are more Jag sedans parked than there are on the road. Where are old cars hidden? Well, they’re hidden in plain sight. They are where you are. We just pulled down this road and saw a guy with a bunch
of cool cars in his yard. Well you know, we’re
going there right now. I guess I’ll knock on the door? I thought I saw a Chevelle,
there’s an old coupe with a tarp on it. I’m just gonna knock on the door and if I don’t get killed, maybe we’ll have an episode. (car dinging) Not today. Okay, I talked to him
about the video series and would like to come and
talk to him about his cars. He looked out in the driveway
and saw a pickup truck he said, nah, not today. I guarantee that if I
were driving the Woodie and was sitting in his
driveway, he would’ve said, let me go get dressed, I’ll be right out. So, let that be a lesson that driving an SUV or a pickup truck or something modern
does not help the cause. Drive something old. We’re riding down this road in Wilmington just going up and down random roads and there’s an old beetle. I saw the 1300 CC logo on the back trunk I said, wow, that’s a ’66. So I knocked on the door,
his wife answered the door and she said, that’s
my husband’s piece of– (chuckling) I’ll get him for ya. – Oh no! – So you know what, I’m a beetle guy and it’s an old car, so
tell us about this beetle. – Well, I’m the second owner. I’ve had it 25 years. – [Host] So it’s a ’66 1300, right? Was this your everyday driver? – [Owner] Yes, absolutely. – I mean these look very
familiar because I was a surfer. So tell us about these surf board racks. – Well these are Bear
Crafter surfboard racks. And these are, this is the only
vehicle they’ve ever been on and they were at one
time, bright blue here. It was put on there when
they were brand new there. They’re the most original part of the car. – Is this original paint? – Yes. The dealer that supplies
the paint to restorers, or for restorations calls it a ruby red and if you look up under the headliner or behind the headliner,
you see it’s literally a ruby red in there. – So what are your intentions for the car? – My son, who is 25, would like to take it and get it running again. I would rather somebody
take it and enjoy it. It has the original radio in it, but when it was converted to 12 volt instead of six, they unplugged the radio. So it wouldn’t blow the radio. So unfortunately I have
that wonderful radio in it which is probably worth
the same amount the car is. – Do you remember what you
paid for it 25 years ago? When you told your wife you
were gonna get a new beetle? – $400. – $400 bucks, wow.
– Yeah. It’s seen it’s better days
but the days it has seen have been very good days. – Are you gonna ask $400 from your son to get your money back? – I’d be lucky to get that. We don’t have any idea
what the mileage on it is. But I put 160 on it. So I drove it everywhere– – Did you have the motor rebuilt? – Didn’t need it. – You know, we’ve had
possums jump out of this, cats, dogs, yeah what was that one, buzzards were living inside it– – Well listen, here’s
the best story there is. The mice got in it one time and
I couldn’t get the mice out. I had a friend call and said, I have found a rat snake in my backyard, will you please come get it? And that’s sort of my deal, if people have snakes
or reptiles and stuff, so I brought the snake over here put the snake in the car,
and came out the next morning and curled up in the
front seat was the snake it was like snake head, lump,
lump and then snake tail. (hood creaking) – Doesn’t look so bad.
– Nope. Just a very old boy scout raincoat. – [Host] It doesn’t even look like there’s mouse remnants here, usually it’s got chopped
up paper and stuff. – [Owner] Well I hate to
disappoint you on the mouse. (chuckling) If you give me a few
minutes, I’ll find something, I can put a cat in there. – Well listen, thank you for
me interrupting your life. – My pleasure, thank you. (upbeat country music) – We met a police officer yesterday. And I pulled over
because that’s what I do. I ask police officers, you
know anybody with old cars? He says well yeah, I got
a ’69 Chevelle in the barn behind my house. We’re gonna meet him and
take a look at this Chevelle and see if he knows of any
other cars in the area. But there’s another clue for you, don’t be afraid to talk to police officers because they get around town
and they know all these people. Corporal Ransom, or he said
now that he’s out of uniform we can call him Riley. And he said, you know I’ve
got an old car in a barn on a property I own outside of town. Let’s see what you got. Now this is a car that he’s
owned since high school and he says it’s real ugly. – [Riley] Yeah, it
definitely needs some work. – [Host] Now this is perfect, wow. – [Riley] Yeah this is her. – Wow.
– Yeah. Right now she’s seen better
days, that’s for sure. – This is what year, ’69? – [Riley] ’69. – [Host] ’69 Chevelle and
what motor’s in there? – [Riley] It’s a crate 350. It’s not the original motor. – [Host] And it’s an automatic. – It is.
– Rally wheels. So you’ve had this since what year? – Since 2001. – And it was your high school car? – Yup, I drove it junior
year and senior year. – [Host] But what’d you pay
for it, do you remember? – [Riley] $6,500 and it was running. I had to walk to buy it. – Is that right? – I did, I hitchhiked from here to Wilmington, North Carolina. – Wow. – I guess it’s about two hours. ‘Cause this has been my
dream car since I was small. – And so, pretty solid
body, floors and stuff? – It is, the body’s solid. The only bad part is below
the window with that vinyl top it happens with all of ’em. – And so what’s your intention? You gonna restore it? – Hopefully one day,
I’ll have enough money that I’ll have a garage at my house and I’ll be able to tinker with it. – [Host] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
are you like a mechanic guy, you kind of do that stuff yourself? – [Riley] Yeah, some of it. – [Host] It’s a 350 I guess. – [Riley] It is. – [Host] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
is it suped up at all? It’s got a four barrel,
it’s got a dual exhaust? – Let me see. Yeah.
– Okay, so there you go. AC car. Did that AC work while you owned it? – [Riley] It did. – [Host] Really? – [Riley] It did. – So you got power
steering, manual brakes, air conditioning, it’s an odd combination. You don’t want to sell it do you? – No. – Good, I was hoping you’d say that. That’s pretty neat. That you have a car from
your high school days. – [Riley] Yeah, I love this car. – [Host] There’s your state
inspection sticker 2004. – [Riley] That would be the
last time it got inspected. – [Host] Yeah, do you think
there’s things living in here? – [Riley] I doubt there’s
any raccoons living in it but there’s definitely
some wasps that have– (chuckling)
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. So has it been sitting here
since you took her off the road? – [Riley] It has. I lived here when I took it off the road. – So like 15 years it’s been here? – [Riley] Yup. – Well I hope you get it back together. – I hope so too. – Yeah that’s pretty cool. It sounds like Riley bought
this in pretty good shape, in 2001?
– 2001. – 2001, he paid $6,500 for it. Now it’s not in very good shape but it’s still worth
more than he paid for it even in it’s depreciated condition. Hagerty values this car
in number four condition at $11,300 dollars, in
good condition, $15,700. Excellent condition, $20,300
and in concourse condition, $26,900 which you know, some of the cars we look at, you know the concourse condition
is up to $110,000 or more but this is not an SS, it
doesn’t have a four speed, so it’s kind of every mans Chevelle. And it was reasonably priced to buy it and if you wanted to buy one now and were able to find
one, you could buy it at a reasonable price as well. As Hagerty says, condition
one, the best in the world for $26,900 dollars, what a deal. So, your hope is to over time,
invest a little bit of money and get it back in shape? – Yes sir, yeah. – Well, there’s the number, don’t go over that amount of spending
and you’ll be okay. – Yeah.
– Wow. Well thanks for spending time
with us on your day off man. – No problem at all.
– Appreciate it. – Thank you for coming out. – Now if I come through town
fast, just look the other way. (chuckling) Thank you. (upbeat country music) Just makes sense to talk to people who might be in the car world
’cause they know other people in the car world. So we had no leads, we went
to Southport, North Carolina and we just couldn’t make anything happen. We couldn’t even get traction. So the police officer we met, told us to go to Martin
Salvage and Rebuilders and so we went there and he said, yeah, I know some guys with old cars and he gave us a couple of names. And he said yeah, there’s Buddy Lackame, he’s out there on Midway road. You can just stop by his
place ’cause he’s got old cars and boats in his front
yard and his backyard. So here we are, and the
nice thing about it is, that Marvin Martin called here and so he’s been expecting us. Wow. Sometimes you luck out. Well thanks for inviting
us here, by the way. He said you can’t miss his house, it’s got everything you want right there. So I drove down there, I said oh, there’s a ’36 Ford, or a ’35 Ford. – [Owner] ’35. – ’35 Ford, so, can we
start with that one? – Yeah. – [Host] So how long have
you been collecting cars? – [Owner] Well I been
right here since 1960 and I’ve always messed with old cars but I have junked some I
wished I hadn’t had junked. – [Host] Oh I bet. So that’s a ’35 Ford, four door sedan. – [Owner] I got every piece of it, including the bolts to
put it back together with. – So there are the headlights,
the windshield winders. – Everything. – So this had suicide doors?
– Yes sir. – In the back?
– Every piece of it’s here. – [Host] Now look at that air cleaner! (chuckling) Wow. Okay, so these are the
inner fender panels? – [Owner] Right, got the running boards. – There are the running boards. Let’s go take a look at
the fenders and grill are over here. You know this is a grill
to a ’35 Ford Deluxe. One of the prettiest
Ford grills ever made. I mean it looks very much
like a Mercedes Benz grill. And this may have been
inspired by Mercedes Benz because Edsel Ford was
taking his styling clues from European manufacturers. Two front fenders, two back fenders. So he said it’s a complete car. Obviously it needs a full restoration but it could easily be made
into a street ride too. So how long have you had this car? – [Owner] I’ve had this car
about six or eight months I guess.
– Oh, not long at all. – [Owner] I’ve got a bumper
for it laying right there. – Okay, there’s the bumper
with the bumper guard. That’s a deluxe bumper guard. This was like a grill protector so nobody would back into your grill. That grill’s in good shape. – [Owner] Oh yeah I got a complete car but it was took apart when I got it. – Yup, oh so you didn’t
take the fender off? – No sir, no sir, only thing I’ve done I found out the motor wasn’t stuck in it. – That’s the original motor you can tell because
it’s got the water pumps in front of the cylinder heads. Aluminum intake manifold. So you wanna sell this? – Oh yeah, yes sir. – What do you think you want for it? – Asking thirty five for it. – Thirty five–
– Hundred. – Well somebody that
watches the show might say, wow, I need to go after that car. So that would be great. Now this is a ’53 Ford, Chevy wagon here? – [Owner] Yes sir, I’ve had it running. – [Host] Really? – [Owner] Yeah. – [Host] Still a six cylinder? – [Owner] Six cylinder automatic. – [Host] That’s a stove bolt six. Now what kind of shape is this in, the body and the floor and stuff? – [Owner] Floor’s out in front. – Floor’s out in front. – Yeah, floor’s out in the front. – You could sandblast this. – Well it’s got some rust in it, that ’54 I got through it all the same. – Yup. – But it’s just a
different grill on the ’54. – Oh is that all? (hood clanking) Oh there it is. – [Owner] Yeah I had it
running, sitting here, hooked up the gas tank sitting outside. – [Host] Yeah, so it’s a stove bolt six, is that like a 216 cubic inch I think? – 216.
– Yeah. Single down draft, probably
a carbur, carburetor. How long ago did you have it running? – I’m gonna say it’s been
about six months I guess since I got in and cranked it. I just cranked it, poured
gas in the carburetor. I didn’t move it back
and forth or nothing. – [Host] Yeah, yeah, the
water pump’s frozen on there. Now what would you ask
for something like this? – [Owner] $1,500 dollars. – $1,500. Well it’s got big chrome wheels
in the back on this side. – [Owner] No it’s not got
the original wheels on it. Not the original wheels. (door creaking) – Yeah, see you can see the
floor needs to be replaced here. Actually on both sides. This is an ambitious project. – [Owner] And I got this ’39
sitting in the shop in there, you can go on in there and see it. – [Host] Oh look at this. – [Owner] It’s up on the
lift, I can’t let it down. – [Host] ’39 Chevy? – [Owner] ’39 Chevy. It’s all original, I got the
back fenders I’ve had redone. I’ve had all this things
that’s not here for this is a radiator. – [Host] So ’40 Chevy four door. Did you have this one running? – [Owner] Yeah, drove it where it’s at. – [Host] Okay and that’s
the hood for it right there? – [Owner] That’s the hood right there. – [Host] Okay, you’ve had that ten years, so what are you asking for that one? – [Owner] $3,500. – [Host] And that’s a runner right now? – I drove it in there, it’s
not been cranked since. – [Host] Yeah I understand. – [Owner] But it’s not stuck. – [Host] Yup. – [Owner] I had the bumpers re-chromed and the grill re-chromed. – [Host] Have you really? – [Owner] That cost half of
what I’d take for the car. – I bet, jeez. All right, we’ll find you,
we’ll just go back out. – All right, I’ll be around here. Knock on the front door if nothing else. – Okay, thank you. You got a lot of stuff back here. So it’s a ’59 Chevy two door Biscayne. That’s actually a pretty nice car I think. So it’s a three on the tree. So somebody could make
a rat rod out of this. The body looks okay,
leave the body like it is, put in a modern drivetrain,
with disc brakes, that’d be a pretty cool car. See somebody might be
interested in that Volkswagen watching this show. Hello, we’re here. Nah, it’s pretty raunched up. But you know I think guys
that can take cars like this and making hot rods out of them. You know I guess as long
as the body is decent. Looks like the floor’s, I mean, I can’t see holes in the floor. (hood creaking) There’s the problem, it’s
missing a spark plug wire. (hood clanking) And a Mercedes E class. A Mustang, (chuckling) look
it’s like a terrarium in there. A five liter Mustang GT terrarium, T top. That’d be good just for the
drivetrain, pull it I think. Another Mercedes. Nobody’s hot rodding with Mercedes Benz’s. Nobody’s grabbing stuff like that and putting small block Chevy’s in ’em. I think it’s a car crying
to be, get attention for. You know the prices he gave us, he said, that’s my asking price. So I think if any of you guys
are interested in those cars the asking price I think in this case, is the starting point for negotiation ’cause he said, I just
wanna get rid of this stuff. So let’s go look at that
’59 Ford I guess over there. Two door, chrome fender skirts,
wow, isn’t that something? Three on the tree. He has a clutch pedal in there. So tell me, about how you find these cars. Do you just like drive
around neighborhoods looking for old cars? – Well, if you see something,
you stop and ask about it. – You’ve always done that? – Yeah, sometimes you get
’em, sometimes you don’t. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. What about the ’59 Ford? – [Owner] That come from Kings Mountain. – [Host] No kidding. That’s a ways off.
– Yeah, but the man delivered it to me. Pulled it in on a dolly. – So, are there old cars in this area? – No sir, no. Well you can get ahold of
Beets’ got a bunch of old cars but he just got in a wreck,
is in pretty bad shape. Pickers been in there several times. – I don’t want to go where pickers went. – Well, they’ve been there several times. – Yeah. Well, we met Buddy and we were told that he had some cool stuff and he does have some cool stuff. So we met him, he gave
us a little tour around. He’s got at least, one,
two, three, four, five, six old cars plus probably 50 newer cars that he’d like to sell. But he said, I just want ’em to go. And you know, he wants to sell everything. So if anything here excites you, pursue them. But beware that this is the problem with living you know in an area
that gets a lot of humidity and rain that they’re gonna need some work so you’d better be a
good fabricator or welder or maybe your brother
in law’s got a welder. This hasn’t been the most productive Barn Find Hunter trip we’ve done, but it’s real life. Sometimes you strike gold
and sometimes you hit dirt. So it just goes down in the record books, sometimes we really luck
out and you find somebody with a hundred cars in buildings. And sometimes you just
find a guy with one car. It is what it is. It’s not a science, so, join us next time. Where we take you in the magic wood wagon to Southern Utah. (upbeat country music) Happy hunting. – [Radio host] Just there for forty years? – [Caller] He wants to be involved. – Blah blah blah blah.

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