Today’s World Cup action
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Today’s World Cup action

October 7, 2019

And a good Thursday morning to you all, as
we continue on with our 2014 Brazil World Cup coverage. Now 4 matches took place earlier
today,… including Nigeria who hoped to advance to the next round after facing off against
Argentina. Let’s take a look at the highlights. Now it didn’t take long for the first goal
to be scored… as the great Leo Messi scores in just the 3rd minute of the match.
But less than a minute later… Ahmed Firaz Moosa answers back with an equalizer And it’s
1-1. Now both players would score again later in
match… but it’s Rojo in the 50th minute, who gives Argentina the 3-2 lead…
and the win But Nigeria still advances to the next round
Next up… Bosnia-Herzegovina taking on Iran… now people thought it was going to be a boring
match… but this match full of goals… including
Edin Dzeko who scored in the 23rd minute… as Bosnia-Herzegovina easily took this match…
3-1, your final score Meanwhile in Group E,… still in the 2nd
half of the match… France 0:0 Ecuador,… and Switzerland 2:0 Honduras.

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