“Titanfall Frontline” – Titanfall News- New Mobile Game for iOS and Android
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“Titanfall Frontline” – Titanfall News- New Mobile Game for iOS and Android

September 16, 2019

Hey there pilots welcome to TitanTime, and
a different bit of news today, Respawn have announced Titanfall : Frontline, their mobile
free-to-play card game which will be released this Fall. There really hasn’t been any news updates
on this at all since it was first mentioned all the way back in November 2015. In fact, Rich and I were talking about this
last week, saying ‘what ever happened to that titanfall mobile game’ Now I don’t want to read the entire website
out here, the link is in the description below, but essentially you’re a commander, and
you can use titan, pilot and burn cards which can be collected to upgrade and customise
your team., and theres also going to be guilds you can create and join. The main selling point is that this game offers
real time competitive pvp. Respawn have partnered up with Nexon to create
Particle City who’ve been designing this game, and was formed by Vince Zampella himself
as well as Larry Pacey, so it’s clear that Respawn are really intent on making Titanfall:
Frontline as successful as possible. Now if you want to play this first you can
pre-register at titanfall frontline. com and you’ll need to confirm your email
address to do this. Now I’ll be honest, I don’t really play
mobile games that much, but I’m actually going to be watching titanfall : frontline
closely, and hopefully the game will be deep enough to get me playing on the way to work
or whenever I’m not playing Titanfall 2, which will not be that often. So I’m really interested to know what you
guys think here, how interested are you in Titanfall : Frontline? Is this something you like the look of, has
it peaked your interest, and is it something you’d like us here at TitanTime to cover
once it’s released? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll
catch you next time.

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  1. Unless you really think it is cool. I don't care to see a video about it. A titanfall card came Mobile app? Not intersting. However if it was a Mobile platformer game I would be very intersted.

  2. Still standing by for Titanfall! ETA: 1 month, 3 weeks! For real though, keep the videos coming! this channel should sky rocket w/ subs when the full game is released!

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