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August 11, 2019

Dude, chill. We’re about to take out literally the biggest criminals in town. Yes, and we are the biggest crime-fighting duo. Look, we just need to close the deal. Okay, we get in. We get the illegal merch, and then we scram. You Brett? That’s me, man. You got what we’re looking for? What’s that? Serious firepower. Good. Check it out man, it’s not gonna bite ya, c’mon. Now this is a point 9 mil. 30 round mag. Now if you wanna start a war, you’ll want this by your side. It’s hella illegal, though. Very. So for my end of the deal? Shit, man. For that much, you can have the whole lot of ’em! That’s alright man, we just need one. Nah man, my crew’s already locked and loaded, we’re good. Hey, we’ll take them. Alright. So we have a deal? Yeah, but my hands are full, though. Gotcha! Ahh, you son of a… I’m out of ammo! The hell am I supposed to do with that!? AH! OH, GOD! Hands up, you piece of trash! It’s over, turn around! GUN! You killed my partner, you son of a bitch! What, you gonna kill me too? You don’t have what it takes. I got better things in store for you. Great work, boys! Taking those boys out was no small fee. I knew I could count on the biggest cops to handle the biggest crime. Thanks a lot, chief. It means a lot to us. Yeah, well you know what? You boys should take the day off. That’s an order! Whoaho! With that frame! It’s supposed to be just a guy getting shot in the head But there is room for more creativity.

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