Timmy Loves Easter Egg Hunting : Some Sketches in a Shed (Sketch Comedy Web series S2:E3)
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Timmy Loves Easter Egg Hunting : Some Sketches in a Shed (Sketch Comedy Web series S2:E3)

December 3, 2019

means you might find something very special in the garden and he’s coming
back no but the Easter Bunny has hidden
chocolate eggs all over the cart and there’s an exciting yeah
Oh future oh you see how many eggs you can find well I have an app I’m going to
find lots and lots are you the Easter Bunny maybe you’ve got ears and a basket
and and you’ve got eggs and you got me kid
I am the Easter Bunny okay can I have my eggs now please eggs oh yeah you want
bloody eggs don’t you oh here you go yeah you’re lucky little bleeder it’s
it’s broken yeah can you can you lay me another one whoa
whoa whoa mate oh my daddy lion Jesus what is on your head this is my egg
hunting hat my my my mummy got it for me oh how is mummy she she still sneak
around at night on yeah she’s still going round the country looking after
children’s teeth she has to work lots and lots because daddy left me when I
was a baby so I make that milk here does she ever
talk about only that we’re better off without him stealing her money to pay
for his gambling debts chocolate bunny psyche it was those Christmas elves that
they stitched him up Christmas elves yeah lifeblood who gets four aces eleven
times in a roller honestly look just just just take the egged and go with you
know Happy Easter I don’t like Easter anymore I just like
Christmas I used to like Christmas Santa and I were we were tight we were like
brothers until those work-experience elves came along it changed him turned
him against me they made fun of my my egg making skills you you tried in a
thousand chicks to paint eggs what about this you couldn’t could of chryses elf
paint that what about that Christmas elf do that
so you love him don’t you and his chubby little knees under the
table he’s taking everything from me I’m just a a second-rate festive character
she would Bobby are you my daddy tell her another son said I’ve changed
so I won’t take a coins with never a pillow anymore I promise Timmy you okay
Oh who’s this sweetie it’s me fluffy fluffy I’ve changed it to take me back
please fluffy Buffy you know different I know I
don’t still teef anyone teeth total what about all those bunnies they meant
nothing to me do do you remember this you kept it all
this time I thought you might have eaten or the chocolate eggs off it by now ever
always loved you sweet tofu place oh I’ve just remembered I’ve got to do
something for two hours look after Timmy for me suppose I forgot you son

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  1. Hey all comedy lovers, it's here EASTER and what better way to celebrate than with a funny short comedy episode for our second series SOME SKETCHES IN A SHED. this one brings you 3 new characters who are all off the wall in their own way. though we really feel that the Easter bunny might need a few extra hugs this years. enjoy

  2. This is good real good, really weird in parts though I think that’s why I love it so much. Keep up the random stuff love it 😍

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