Time to go Hunting. Our Freezers are Empty! Ep. 168
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Time to go Hunting. Our Freezers are Empty! Ep. 168

November 16, 2019

(upbeat music) – [Elayna] Oh look, she’s
already caught something. – Day one in the Bahamas of
our plan to live off the land. We’re going okay, good start. Oh, it’s definitely cooked. (upbeat music) – [Elayna] Last week in
Florida, you joined us on board for a reunion with the
lovely Julita and Wolfram, our Columbian parents. – Ah, congratulations! – I’m having a baby! – Oh really! (mumbling) – [Elayna] We said goodbye to the team at Just Cats and thanked them for their huge
help in sprucing up La Vaga. Ciao. Stephan helped us out on
board for a little sail. He’s back in the area now
and will be probably jumping on and off our boat over
the next few months. The next morning, we
began what Riley refers to as the Bimini Shuffle, Over to the Bahamas. Our first stop, obviously, being Bimini. Looks nice and sandy. (chugging boat engine) We were pretty pumped to
be back here in Bimini, so we could have a good
look around this time. And with no schedule. (water rippling) – [Riley] What are we doing? – We’re gonna go check in to the Bahamas and find some sim cards. So we can communicate
with the outside world whilst we’re here. – 55. Customs, near the Bimini Big Game Club. – [Elayna] Would you
look at this blue water? So, if we wanna come
into the mangrove side, to the protected area of
Bimini, we have to go through like a pretty narrow channel, and there’s lots of shallow bits. So we’re just going through
here now in the dinghy, just to have a look. – They write about it in the book, saying that it’s the
shifting sand coral growing that some of these
markers have blown away, so, we thought while we’re
checking into customs, that we would scope out
the channel as well. – [Elayna] Hmm (wind blowing) (boat engine roaring) – Well, we just got mobbed
by about 85 power boats, so I really didn’t get a
good visual on the channel. Obviously, they’re all going in now, but we’re a little bit deeper. This is the Game Club is this? – [Elayna] It was love at first
sight for Ernest Hemingway when he first docked his boat, Pilar, here back in the 1930’s. Apparently he enjoyed
the laid back lifestyle, that includes swimming off the beach, throwing back a few rums with the locals and of course, trolling
for monster game fish. The history of Bimini is
really quite interesting. One fact being that the
Bimini’s served as a convenient off shore speak easy and liquor store during the prohibition. There’s a ship wreck
just south of here called the Sapona, that we plan to visit, where rum-runners stored their hooch. It’s a bit crowded in
there, so we’ve just taken our paper work outside and
we’re gonna fill it out, and I think it’ll be a quick process. – Has plague occurred or been suspected among rats or mice onboard? Has anyone died? – That was the quickest check-in we’ve ever experienced, ever. Last stop, just to get
some petrol for the dinghy and then we’re on our way back home. Successful trip. Would you say so? – [Riley] Yes! – Internet, check-in, all within an hour. – Met a bloke who might be
able to take me spear-fishing. We’ve done everything. What an extraordinarily efficient
morning we’ve had Elayna. (dinghy engine roaring) – Didn’t get it on film ’cause
it woulda been a bit awkward ’cause it’s the first time we met him. But that’s Prince Quinley, I think, and their the local spear-fishermen. I finally found my lads and they said you can follow us out one morning and we’ll
put you onto some spots, so – [Elayna] And they gave
us their spot too, actually. – Yeah, and they would just … – [Elayna] We could go there
by ourselves if we wanted. – And chill as, so that was really good. You got anything? – So Prince explained
where him and his friends … – [Riley] The spear-fisherman formally known as Prince. – The spear-fisherman
formally known as Prince explained to us where him and
his mate’s secret spot was. So, it’s just over there, so
we’re gonna take you guys, and Riley’s keen to go right now. – Immediately. – This is the first time
I’ll be using my pole spear. Riley’s gonna show me how to use it. Oh look, she’s already caught something. (guitar music) (laughs) Here. (guitar music) First shot (mumbling) Nice work! – [Elayna] Alright so Riley’s
just gonna explain to me how to use the pole spear. – Elayna wants an
explanation, but it’s like, it is as simple as going… – [Elayna] My God. – And then you release that. – [Elayna] Right. – That tip will got through
the fish and hang out, and be caught on there. – [Elayna] Okay. – So that there, and I was
always forgetting how to do this so Jay said he sent me a (mumbling) how to WhatsApp before, then you slide that through there and then go on there. And then your tip goes on the end there, and yours is magnetic, so that awesome. Alright?
– [Elayna] Alright (bubbling) (guitar music) Spear-fishing in the Bahamas. You’re only allowed to
use either a pole spear, like ours, or a Hawaiian sling. This is so much more difficult to use, primitive, traditional and cold. It mainly stops people pointing
a finger at recreational spear-fishermen, whilst
completely forgetting about super trawlers. Poor Elayna had given up
after her first few shots. She told me that she’s
a little bit more clumsy these days and perhaps a
little bit more buoyant. (guitar music) (splashing) (guitar music) (mumbles) A Bar Jack. – [Elayna] Nice. – We’ve eaten them
before they’re delicious. – [Elayna] (laughs) High five. Just as we’re about to go home too. (guitar music) Snapper, and what was the other one? – Looks like a bar jack,
I think they’re called. – [Elayna] Ya. Very nice. – Day one in the Bahamas of
our plan to live off the land. And we’re going okay, good start. This one we’re gonna
cook on the beach tonight and this one here, I’m
gonna scale and fillet and, we’ll use it, probably when we have guests over, ’cause it’s quite big. – [Elayna] Hmm – How’s everyone like my setup? – [Elayna] Finally. – Hey, I don’t feel like
we have been organised, I feel like till we got
to the U.S. and I was able to like, just buy all this shit on
Amazon for about a dollar 50. – [Elayna] Hmm
– And it was just incredible. – Even me, like finally I was able to find top sheets for the bed,
because you’d think in France they had top sheets and normal bedding, but for some reason the
French just have the weirdest bedding you’ll ever see. (laughing) No, I looked everywhere,
I could not find a normal bedding store, it was so frustrating. – [Riley] You gonna upset (mumbling) – I love the French. I love the French. We’re about to head to
the beach for dinner. I packed some potatoes, I wrapped them up and cut some veggies,
and we’ve got the whole fish. And that’s about it really. We’re set, ready to go. Nights like these. Just love it, you can see our anchor, it was just like all over the place, that’s when you know
there’s no wind at all. (guitar music) (soft singing) – [Riley] We’re not doing a Barbuda
clean up, Elayna. (singing) – [Elayna] Hello. Hey! (guitar music) (engine roaring) That song that I just played, that’s actually one of my originals, which I’m really proud
of, but it’s a really emotional song for me to play. I’m actually surprised that I managed to record it for you guys. It tells the story of my childhood, which a lot of people have
had terrible childhoods. I wouldn’t say mine was all terrible, but there was a time where
things were pretty bad, and I guess this song is my
way of getting it out there and just expressing myself. So, yeah, it’s up for
your guys to listen to. And you can buy it on my bandcamp in the link in the description below, Yeah, this is me, that’s my song. We just realised that we forgot the torch. And as soon as this fire goes out a bit, which is what we want, we want the coals, we’re gonna have no light
and there’s no moon out. We gonna be eating in the dark tonight. I like to see my food when I’m eating it, I think food tastes better
when you can see it. That’s gotta be a thing. Is that a thing Riley? There you go. – [Riley] That looks pretty
good, if I do say so myself. – [Elayna] Epic. We’ve got some veggies over here. Is it cooked? – Oh it’s definitely cooked. (soft music) (guitar music) – Love to have a sweet potato. And a smoothie for breakfast. Best combo. We spent the next few days anchored in the same spot. Really just enjoying some
quiet time to ourselves. Our freezers had been
pretty empty of seafood for some time now,
having been in the city. So, we’re both pretty keen on
spear-fishing a little more. Because Bimini is so
close to the Gulf stream, this provides food and warmth
to the coral reefs here and serves as a watery
highway for everything from marlin to manta rays,
dolphins and sea turtles. (guitar music) (soft music) (laughing) Amazing. (laughing) Tell me what you got today. – [Riley] This is
– [Elayna] My hunter gatherer. This is the same as yesterday. This is a margate which
we haven’t eaten yet, but I look forward to
it and then we’ve got grouper and white. I don’t know what that is,
bloody good looking snapper. Then it’s got that spot there. (scraping) – [Elayna] So we’ve decided that the grouper is a red grouper and also the snapper is a mutton snapper, this one here, with the dot. So we’ve identified our
fish and we are happy. Hey, what are you doing? – Oh, I’m just reviewing my technique, I’m just looking at the grouper I shot. I had the Gopro pointing
down from my mask, so it doesn’t There’s no actual shots of the fish, but there’s all of the aftermath. This one here is good. – [Woman Off Camera] Gonna get worse. – So we’re listening to a baby broadcast. It’s about the calming
reflex, how to calm your baby when it’s screaming and crying for hours. But anyway… I’m cooking fish tacos,
so what I’ve done is, I’ve seasoned it with a
teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt, half tablespoon ground
cumin, half a tablespoon of black pepper and half a
tablespoon of chilli powder. And some olive oil, and
I’m gonna bake it for 20 to 35 minutes. – [Riley] I forgot to wait. – I was on the phone
to the mobile provider, because our phones aren’t working and I look up and Riley’s
already eaten all the food that I prepared, so fish tacos were a hit. – [Riley] Greatest
compliment I could bestow. – [Elayna] Thanks so much for watching. Please don’t forget to give
us a thumbs up if you haven’t already and join us next week. We move spots to go and
check out that wreck I was talking about earlier. That’s awesome. We get welcomed on board a
research vessel for a tour. Get into some more diving
after the bad weather passes and we’re greeted by our pal, who has returned once again. ♪ But why call a worry away ♪ ♪ When it isn’t much different to say ♪ ♪ I caught you calling away ♪

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