Tierische Annäherungsversuche – Spurensucher im SalzburgerLand
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Tierische Annäherungsversuche – Spurensucher im SalzburgerLand

November 30, 2019

Hey little deer, what’s wrong? Come over here. The first are already standing out at the front and peering over at us. We just need to wait and be quiet, so that they are confident enough to come over, otherwise it could be that they won’t come over for hours. The first stag here is Nussi, the ambassador or explorer. The others are watching him very closely. Then the next ones will come over, including the first females with their calves. If the first hadn’t behaved confidently, the others wouldn’t have come over. They are always very wary of strangers. On no account would they want to make a mistake. I always say, the graveyard is full of heroes and you only die once. We joke about it, but that’s the reality for red deer. If it’s in an avalanche-prone area, they don’t have a whistle or mobile phone, and if they fall prey to a hunter it’s also all over. Therefore they’re always very cautious.

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