thx mom, but i wanted a Blue Lamborghini..
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thx mom, but i wanted a Blue Lamborghini..

August 22, 2019

Guys listen up! I guarantee you are not going to believe this! This guy got a Lamborghini for his birthday! And this was his reaction… MORGZ IS FANTASTIC What form of transport you use to get to school is it is a car is it a bus maybe even a train and now? Look at what this guy just doe’s to get to school a private jet and a red carpet to be honest though guys I don’t even think a private jet would get me out of bed in the morning to go to school buying a Rolex in in Every city my only has he got loads more watches than you could possibly use He’s gonna got the most expensive watch you can get oh My god you guys aren’t gonna believe? This next one just before I show you this one guys if you’re not already following me on snapchat right now Aren’t ya? I’m not gonna lie guys I post some pretty cringy stuff on there But but hopefully not cringes these guys my snapchat as you can see guys is alexspander2004 If you follow me on that and then send me a message. I’m gonna do my best to DM You all back after this video one more thing guys. This is really really important team morgz This is officially the first day of the super sale on all of my merch. There is currently 25% of my merchandise absolutely everything in the shop phone cases Jumpers t-shirts for guys time is already running out on the sale and loads of you guys are copying the merch Tons of stuff is already selling out So if you want to get some merch for 25% off the link is in the description or go to You know a little bit sick that’s find follow me on instagram @alexander_bpl Maybe had a runny nose or maybe he got the flu But you’ll never guess what I used to wipe his nose hate being sick He took the tissues out of the box and replaced them with 500 oh my god Just one of those notes could have bought 500 boxes of tissues bro what isn’t made for pot nose as money as it made for what? He knows as what it is use of tissues The money is actually less absorbent than the tissues though, so who’s really laughing. Yeah well You know what bro. You keep using your money? We’ll keep using our tissues am I right guys hashtag tissue squad in the comment section below Get it down there bruh. Why is it with all these kids getting private jets to school. I had to walk I to walk down. Why did I have a private jet just? because I Wanted a private jet I’ve never been on a private jet my life, and these guys get what every single day of school ran out of paper Brad he could have just gone to the shop and bought some more paper for like a pound But instead he used his 1,000 pound MacBook. I have Absolutely no words for this one. This is seriously starting to hurt my flippin brain at this point I almost cried when I got a scratch on my macbook, and it was like that big these guys are over here Just buddy drawing on them. He’s right in his maths on his macbook. That was like homework. Hello, Jimmy Can I see your maths homework please yes mrs. Cena? I I didn’t have any paper though, so I’ve just I’ve just got my macbook over here Couldn’t you have just used paper Johnny? That would have probably saved you a lot more money Yes, but I’m really rich and going out and getting paper is way too much effort So I just wanted to do on my laptop nah Guys you’re never gonna believe this this guy had to get a new Lamborghini because he destroyed his honestly I’ve never seen damage like this before I mean would you look at that? He got a bit of water a bit of rain a bit of rain on his Lamborghini He’s gonna have to get a new one now There’s no way he can fix that the damage done to his Lamborghini there. It just gets me angry For real though. It’s just a bit of rain bro like seriously. You don’t need a new Lamborghini needed something to level my share on so we used his iPad his mac book and His other iPad, bro That chair looks like it was about 10 pound couldn’t you have maybe just got a bad chair or like a bear rug? rather than using your Mac books and iPads like come on bro couldn’t decide so Daddy got me all Five like seriously just why why do you need them like yeah? Couldn’t decide so mummy got me both of them. Oh No, this guy is playing real-life paper toss with 20-pound notes OH Why would you do that? Oh? Just give it to me. I’ll take it. This is hard to look at okay This is hard to look at it’s called paper toss for a reason because you do it with paper Not money mum said no crumbs on the floor so he used his eye Mac there’s a list of things you could have used instead of your iMac which would have been easier cheaper Less messy I’m just better a tea towel a tablecloth a rug mats You could have just actually sat at a table to eat it rather than in the middle of the floor Flying with plebs is The worst thing ever like seriously guys on a moment of actual series in this for a minute here This is like one of the main things I hate seeing I hate when people do you know just as soupy ‘pl I like worse than you just because they have less money right because the Geezer sign in front of you that doesn’t have a Rolex on it doesn’t mean he’s any Worse than you or less better than you in any way in fact by the look of it from that snapchat He’s probably a much better person than you’ll ever be you know it’s fine to wear expensive watches on that But it doesn’t mean you’re like better than anyone else. Oh god. They’re back again using money as Tissues just what is the point? Please just use some limit issues with the money That’s there. You could literally have a lifetime supply of tissues no poor kids allowed oh Yeah, he seems like a really nice dude someone you want to be friends with her off to play a spot of ruger you can definitely tell this guy’s a rich kid because of the way speaking off to play a Spot over a girl does anybody want to come no He’s wealthy the time we got to play it by himself like bro. You know you know no one cares, bro No one cares a week’s pockets money Bro, I wish that was my flippin week’s pocket money, you know what guys Subscribe to the channel right now if you haven’t already and you never know maybe this will be your pocket money next week only $2,100 for birthday sad face. Thanks. Dad. Oh. He just gave you $2,100 How could you miss? I swear i’m actually getting triggered I didn’t think I was gonna get triggered from this, but this is actually annoying me modes are not for me He says that while flying in a private helicopter. You know well roads are cool Okay, so you miss it now roads welds are works at bro Roads are hot I have absolutely no words for this one ladies and gentlemen you know because why use a knife when you can use an iPad an I-pad to cut a piece of cake I mean come on is that really necessary Yeah, this guy took a photo of Paul and Andy poor Peasants life you know what bro. I’m proud to say I’ll shop at pal land Why because he’s got some great flippin deals like you know you can go around paying like hundred pounds for a bottle of water I’ll stick to my free for a pound Paul and water, bro It’s you that’s missing out on then tasty deals am I right guys had to destroy the old Iphone 4s, and he’s using a big bottle of I don’t even know what thighs to play pool with I Well guys that was the most annoying Rich kid snapchats. I swear. I’ve never been more triggered a video like this is making me mad Especially the guy who said he got a Lamborghini And he didn’t even want it because it was the wrong car like these things I do for a Lamborghini, bro and you don’t even want it because it’s the wrong color ah Guys if you’ve enjoyed remember to go down there and smash a like on the video and also subscribe To the channel if you want me to do a part two to this or actually part brutalist where we look at even more Rich kid snap just because there’s so many more out there. It’s ridiculous. Also guys once again Be merged supercell has just started guys It’s already selling out with some stuff Believe it or not has already sold out, and the cells only been live for like a few hours So if you want to get yourself some juicy get 25% off the merch on our biggest sale ever Now is the perfect time to do so before everything sells out the link to that will be in the description below Or you can just go to

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  2. I get £10 a month of pocket money and I work hard doing chores. And I only get like £50 birthday money

  3. I'm saying this to Morgz and the other people who wanted different colour Lamborghini's: just be grateful that you at least got a Lamborghini, because other people are dying to get a lamborghini. Like if agree

  4. 5:27 so why do you have two ?? (It is just a joke you probably need one for YouTube and the other one for your self love morgz btw (:

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