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Thug Life SkiShooting

November 16, 2019

Some say biathletes are mediocre skiers
and lousy shots. Are they right, guys? -No way.
-We’re less uptight than people think. Presenting “Thug Life SkiShooting”! -Thug Life Shi…
-SkiShooting! It’s about introducing thug lifestyle into biathlon. -Doing things a different way.
-Being free. -Not giving a damn.
-And we do it in English. This is how we work out.
No rules. -We had to do something about the shooting.
-No street thug carries a rifle. Watch that dialect of yours. That’s much better. Get rid of the rifle;
let’s pack some serious heat! Prone position is even more ridiculous. The important thing is looking good. Cross-country skis are for nerds! Of course we can use our rides.
Drive-by shooting, motherfuckers! My lap is full of cartridges! Why not allow cars in contest? -That’s the thing. Anything goes.
-Everything’s law. Everything’s “law”??? And we don’t just shoot at the targets. It’s all about raising the bar.
Breaking the limits. There are no rules at all. Did you have to shoot Tarjei Bø, though? That’s what thug life’s about, okay?
Losers gotta pay! Is it, really? You okay? Okay, that’s thug life. Let’s go for a smoke.

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