Throwing Darts at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands On – Challenge!!!
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Throwing Darts at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands On – Challenge!!!

August 11, 2019

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald, and we’re from
>>Sis vs Bro>>Today we’re doing a
challenge where we throw darts at a map and buy whatever it lands on. Part two. You guys loved the last one
so much, and we loved it. Especially me.>>Me too.>>So we’re doing it again.>>Oh yes.>>So if you don’t know the rules, basically we throw a dart at a map, and there’s gonna be some stores on it. And whatever it lands on, you buy it.>>Oh yes.>>So today’s map we’re doing, Canada.>>Because that’s where we’re from. And we’re just like doin’ it.>>Okay.>>So on the map, we got stores like Apple, McDonald’s, Xbox, V-Bucks, Lego, any ice cream store, PlayStation, H&M, any grocery store, and Sephora. Why is Sephora smallest? Who planned this out. Why did someone make Sephora the smallest?>>First you get the biggest,
now you get the smallest. Gucci was the biggest, now
you have to get the smallest.>>So each of us gets five shots. If we hit the painting,
then we have to go again. But if we hit the white that
means we’ve lost our shot and we get nothing.>>Da na na na, da na na na.>>Last time I hit nothing three times and I wasn’t happy about it. But I got a Gucci so
I’m happy about it now. Alright, let’s begin.>>Dun, dun, dun!>>Wait! We can’t forget
about rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! (bomb explodes)>>Ronald’s gonna go first now.>>Yay! Again. Again.>>And now let’s begin. (singing)>>So guys, this is my
throw/shot number one. Let’s hope for PS4. Alright (dramatic music) Noooo! Why? I got nothing, okay. Stay with it, stay with it. You’re all good.>>So guys, Ronald got
nothing, like I did before. But this time, I’m gonna get Sephora. Or grocery store. Hopefully Sephora though. Okay. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) I got PlayStation!>>[Ronald] You did?>>I got PlayStation! Ha! What? I got PlayStation and Ronald didn’t! That’s insane.>>Oh my gosh. Now I
want to get PlayStation. Wait. Check. We need to check. Oh yeah, that’s PlayStation. We take it out.>>[Karina] That’s PlayStation.>>[Ronald] No it’s not! (screaming) Always check if it’s on
one of those islands.>>No, I get nothing. Well I don’t really want
PlayStation anyways.>>Okay, pass. It’s mine turn. So guys, this is my shot number two. And this time I’m gonna
get a PS4. Alrighty. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) Yes! Yes! Yes! I got a PS4! Alright guys, I’m so excited. Let’s head to the PS4 store right now! So guys, we are here in the
store that I can get my PS4. I was looking around. Should I get this, the classic? Should I get this with games in it? Or should I get this, the PS4 Pro? I was like, oh yes. PS4 Pro. Give me this monstrosity. Let’s go. Guys, I love this challenge. Let’s continue playing.>>So guys, this is my go number two. Ronald got a PS4 and I got nothing so far. So I better step up my game. Sephora, let’s do this. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) (whistle slide) Oh. It hit the table and bounced off. It means I get to go again.>>Wait.>>[Karina] It hit the
table and bounced off.>>Did it the board? It hit the board!>>[Karina] It bounced off! So guys I guess that doesn’t
count. I get nothing again.>>Yay!>>Well guys last time I missed two times and then I got Gucci, so
third time gotta be the charm.>>So guys, I’m so happy. I already got a PlayStation. But I don’t even know
what I’m aiming for now. I actually want to aim for
Apple maybe, I don’t know. But then I might end up in McDonald’s. So, I’m just gonna aim at the
middle and hope for the best. 3, 2, 1. Go.
(dramatic music) No! Why? The legend, Karina. Come look.>>[Karina] What?>>The legend. It didn’t hit the white, it hit the table.>>[Karina] No! You get to go again.>>So guys it did not hit
the board by 2 millimeters, so I’m so happy that I get to go again. So guys this is my attempt number two of my shot number three. All the numbers math adds up. And I’m gonna aim for the
middle and hope for the best. Hopefully I don’t hit
the white or the table. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) Lego! Pretty decent. Pretty decent, pretty decent. Not the best. PS4 is the best. Second, nah. Like fifth best, but still, let’s go to the Lego store. So guys we’re in the store
are we’re in the Lego section. There’s a bunch of Legos here, but I think I’ve settled
down to three options which I think are good. I’ve got this small machine, it flies. But it goes, na, na, na, na. And this bigger flying machine
that goes da, na, na, na! But then this walking
machine that can stomp on you and goes da, na, na, na, na, na, na, na. So I’m gonna get this one. Because it’s obviously the best. Let’s go to the cash register. We got the second deal. Guys, did I already say
that I love the challenge? Let’s continue playing.>>So guys, this is my shot number three. Third time is definitely the
charm, just like last time. And I’m gonna get Sephora. Or the grocery store,
well hopefully Sephora. Alright. Whooo. Dance. Okay. Let’s do this. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) Yes! Yes! Yes! I got Sephora.>>It was so small, how is that possible?>>Whoa! I got Sephora so hard, it went
right through the dart board. Look at that.>>Oh my God.>>Beautiful. So guys finally I got Sephora. I knew third time would be the charm. Whoop. Let’s go get some makeup. So guys we are finally
in front of Sephora. This is my first store of the challenge. After missing twice, I
finally went to Sephora. Let’s go. So guys I think I made my final decision. I’m gonna get this palette by Two Face. And it’s called Pretty Rich. I like this palette, because
I like this black color. And the glittery colors for a cut face. I also really like this color,
this is a nice color for me. So let’s get this. Alright, let’s go to the cash register. So guys I got the palette, Pretty Rich and I think it’s awesome. Let’s continue this challenge.>>So guys now it’s turn for
my throw number four, or shot. And I am hoping for the best. To get anything good. Hopefully V-Bucks. I’m
gonna aim for V-Bucks. Because I just feel like V-Bucks. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) Apple! Oh yay! I got Apple! Literally the second smallest. Oh yeah. Guys did you see that dart? It literally twisted through the air, like nope V-Bucks, nope you get Apple. Like Yes! Thank you
dart, thank you Canada. Thank you everyone. Oh my gosh guys. What am I gonna buy at Apple? There’s so many options.
Anyways, let’s go and find out. So guys, this is my third
store of this challenge. The Apple store. Let’s go inside and chose
something expensive. I don’t know where to start. What do I get? Oh, there’s headphones. There’s cool headphones. Oh XS Max. Okay. So guys I have no clue what I should get. Should I get a watch,
should I get headphones? I don’t know what to get. Look, there’s some black headphones. (upbeat pop music) The ear things are too small. So guys this is the
section where they sell all their watches. They have a little display here. You can hold it. It’s cool. And then the time shows there. So guys I looked at the watches
and I don’t really like it. So I’m gonna go with the black headphones. They look cool. They are cool. And they are amazing. Okay so let’s go and get them. So guys I got the awesome,
amazing Beats Headphones. Let’s continue this awesome challenge.>>So guys, Ronald just
went to the Apple store and I’m getting really jealous
because I want Apple as well. So I’m aiming for Apple now. Alright, let’s do this. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) Yes! Yes! Woo! It didn’t hit the white.
It hit off the board. So that means I get to go again. Woo! It hit the wall though,
that isn’t very good. But still, it didn’t hit the board. Okay Apple. The Apple powers, stay with me. Do I need eat an Apple for this? No. Alright, let’s do this. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) (crickets) No! I didn’t get Apple. No.>>No Apple for you. Ho, ho! So guys, this is my final throw. I don’t even care because I got two items. Those are the two best items on there. The Apple, the PS4. So let’s see what I’m gonna
get for my final throw. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) McDonald’s. I don’t really like McDonald’s. To be honest with you guys, I
don’t really like McDonald’s. So I’ve only been there
like around three times. So I’m gonna be there for the
fourth time in my whole life. Let’s go. So guys for my last shot I got McDonald’s. And I chose ice cream, because
who doesn’t love ice cream? Delicious.>>So guys, it’s my final throw. I’m really, really hoping to get Apple. I really want Apple. If I miss, I might get McDonald’s. Which will suck. But, yeah, okay. Let’s just throw and hope I get Apple. Stay with me. Alright. Apple, let’s do this. 3, 2, 1.
(dramatic music) [Man] Nope.>>Apple like rejected you.>>I got nothing. Only thing I got was Sephora.>>And it’s the only thing
you wanted, so like okay.>>I was also wanted Apple Ronald. Guys, comment down below if
we have to do part three. You have no option, we have to do it. Because I need revenge. I only got one thing, Sephora. Ronald got like twenty.>>And comment down below which country would you like to see in this next part. If we do a next part.>>We will! We will!>>So guys we hope you like this video. If you did, smash a like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good Bye. (upbeat pop music)

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