Three years to go to the Paralympic Games – London 2012
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Three years to go to the Paralympic Games – London 2012

November 16, 2019

Chris: It’s exactly three years to the day
when the torch will be lit at the Paralympic Stadium in London. That is such a fantastic
milestone, three years is going to go so quickly. There’s so much for us to do. What is really
important is that we don’t miss any opportunities which this Games offers us. There’s 7,500 people in each of those two
stands, that takes the capacity up to 18,000. Ellie: The year since Beijing has gone so
fast, so hopefully the three years to London will go fast – which will be really good
because I’m really looking forward to London. Chris: From what I’ve seen from the guys that
are on the Swimming team, the guys that are on the Athletics team and across all Paralympic
sports, there’s a real hunger. A real enjoyment of the sport amongst the guys that are in
the team. And bear in mind that in Beijing we won 42
gold medals, which is a fantastic medal haul. But 58 per cent of the team were first-time
Paralympians. What a fantastic potential London that offers! Ellie: You have to enjoy what you do, and
I just love being in a swimming pool. I’m a water girl, and I always want to win and
really competitive as well. Chris: Ellie did fantastic last summer but
I’m going to try and make sure she’s got another three or four, five Games in her yet. She
can’t retire yet, it’s all ahead of her even with her fantastic performance last summer,
so it’s still all to play for I’m afraid. Ellie: I don’t think I’ll be retiring too

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