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Thoughts : Video Games

September 11, 2019

As humanity grew tired of physical, table games. We put the games into video, With Video Games. With the earliest entry using war equipment
in order to play Tennis. Then the more publicly accessible and overall improvement was presented in the form of arcades. This time, letting you play Pong without a table. But a huge cabinet, maybe double the price of one. But a third of the size. But don’t worry. Shortly after, such a concept would be later made compact, in the form of Atari consoles. That would not only allow you to play Pong. But a huge amount of other games. Not limited to table games, Nor the earth’s atmosphere. As flying in space, destroying asteroids or enemies became a trend around the era Just for 6 years in the future, be overtaken by the platforming lands of the Mushroom Kingdom. All taking it to where we are now. What back then were mere countable pixels on a CRT, Are now close depictions of the world we currently live in. And the one we’re far from reaching. A dream stands behind your monitor. As anything you ever wanted is possibly available in the form of a Video Game. Ever wanted to steal a car? Plenty of games will give you such option. Brutally kill and piss on a corpse? We got you covered. Be a creep pervert in the trains of Japan? It’s all here… … In the land of Video Games. And such freedom wouldn’t go unnoticed, as the Mainstream Media loses its audience to a better form of Entertainment. They try to go down with it. Claiming games to be the cause of shootings, massacres and other atrocities commited by the worst that mankind has to offer. Dating all the way back to blaming Doom for the Columbine massacre of 1999. Or most recently. The blame for the Florida school shooting isn’t on the shooter, according to your trustworthy news site. It’s on the Video Games he played. Such bullshit repeats itself in history. But we ignore it for the bullshit it is. Gamers are a big portion of society. And games are now part of our culture. Like it or not, Everyone plays them. And whenever you have some free time, and a cent to waste. Pop a coin. Gain control. And travel beyond our universe.

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