This Weird Toy Channel is Freaky

August 29, 2019

Hila, I got a video, I need to show you. Yeah It’s the weird- I know I say this all the time but I really mean it this time it’s probably the weirdest one I’ve ever seen on YouTube You say that every time I know I say that every time but this time I need you to believe me that this is the weirdest Like top ten weirdest? Top one weirdest On all of youtube? On ALL of youtube I swear i’m not overselling it You’re not exaggerating? I’M NOT EXAGGERATING DUDE IT’S THE WEIRDEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! Not the thing I said last week was the weirdest thing, and the thing I said before that, that was the weirdest thing that’s not the weirdest thing This is the weirdest thing i’ve ever seen on youtube and I have never exaggerated in my life Are you saying i’m gonna need this? You’re gonna need more than that, Hila but you’re gonna need that too. You’re gonna need that, K You’re gonna need uhhh… K Oh no Put that on Not that! You put that on because, i’m afraid that if you don’t wear that your a- vision’s gonna get damaged or something… So Ok Can you see? No… Good. Good, leave that on ok? (Video) HIELO! THYS EES RUN FOR THE CU-BE TODAI WE HAVE A GELI BELI PETE RAT GUMAI CANDAI What? What are you showing me? Thats what i’m saying I don’t know how to describe it to you but it’s the weirdest one. How did you even find it Ethan? Dude, you know you’re on youtube, you got your dick out, you’re looking at Prank Invasion ®, couple kissing pranks and then all of a sudden you’re watching some FUCKIN’ PSYCHO DISSECT A GUMMY RAT Saw VII should be narrated by this fucking guy GELI BELI PETE RAT GUMAI CANDAAAI LEETS SLICE ET OPEN SO HE CAN BREEEATHE hmmm FREESH AIRE PETE RAT, TIM-E TO CUMIE ALIVIE What are we even watching? Let me see a little more. Ok so, this guy, Run for the Cube, makes, I think kids videos Where he, you know this whole like ASMR for kids shit but it’s weird because he uses only a surgeon scalpel euuh Bright… green gloves If you go to his banner on YouTube, it’s just a surgeon’s… scalpel Guy, not the most fucking comforting image to yeah convey to children or, OR, their parents by the way TODAI WE HAVE A GELI BELI PETE RAT GUMAI CANDAI GELI BELI PETE RAT GUMAI GUMAI CANDAAAAAAAAIII So at any rate, he has found himself a rat gummy and he proceeds to dissect it, as if it were a real animal using what can only be described as the most haunting voice I have ever heard. gud boaii VEERAI gud boaii pete rat eyes (pet rat is) a VERAI (a very) gud boaii (good boy) Have you ever seen this candy? No i’ve never seen this candy. I feel like he special ordered it from the gummy fucks He’s like: “Guys. I need you to make me a rat that looks it was boiled alive, so I could dissect it while doing the Saw VII voice for ALL of the children on YouTube.” hahaha You know how like the toy channels are the new big thing? Yeah. I got a little spin on that. It’s a spin on the toy channel, except instead of uhhh having kids have a nice, happy experience, I wanna haunt them forever The “haunt you forever channel” is kinda what this should be called. But guys let’s uh, Hila play (LOWERS HELMET) A Rat-ta-tat-tat, a Rat-ta-tat-tat, a rat-ta-tat-tat SMEEL MAI FINE-GEAR SMEEL MAI, FINEGEEEEAR Smell my finger? What the fuck dawg No Is that what you do to your prey? In Saw VII when you fucking lock ’em up and disect ’em alive and boil them alive and then you say smell my finger. Smeel mai feengar SMELL MY FINGEEM-AAH! *PC Ethan Stare* *Creepy musicbox plays throughout* A Rat-ta-tat-tat, a Rat-ta-tat-tat, a rat-ta-tat-tat SMEEL MY FINEGEAR, SMEEL MY FINE-GEEEAR. I think maybe you didn’t exaggerate this time. Thank you for finally saying that because I feel like- and this time only. This time. Let’s keep watching. *Hila laughs* I’M GABBIN MY PETE RAT A-HEEAD MA-SA-GEE A-HEEAD, MA-SAA-GEEEEEEE! MY PETE RAT HAS, A STRONG BE-YOU-GEE CORD A STRONG, BEYOUGEE CHOOOOORD! I MOOST HAVE THYS BEYOUGEE CORD SNIPE IT OFF-a SNIPE! Why does he have to do it like he’s doing an actual surgery? SNIPE IT OFF-a SNIPE He uses like, surgical serious scissors… ah-Y-You can eat a gummy rat! It’s a little weird, but you can do it. But once you get a scalpel, and surgical scissors and start snipping off pieces. I’m a have a problem Mr. Fucking Saw Voice *Creepy musicbox starts again* SNIPE IT OFF *honk*, SNIPE! AWEEE, I LIKEY MY BEYOUGEE CORD ITE EYES CUTIEEEEEEE (It is cute) COOT OYOUT HIGHS EYEBALL CUT OYOUT- Dawg, dawg dawg, don’t, don’t cut, don’t. It’s too real, like don’t cut off the fucking eyeballs with a scalpel. Don’t, just don’t do that. I WONDEER IFE, PETE RAT HAS A BRA-INE I WON-DEER, IF PETE RAT HAS A BRA-INE LET’S FIND OH-YOUT COOT HEEM O-PEEN I THIANK I FOU-OOND HIS BRA-INE I THIANK, I FOU-OOND HIS BRA-INE I CAN NOT PULL IT OUOOT ITE EYES STOOK EIN-SIDE-EEEEE (It is stuck inside) (♪) I WONDER IF, PETE RAT HAS A BRA-INE (Ethan: No fuck. Uuuuuh.) I WON-DEER, IF PETE RAT HAS A BRA-INE LET’S FIND OH-YOUT (Hila: Turn this off!) (Ethan: STOOOP!) COOT HEEM O-PEEN (Hila: I don’t want to see his eyes being-) This dude’s channel name is Run For The Cube? It should be Run FROM The Cube. Run for your life. Run, just take out the cube. Your life, run RUN! just-*laughs* RUN Change the name to RUN dude *exasperated exhale* Wow. The new sequel to Saw is really bizzare. *Singing “Real American” by Rick Derringer* BEM BEM BEM BEM BEMENENAAAH (♪) BENEM BEM BEM, BENENEN-NAAAA (♪) BENEMEH MENEMA MENEMAAA NAMAA YouTube should have like a, system where like a video gets too weird they should send the police over. The Police just get automatically notified. Yeah. Just- THATS – for a little check. That’s a really.. interesting point. It’s a weird alert (Police Sirens) The fucking Run For Cube guy is at it again! Better send the fucking cyber police to check on him! (♪) BENEMEH MENEMA MENEMAAA NAMAA BENEM BA-*phone alarm* Oh man I guess Run For The Cube uploaded another video again Better stay off YouTube for the next couple weeks. BENEM BEM BEM BANANANAAAA BANANAAA MENEMAA MENEMAAANEMAAA STOP RIPPING THAT POOR MOUSE APART DUDE! (RFtC: NANA NEH NEH NEH BENENANAAA) IT’S ENDURED ENOUGH! HAVE SOME SANCTITY FOR LIFE DAWG! (RFtC: BENEM BEM BEM BENENENAAA) DAWG YOUR JUST TEARING IT INSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE! (RFtC: BEMENA NEMENA NEMENAMENAAA) There’s no pleasure in this man! *COUGH* Can I get you to say brain like him? BRA-INE Hila and RFtC: BRA-INE OH-PEN Hila and RFtC: OH-PEEN BRA-INE. *Slowed down low pitch* BRA-INE Oh my fucking god. It’s you. It’s you Hila. You’re the one behind the green gloves! I’m calling the cyber police, I know it was you dood! Was I exaggerating Hila? No. This! Is the weirdest video, we’ve, ever seen. And trust me, guys I’m n- I’m, really try not to exag- You’re miss, you’re one of your things didn’t go up. So we love you, we appreciate you. Smash that motherfucking like button guys, we are shooting for twenty BILLION likes on this video which has always been our dream. And we will be seeing you in the next video, peace! This is my Brofist now. *Kiss* *Kiss* We need our own Brofist. *Kisskiss* H3H3 Brofist™ We need our own Brofist Hila Umm. *Kiss kiss wheeze* Thanks for watching guys, *Kiss kiss COUGH* (♪) Say my name baby. Hugh Mungus. Say my name baby! It’s Hugh Mungus! HUGH MUNGUS WHAT IS THAT SEXUAL HARASSMENT? IS THAT WHAT YOU DID WHEN YOU SAID THAT TO ME? WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO ME? (♪)

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