THIS THING CAN SHOOT ARROWS?! *Archery Sling Shot Challenge*
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THIS THING CAN SHOOT ARROWS?! *Archery Sling Shot Challenge*

August 15, 2019

what is that fair one welcome to another
episode of world record Wednesdays where we break or set a world record every
single Wednesday now this video is not sponsored by this company but the
company called the pocket shot sent me some of their products and I
just really thought I’d make a cool video and I think you guys would enjoy
it this is the pocket shot so this thing is like a a slingshot you put your ammo
in there you pull back so we’re gonna test its accuracy we’re gonna have a
little challenge between Cathy and I we’re gonna see how strong it is how
strong it shoots and then at the end of this video we’re gonna do a world record
using some of the attachments including this thing and apparently you can add
this attachment to have it shoot arrows like a bow and arrow
so that’s gonna be the last thing we do make sure you watch the end here we go
so I’ve literally never taught this thing before we’ve got the practice and
Moe just their little plastic pellets they also sent like the metal real bb’s
before I start just to see if I can hit this red cup with one of the practice
pellets okay so I’m going to put the plastic pellet in here I’m gonna hold on
to it shoot first first attempt ever it’s hard to know it so here’s what
we’ve learned shot number one it is powerful I should be wearing our
protection and we should not shoot with a metal background so hold on one second
look at that I actually brought a target on why I didn’t put that up first got it
alright third a 30 tips hit my target from there a decent decent distance it’s
pretty cool it’s it’s great it really isn’t mean so just so small it is called
the pocket shot you can put your bucket boom
so it’s pretty accurate didn’t take me that long to hit the target a couple
times I was thinking be more difficult because there’s no sights there’s no
like any like scope or anything to look through you just gonna have to hope it
shoots straight it is definitely powerful but I want to test and see how
powerful it is and I think I brought something they’ll be a good test for
that okay we’ve got 10 plates lined up and we’re gonna see how strong the
little pocket shot is you guys might remember that video we did with the
crossbow and so we’re gonna do the same thing we
did there so leave a comment how many plates you think it’s gonna shoot
through I think just one thing call 10 somewhere between pause the video right
now and leave a comment alright let’s figure it out go 3 2 it didn’t go all the way through so went
through four plates I not gonna lie I was expecting to go through all ten but
that was just with the practice pellets let’s see what happens with the the bb’s
the metal balance okay so now we are using the metal pellets the the real
ammunition for this thing I’m pretty sure it’s going through going through
all ten in ten all the way through here’s this level Wow the slo-mo was going over 400 frames
per second and you can still barely see the pellet moving at all you just see
the plates kind of move so we’re gonna slow down the slow-mo camera even slower
to almost a thousand frames per second you see if we can capture that that
little ball take a look that slow-mo this one that time that put some pretty
serious holes through the plate and you can even see in the slo-mo the little
pieces of plate just like flying out pretty cool also you guys know we always
refer to this gym as the really hot gym but Texas Texas is Texas and so when
from being really hot to really cold well Castle I think we’ve we’ve tested
out pretty good are you ready to try it out yeah and I’ll give you a few
warm-ups and then it’s time for a competition all right Cassie’s gonna get
a couple attempts first and show me what you got
so this is the like a hand mount definitely easier to hold pull back a
little bit harder than that hey you know that was good last practice out great
okay good you ready now it’s time for the challenge okay so Cassie and I will
both get five shots there are six cups the little ones are worth two big ones
are worth one most points win Cassie how do you feel I hit the board twice that
is true miss you’re nervous no how about now okay a little nervous you’ve got two
more attempts to get some points on the board my shot one point I got one neither of
us are experts that was not not a very good
impressive performance so Cassie just has to hit one of those green cups or
two red cups to beat me miss miss miss are you nervous Oh last one all right it’s a shootout okay so if I
hit if I hit something I win you win back to you Oh almost hit
on the way back okay well I’m not even that happy with myself because this all
this competition proved that neither of us are that good yet now it’s time to
attach the the function to make this little thing into a bow and arrow
okay so we’re swapping out with the arrow pouch gotta unscrew this okay so it’s ready to shoot arrows now
and we have some arrows here and including some some rubber tips so that
they’re not gonna do much damage here in the gym as I get used to this archery or
very long time that’s pretty sweet it’s so crazy that like you know usually you
have some big big bow but all you have is this little thing you know try channel your inner Katniss Everdeen bra før or not come on guys hit that box add a girl
nice world’s record time we have the bow and arrow no bow the arrow extension on
to this thing and we’re just going to try to hit the bull’s eye
the record will be the longest arrow bullseye shot not using a bow here we go
got a channel manner Robin Hood almost Katniss Everdeen only shooting these arrows as easy as
juggling got it yes nailed it
good it’s pretty impressive how accurate this like piece of rubber and a ring is
and it’s insane that it not only shoots a little balls but the arrows I don’t
you thinking Josh this is really weird specific world record pull up I’m gonna
pause it right there almost done at in this video I never want to apologize for
my content I always want to put out stuff that you guys will love and that
I’m proud of but I’m only the first to say that was not the most impressive
world record that’s ever been done in this series but I want to make it up to
you by showing you some clips from upcoming world record Wednesdays these are all from our partnership with
whistle sports which I know announced a long time ago they’re coming soon it
just takes a little bit more time when there’s other people involved and it’s
been crazy filming those while keeping up with current episodes the world
record Wednesdays so I appreciate your guys patience and understanding during
this time but I promise it’s gonna be worth it these episodes are going to be
crazy we do Instagram shoutouts every single video here are those two people
today follow us at heart important at juggling Josh last thing before I go
cast me I are leaving in less than a week for Iceland and Ireland it’s going
to be epic we’ll be posting a lot more videos about it on Cassie’s channel so
if you haven’t yet go subscribe to Cassie we love you guys we got videos
every Monday Wednesday and Saturday some luck for you guys to subscribe let’s go

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