This stuff I bought is game changing…
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This stuff I bought is game changing…

August 21, 2019

Brilliant: Inside of the car all clean, outside
of the car all clean thanks to this legend once again. Say “Hey G.” CAR CLEANER: Hey G. ALEX: Got
this car clean as well – this is an absolute beast – and then G’s VXR there. G: Chloe the VXR. ALEX: Chloe the VXR there. She’s all clean too. So, we’ve had a big session today. Looking sweet! Later dude. MAN: Cool. ALEX: No worries. Appreciate it dude. ALEX: Cheers dude. MAN: Thank you; see you. ALEX: Oops, I accidentally left all of the
lights on. Every single light is on in here including
the soft box. There could have been a fire. Sweet, so car’s washed. Today, it’s absolutely wicked it’s an absolutely
brilliant day outside. We don’t get many of those here in England
at the moment with it currently being, well, the start of February. So, it was brilliant to get up nice and early
this morning, get all my work done, go and see G, get the car washed, brilliant to be
outside. Now, this company August have sent me these
things and they’re claiming, right, they’re claiming that these are the cheapest and,
for the price, the best, right, put it this way, right, if you’re not too fussed about
sound quality, but you want to have, like, a Multiroom music system that you can manage
– manage from your phone – and play a different song in every room wirelessly or play the
same song in all of your rooms, right, they have said that this is the cheapest, and for
the cheapest, it being the best quality multiroom speaker thing. What’s the other competition out there? You’ve got Sonos; Sonos is the main competition
here. With their cheapest, smallest speaker being
about £160. Now I use Sonos myself at home in every single
room – we have Sonos in the kitchen, in the gym, in all the rooms at home. They’re absolutely brilliant and I 100% would
recommend them and, these look like just little Bluetooth speakers but, apparently, they’re
like Sonos speakers. I don’t even know what to expect so, I’m actually
kind of intrigued to see what this bigger one sounds like because this; this is massive. Let’s see if this big boy turns on. So, you download this app thing here and then
it’s searching for wireless. So, this is streaming over WiFi now. Let’s see if this works.Let’s see if we can connect
this one up and it is massive so I’m expecting big things.ALEX: Heeeey! We shall name this, shall we give it a custom
name, yeah? “MarzMediaOfficeBigBoySpeaker” The length
of this name is too long.Now, it gets interesting – if we can have
these two speakers and play the same song out of both of them together. That’s where it gets interesting.It works!It works!Ahhhh!– “BIG FOR YOUR BOOTS” BY STORMZYThis is so cool!This is wicked!“Way too big for your boots…” And, look, you press play on one of themand
they both start playing. And it’s overthe WiFi and it’s using Spotify
and it’s literally a cheap version of Sonos – wait, how much are these things? There you go – they’re £80. £80? For these things. I mean, the app’s a little bit crap. I’m probably going to review these things
on TechFlow because this is sick. This is cool man. But, these things are super, super cool. Gonna leave them in the office overnightOK. Gonna leave them here overnight to charge. But I don’t want to be in the office today
really because it’s a Sat……Because it’s a Saturday. I want to go into town and see if I can, well,
just do some shopping. Lights first. CAMERAMAN: Happy with your purchase Al? ALEX: A few purchases! Got this, a few other bomber jackets in there. Loving it! CASHIER: 40 quid for me please mate. ALEX: Appreciate it mate. CASHIER: Brilliant, thank you. ALEX: I came into town and I wasn’t even going
to come into town – it just came on unexpectedly and I’ve ended up spending well over £200
in, literally, half an hour. ALEX: Jason’s just had his hair cut and he’s
got his new bag – look at him. JASON: Well happy. ALEX: You bought some bits as well. Now the reason that I spent that much money
is because it should have been a lot more expensive but I know the guy that works in
like “Oxygen” which is like, in where I live, Newark, the town, there’s a place called “Oxygen”
which is a little shop and they do all the, like, brands that are coming in – all of the
really good brands and I know the owner of it. So, he gives me, like, 20% off, so it should
have been a lot more but he gave me 20% off and it just makes it, like, seem a little
bit more feasible. OK, so guys, check this out in here – this
is what I’ve wanted for so long. Check this out! Look at the back of that – I absolutely love
it. It says “Good for nothing.” Oh, it’s so cool And then, on the arm, yeah,
you’ve got that thing. I could have sworn that there was an England
flag on it – oh no, my bad! Sorry, the England flag is on the front next
to the, ah, it’s so nice man. So, I got this sick bomber jacket – I’ve taken
the label out – what do you guys think? It’s pretty nice, do you not think? I quite like it. And then I got these two T-shirts as well
– this one here and this one here. And then, this one, says “Billionaire boys
club.” I quite like it – it’s pretty cool. And then this Bomber jacket actually came
with this camo shirt thing. So that will look really cool, like, underneath
this bomber jacket – I’m just really into my fashion at the moment – I’m liking it. I need to look good for you guys and that’s
what I’m trying to do here. Ah, sweet guys – finished up in the gym. Probably one of the best work-outs I’ve ever
had and, do you want to know why? Let me tell you why, right – by the way, I’m
really liking my new clothes that I bought today, like, I’m just genuinely super-happy
with what I bought, like, I usually am not happy. I ususally, like, I’m just not the best shopper
in the world, like, I’m just not very good at doing this sort of thing – going out shopping
and stuff. I’m just, like, super-happy with the stuff
that I bought today and it just seemed, like, it just seemed really fitting and I’ve never
ever had a shopping experience like that before. Possibly something to do with the 20% off
that I got. Anyway, before we hit the gym today, I have
this – well, I bought this today, right, I bought this and then protein. And you guys know that I try to go running
a lot and I try to go in the gym a lot and before I actually had a gym in my house, before
I lived in this house, I used to have, like, a membership to a gym. Like, when I talk to you guys about the gym,
it’s not me trying to stand there, like me saying “I’m a gym lad, look at me I’m a gym
lad.” That’s not the persona that I give off – I
own one vest which I bought about five years ago which still fits me because I’m tiny. I promote to you guys going to the gym and
going running because it’s healthy, because it keeps you fit. Now, recently, all of my actual gym friends,
who are, you know, massive lads – they’d be like: “Alex, we see you going to the gym. Why aren’t you taking ‘pre workout’ and whey?” And I’m saying, well, my end goal isn’t to
get, like, massive out of it – it’s just to try and keep fit – and they said, and they
raised the point “You’re wasting your time – if you’re in the gym, you may as well take
protein and take pre-workout.” So, I took their advice today – finally after
many months – and bought myself and what I’m trying to tell you guys is, I took this pre-workout
right, honestly, honestly I’m not even joking – I felt like a different person. Like, I genuinely felt, like, well, I don’t
know what it’s like to be on steroids but I can imagine that that’s a smaller form of
being on steroids, right. I had so much energy. Like, my workouts that I do, right, which
are my workouts, I put them on the wall – hello – ah yes, I genuinely just felt like an absolute
boss. Like, those workouts that I usually do. By the end of them, or half-way through them,
by like the fourth set of each workout, I’m absolutely like “Ugh!” But with this, honestly, I think I’m just
going to have to up my weights because this – it was so easy – it genuinely feels like
I’m just cheating taking that stuff – but then, it’s not like a, you can buy it in the
shop. Apparently, it’s the equivalent of like, 20
coffees or 30 coffees or something. I know you guys are going to be in the comments
like: “Alex, that’ll be ridiculous.” Honestly, it was amazing – it was, like, oh
my goodness, I’d never taken anything before and this was amazing. Like, wow! I feel like I could take that stuff and genuinely
do these daily vlogs, do a main channel video once a week, do a TechFlow videos and livestream
and still have a load of energy left. It’s probably going to have some sort of negative
effects on health but I’m going to take that and try and do a load of stuff for, like,
YouTube. Because, juggling three channels, and I want
to livestream and I just never get the time or have the energy. I feel like, with that, I’m going to be able
to do that, all of it, and loads more. Hi Bex? How are you doing Bex? Scared aren’t you? Why are you so scared? You’re getting way too big for your boots. Oh, by the way, have you guys heard Stormzy’s
new track? Big for your boot or whatever it’s called
– I absolutely love it – it’s such a tune.“You’re getting way too big for your boots…” OK, it’s actually my step-mum’s 40th birthday
party, well, it’s her party today. It’s her party today – my whole family has
rented out, like, this, like, local really nice pub and there’s like 50 odd people there
– they’ve rented out the bar – the bar is open. There’s like a band playing. It’s a 40th birthday so it’s a big one. I’m going to head down there and make use
and make use of this free bar.Sweet guys! Step-mum’s party went down an absolute blast. There’s a load of people staying here in this
house this evening so I need to try and be a little bit quiet – everybody’s really drunk
including, well, kind of, me. I’ve had like – I’ve had a few drinks but
I was trying to be in the venue trying to do a bit of filming – I was trying to put,
like, a video together for my Step-mum which, should be, hopefully, she’ll really like that. Right guys, I apologise for not having a shirt
on. I’m literally about to get into bed – it’s
about 1:30 AM. I want to try and get up on Sunday, nice and
early, and go and do a load of work and then just be all ready and fresh for the day. So, guys, my name has been Alex, you guys
have been awesome, guys – stay awesome and keep smiling and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s
vlog. You ready? Adios.

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