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This Park Slope Townhouse Mixes Gucci, Malachite and Target | Interior Lives

August 20, 2019

Meet James Aguiar and Mark Haldeman. They live in Park Slope, Brooklyn in a fantastic house that was built in 1899. What is so unusual about this particular
story is that Mark and James have lived in this apartment twice. When we decided to leave this fabulous apartment, we had bought a house upstate. They found a similar apartment two doors down that was just one floor. Later deciding that
they missed their old space, Mark and James decided to move back in. So when we approached designing it the second time, we had a lot of our friends say, “Are you
gonna go back and do what you did before?” And we said, “Absolutely not. We’ve
got a clean slate. We can redo the whole thing.” I just happen to have a copy of the magazine the first time we photographed
their apartment. And we decided that we wanted a proper
library. We have a lot of books. We just sort of decided to be unapologetic. And then one day I said, “But I think we need to do the ceiling.” And he was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Nobody wallpapers the ceiling.” I love my library, but I love the living room upstairs as well because it just feels
so different from the rest of the house. What I love about this room is that the
light is constantly changing and right now it feels like I’m sitting in the
middle of a pearl. We’ve never really done a white room before. It’s not strictly white but it’s very muted, and having kind of that dichotomy of going from
these spaces downstairs into the upstairs living space, it was really one of the
things that I was most excited about. We tongue-in-cheek-ily call our art
collection “The Gallery.” It’s very much a high-low mixture too. We have wonderful
pieces from Hunt Slonem and Robertson. That was a really fun thing to be
illustrated by Donald Robertson. Two of my favorites are these etchings
illustrations by a French artist named Jules Abertis. The bedroom palette was really conscious in choosing a dark tone. It is dark and it’s nice to
just kind of envelop yourself. Fashion and style kind of really enter this
apartment and in a very interesting way and it’s very illustrated in the bedroom.
The most fun for me when we moved back into this apartment was turning what was
a former office into a dressing room. The high-low of how we did the dressing room, with taking an Ikea cabinet, multiple closets, putting it together, inserting
these tack boards for ephemera of memories and invitations and inspiration
and photographs, and then behind that to have our wardrobe was really a cool
little project for us. Entertaining and dining is one of the most important things that we do here because not a lot of people
do it in New York. There’s not space, it’s at a premium, time is at a premium.
Yes, setting the perfect table is really important but I cook, we make everything,
we don’t call it in and it’s a really wonderful thing. My takeaway is to be a little more adventurous because I love the way that their style keeps
evolving and they’re not afraid to change things up and that’s another
really important takeaway for me: change.

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  1. May I just point out the fact that what one of them said about "no one" having time to entertain, or to be entertained, in New York anymore is very sad?

    A city built by socialites no longer has the time to socialize. Mrs. Astor and Mrs. Vanderbilt would be aghast.

  2. I love how eccentric these people are, and their collection of knick knacks. They add so much personality, warmth, and feel so very inviting. Though some things in their space are not my style, they pull it off so well, with a touch of elegance.

    Their dining table is so gorgeous! That malachite table, and the turquoise blue are such a nice contrast the the rest of the room, and the darkness of the furniture in the background.

  3. So many great ideas! So inventive and stylish. I love people that think outside the box and are courageous. To be photographed in New York magazine so many years ago, then to change it all up and be involved in this …. I just love it!

  4. These guys are better interior designers than 95% of the designers out there, a master class in taste and glamour, congrats !

  5. These guys have good taste❣️ I would like to be their neighbor. That’s my style I love the decor down to the bones. ❤️

  6. I have learned from all these videos that you cannot beat gorgeous natural light. Light gives a dimension and contrast you cannot fake.

  7. My gawd how Godey my poor eyes had to watch this Monstrosity these gays have no Taste in design I’m sorry my own opinion

  8. Lots of books? "Lots of books" is when you've filled one room and started on another. "Rather a lot" is when you have filled the second room. Not sure what I've got, but apart from the bathroom, I've more books in every room than they have in their library.

  9. The hole in their heart must be huge … for collecting all that crap to fill their poor lives … at least they don't have time to think about the purpose of their lives. … ☺

  10. I love it. If I got an invitation from them, I'd be delighted. If I could house sit while they're having an amazing trip, I'd totally do it. And I think I can take some ideas away to apply to my own house.

  11. Happy for this couple, nice to look into their home and its decor but so far removed from my life; they have no worries like mine, worries over my kids and life in general when you are a mom of 60 years and still working to support and pray for peace and security for my kids and loved ones; wish i were more carefree like these two happy guys


  13. so cluttered so gay. the high mixture in the gallery consist of a finger paintings. i cant. and all people in the comments can think of is more and more money. youre better off buying a $250 house in the south and taking weekend trips to new york or wherever.

  14. Ive seen that guy with the dark hair walking in the city a few times ..this is the first time ive seen a home that i really enjoyed the colors the space the creativity the taste…bravo this was really enjoyable to watch!

  15. It’s pretty to look at but I think I would suffocate if I lived there. It’s just too much and overwhelming.

  16. Of course, you wallpaper a ceiling! I would think, as a creative type, he'd know that. Fun house; a little stiff, but still livable.

  17. I like it, it’s funky a cool. I appreciate originality in the home more the the same white, black a grays that I see all the time. Too much sameness

  18. The bouginess of present day Park Slope is just so depressing. Eventually no one else can afford to live in reasonable locations in New York other than people with this much money.

  19. True style and elegance, with coziness all mixed in together. Love the colors and even that 'white' room. I want to live there!!

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