This Nintendo Switch Clone Is Causing An Uproar
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This Nintendo Switch Clone Is Causing An Uproar

January 15, 2020

It looks like the Nintendo Switch may have
some competition. Dell has unveiled the Concept UFO, a prototype
for a new Alienware handheld gaming PC. The Concept UFO’s layout will look very familiar
to Switch users. The handheld features a central screen and
controllers that slide into place on either side. Similar to the Switch Joy-Con, these controllers
can also be removed from the central unit and connected to a bridge device to create
a full-size controller. The accompanying kickstand allows for play
in tabletop mode and the device can also output to an external display. You can even use a mouse and keyboard as you
would with any other PC. While the Concept UFO’s 8-inch screen distinguishes
it from the Switch, it’s impossible to deny the similarities between the two hybrids,
despite Dell VP of gaming Vivian Lien and show host Aisha Tyler’s careful avoidance
of the comparison during Dell’s CES presentation in Las Vegas. Dell seems to be selling this as an innovative
concept originated by the Alienware team, but the internet isn’t buying it. “We see right through people like you.” One Kotaku commenter joked, quote,”It’s got
two hours of battery life. Alienware reinvented the Sega Genesis Nomad
for a new generation.” Another quipped, quote, “I can’t wait to play
one of them Alien Nintendos.” A third Kotaku commenter, going by the moniker
TheTurbochargedSquirrel, pointed out: “Nintendo has a patent on the concept of a
tablet system with controllers that can either be attached to a system or removed and used
to form a separate controller. This thing is not surviving the inevitable
lawsuit from Nintendo in [its] current form factor.” In Dell’s defense, the Nintendo Switch does
not have the power to run AAA PC games, at least not in a manner that meets the high
standards and expectations of that market. The Concept UFO prototype outputs at 1920×1200
resolution and includes a 10th-gen Intel Core processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Thunderbolt. It might outperform its rival, though the
Switch could still come out on top. Developers, after all, build games specifically
for the hardware. The Concept UFO would not have the same advantage,
at least not in its current iteration. While many were quick to point to the UFO
as a blatant Switch knockoff, others expressed their excitement about the potential of a
handheld PC. Perhaps epitomizing this group, one gamer
– using the moniker zark169 – wrote: ” … a handheld computer that lets me play
Steam games sounds like fun. Certainly much easier than a laptop, or waiting
for the best Steam games to show up on Switch.” According to Dell’s Glen Robson, the Concept
UFO team has already invested hundreds, possibly even thousands, of hours into fine-tuning
the design and ergonomics of the handheld’s controllers. This will come as welcome news to Switch users
who have found the system’s own controllers lacking, even painful to deal with for extended
periods of time. In an update on Dell’s website, Robson wrote: “We’ve spent the last few months testing and
enhancing the buttons, the weight, all to strike a perfect balance between performance,
ultra-mobility and battery life.” Price and performance will decide the Concept
UFO’s fate. Gaming laptops have earned a checkered reputation
for their poor battery life, with most lasting less than two hours when disconnected from
the power adapter. The latest version of the Nintendo Switch,
however, offers 4.5 to 9 hours of play between charges. Unless the UFO can offer a similar wireless
experience, it will struggle to find its footing in the handheld market. The Concept UFO’s bulk and hardware raise
some other red flags. According to Bill Thomas of TechRadar, the
UFO is both large and heavy, weighing in at a minimum of two pounds. Thanks to the advanced PC components, including
an undoubtedly impressive cooling system, the system will likely cost a pretty penny. This leads to an important question: who is
Dell even targeting with this idea? The higher price tag demanded by the Concept
UFO’s sophisticated hardware will probably prevent it from becoming a direct competitor
to the Nintendo Switch. Even if it manages to outperform the console,
it won’t provide the same experience you’d find on a gaming desktop. If you’ve got the cash and you’re willing
to sacrifice quality to access an extensive library of Windows games on the go, then the
Concept UFO could be for you. It’s important to remember that, as a prototype,
the Concept UFO is not for sale and will likely go through several rounds of revision before
release – assuming, of course, that Dell aims to avoid a costly encounter with Nintendo’s
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  1. This does nothing to to address the problem that there is no way to trade in digital games for cash. Face it physical is still the master race

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