This Little Big Shot Shoots and Scores
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This Little Big Shot Shoots and Scores

August 13, 2019

Speaking of little things,
I wanna tell you what’s going on tonight. I’m producing a new show, it’s called Little Big Shots and
it’s hosted by my friend Steve Harvey and his mustache is also-
>>[LAUGH]>>Here’s a tiny bit of Little Big Shots.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Let’s go over here first.>>Okay.
>>[CROSSTALK].>>I can’t get on here.>>Okay, well let me put you up then. I’m gonna put you up there, hold on, and
let me get a couple of balls cuz we might need a few shots at this,
but you’re gonna make it. So what’s your first one?>>I’m just gonna do it.>>Because you’re just gonna do it. Ladies and gentlemen,
Titus the Magnificent.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Can I do it now?>>Can I do it now?>>Yes, you could do it now.>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Pretty cute, right?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I mean, all the kids on that show are about that age, and
they do phenomenal things, it’s adorable. So you can see a special preview of
Little Big Shots tonight after The Voice.

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