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August 31, 2019

What’s up guys I feel like most of you guys know this but there are probably some people who don’t and if you don’t know now you know I used to have a gaming channel here on, but I deleted that channel because I felt like it That’s honestly just the answer. I didn’t feel like doing it anymore, but ever since I deleted that gaming channel I’ve been getting so many requests from you guys to make a gaming video make gaming video make a gaming video!!! Make a gaming video! Is what it honestly sounds like sometimes reading your comments Just call it, just rub me and call don’t rub me I was gonna say call me a genie in the bottle But are genies even in the bottle? I thought they’re in like a-a lantern no it was like a it’s like a gravy pourer who fucking cares I am making a gaming video. I know that vamos a jugar video game I’m still learning. We’re playing those intense games today. Yeah, this game is so intense Buckle – (poor excuse of a belt buckle sound) – your seat belt. Aaaah – that game is called episode. Yeah, I game. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure game. When I was in like middle school, or whenever I had an LG Shine – you know that phone that was like you fluck it up – fluck it, that sound like f**k it, you f**k it up. An LG Shine It was the phone that I had at the time And you could actually download Mobile games on it. Now granted these games weren’t you know that intense definitely not as hard as this game is that we’re about to play right now. And one of those game that I downloaded, and I played religiously. It was called surviving high school, and it basically is the same concept of Episodes where you choose your own adventure I am NOT any stranger to choose your own adventure games – no that I am not. So when I saw this game Episode I was like: I have to play – this so I’m going to shut the f**k up now and start gaming. Alright, I opened the app, the first thing it says is: “Alright! Get ready to meet your Bad Boy…”. Ah WHOO I’m getting hot already. Oh my God. This is sensual am I gonna get demonetized? okay, I guess it starts off with me customizing myself What skin color would you like? I’m a little bit tanner than that right now there you go. Long straight hair, okay? That kind of looks uhhh… You know what? I-I don’t care. This is fine. This is perfect. I just wanna get into the story I hope Jay finally sees the real me. It took all summer, but I finally lost the weight. No more “Fatty Tessie”. There I am Janine who the eff is that? wait is her name skinny jeans? resting bitchface my name she’s She is kind of hot, except for that outfit. Oh my God I can’t believe I’m getting bullying in virtual game OMG. Is that fatty Tessie? No, it can’t be look at her ass what the fuck, I’d kill for that ass are they talking about me? This is my first choice I don’t know. I feel like I’m gonna be a bad bitch and talk back to the I DID kill for this ass Thanks for noticing By the way those earrings are so 2015… I know for blood. Oh my god. I have enemies already, okay Tess Focus I need to find Nicole. She’s been my best friend since we were kids She’s always good at talking me down when I’m having a Jay related freakout. This literally is for Foursome like, I love playing Andy Fixler. My outfit is pretty bad Nicole where have you been all summer I tried texting you a million times Take the hint fatty. Did your parents drag you to Europe again, or what? You look amazing well, you still like shit Why is she being such a bitch?! Ask why she’s being so mean. Piss her off. I’m gonna ask her, that’s what I would do. What…? Why would you say that? Because it’s true fatty Tessie What the f**k is this? We’ve been best friends since kindergarten! Why are you being so mean? You were dragging me down for years I don’t need the losers in my orbit. Oh Who wrote this? Stand up to Nicole or try to reason with Nicole? I’ll try to reason – We are best friends I don’t understand last time we talked everything was normal. Well, this is the new normal, b*tch. Get used to it. Jesus, Nicole is such a bitch. Oh, and we need to talk about your little crush on Jay Stone. It ends NOW. You’ll NEVER speak to him again. Do you understand? Is that him – Of course? Hey, Tessa good to see you. Oh my god, he’s flirting with me. Oh my… ah!
did He just kiss me yeah It’s so good to see you again, Tessie. What the fuck Nicole?! Nicole what the F**K?! Tessa hasn’t even heard the good news yet, sweetie. NICOOOLE. OOOOOH MY GOD! Am i crying right there? In front of them? Jay and I are dating. We have been since July. There’s something I need to talk to you about Catch you later, OK? I think Tessie said she’d be VERY BUSY LATER!!!!!!!! Am I crying? I just ran away. She never cared about Jay. She always had a huge crush on his half-brother, Cole. Cole Stone me, Cold Stone Creamery We used to talk about the stone brothers every day. We love the cold stone brothers Oh, I just skip school and go home, but Jason he wants to talk to me later Where aren’t we are we still at school? What are we doing in here? We’re gonna again trouble relax. They’ll never notice one costume oooooooo oh Okay, it feels so good to show Jay what he’s missing and make Nicole jealous What, do I have to pay cuz I do want to show J what he’s missing and drive Nicole crazy I bought gems hey Tessie wait up. I was looking for you today. Got a minute to talk? Jay, We should be going oh My god. Oh my god. I’m blushing! We’re literally flirting in front of her I missed you this summer seriously Tess you look incredible. Oh my God Cole, he’s back from military school. Oh my god bitch, Tessa Cold Stone Creamery The devil himself. So kiddo, how was your first day? I’ma just change the subject, it was great. Thanks Can we change the subject okay? Your father And I think it would be great for you to be better friends with the stone boys Speaking of which I’m gonna need you to run some paperwork over to the sheriff’s house My best friend’s called my man. I’m gonna steal her man, and then she’s gonna be so jealous It’s quiet too quiet throw caution to the wind and continue into the house or get the hell out of there I’m gonna go in because I have to so let’s throw caution to the wind I don’t know really what that means what it just happens? Ha classic (sing -songy voice) Cold Stone Creamery Get out of my way. I’m just here to drop something off for your dad Get the hell away from her Cole. Cole just thought it would be funny to doused me in flour I’m so sorry Tessa Let me get you a change of clothes. I can get Tessie a change of clothes you can take a shower with me Shortcake Oh my God, maybe I should go upstairs with Jay Jay is suddenly naked in his room. You can keep that soccer jersey. It’s from like 8th grade Should I say it smells like you? Oh god. I’m so sorry. I thought it was clean. I mean I was flirting but Never mind huh, oh my god, Oh Were you two flirting? Oh my god Cold Stone? Get out of here! Yup or no way? What do I say? Should I say yeah? I’ll say yeah. Tess, you know we weren’t flirting Oh yikes What just happened? to be continued, I think I should stop here this game is so f**cking funny to me. It’s also Exactly like the game I used to play when I was younger which is so funny to me also that I used to play a game like this when I was like 12, anyway, I don’t know how much you liked this video, or if you want me to keep playing this game Just let me know in the comments down below and also let me know by giving this video a big thumbs up, but yeah I think that is pretty much it for this week’s video Thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you all next Saturday with another new video

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  1. No one:

    Literally not a soul:

    It’s your big wedding day,

    Wear a wedding dress to your own wedding(30 gems)

    Wear your pj’s (free)

  2. Any Beebo fans out there???
    When she said ‘and if you don’t know, now you know’ then I’m like
    (Emperors new clothes for anyone wondering)

  3. ok but the many times i've seen this and i just noticed her cardboard cutout in the mirror and it freakin scared me

  4. omg I just came back to see when she uploaded the first video of episode and it's been a over a year already. I can't believe I've been watching this series for over a year, literally my fav!

  5. I played this storie and my character end up fucking the teo brothers and i think it end up pregnant or sum like that i dont remember

  6. This is crazy this is how Tessie and Cole got started and now they’re going on spring break together wow time flies


  8. Okay nobody attack me or whatever but is it just me that it constantly seems like she’s coping Jenna Marbles? Like I feel like I see Jenna release a video and then the next week this girl does the same thing.

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