This Former Hunter Takes Lessons From His Past
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This Former Hunter Takes Lessons From His Past

February 4, 2020

– She called me about 8:00 a.m. and said, “I’m done eating meat, I love you,” click. She hung up on me, and that’s
how our journey started. Typical Ohio, Midwestern family, grew up hunting and fishing with my dad. By the time I was probably eight, we were hunting with our
own rifles in the woods, killing squirrels, deers, rabbit. We’d been taught for so long that we have to eat a certain way, we have to consume certain
foods to stay healthy. When, in reality, those
things were making us sick. And I was guilty of it as well, stubborn and resistant to change. Because ever since we were young, we were told you have to drink
milk to have strong bones. You have to eat meat
to grow big and strong. It’s almost instilled in
us by these industries that are trying to pull the wool, no pun intended, over our eyes. To break that cycle, you
really have to step out, take a big breath, and look
back at where your life has been and where it’s headed. And if you look at the
diseases that run in families, it’s because diets run in families. My wife and I have fought
over this for years, and it’s something that’s
changed our lives forever, what she’s led us to. That goes against
everything we’ve been taught since we were little. So she fell in love with a cow online, and then she started to feel
like she was a hypocrite because she was falling
in love with this cow, caring about him, and caring what he does, and the next thing she knows, she’s turning around and
feeding our family cows, pigs, chickens, and she felt
like a hypocrite for that. So finally, she got tired of it and called me at work one day, and she called me about
8:00 a.m. and said, “I’m done eating meat, I love you,” click. She hung up on me, and that’s
how our journey started. I called her back about 30 minutes later, and I told her, “If that’s your choice, I’ll support you at home,”
but I wasn’t ready yet. I still continued to eat animal products, but I wasn’t gonna make her fix anything at home that she was against. So this cow that she fell in
love with, his name was Dudley. He was at The Gentle Barn
in Knoxville, Tennessee, and for our wedding anniversary, I planned a trip for us
to go down and meet him ’cause I thought that
would mean a lot to her. I didn’t realize it would
mean a lot to me as well. When we met Dudley and
I put my hands on him, and I felt his soul, and
his presence, and his being, I said, “I got it, I get
it, I’m in, let’s do this.” Man, it’s been the best
feeling ever since. Being a man in Ohio who used to hunt, and now I’m leading my family in a different compassionate
lifestyle, has been incredible. So we’re surrounded by people
who are raising animals that we’re trying to save. Once you make a choice, like with my dad, we’ve had these conversations, once you make a choice to realize that animals suffer the way we suffer, and there’s no difference in a deer suffering and a dog suffering. Once you make that connection, it’s easy. It’s easy to let go of your traditions. It’s easy to let go of your past and to look at a brighter
future for yourself, teach your kids more compassion,
and just live more kindly.

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  1. Respect ! I have had no meat or dairy since 11/21/19. Almost a year ago, my son who is 42 yrs old told me he was done. No more meat. I was on that journey leading to it. But put my foot down and said "as of 11/21/19 I'm done with eating meat and processed foods and I have not looked back!

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