This Celeb Has A Reputation For Treating Pets Horribly
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This Celeb Has A Reputation For Treating Pets Horribly

August 11, 2019

Besides cranking out hit songs, rapper Tyga
is also known for shrugging off his bills, including outstanding leases totaling more
than 127-thousand dollars, according to TMZ. But those bills aren’t the only things allegedly
being neglected. The “Rack City” rapper has also been accused
of treating his pets terribly. Back in 2015, while he was still dating reality
star Kylie Jenner, the couple debuted a high-end puppy. According to Jenner’s Snapchat, the Merle
English Bulldog, which the couple named Rolly, had a price tag of $50,000. The tri-color wrinkly faced cutie was immediately
welcomed into the Kardashian-Jenner clan. It was even spotted snuggling underneath the
covers with models Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, according to a photo posted to
Delevingne’s Instagram. It appeared that Rolly had won everyone’s
hearts, but just as quickly as the dog made its social media debut, Rolly seemed to suddenly
fade from every video, post, and tweet. Tyga and Jenner broke up for the final time
in April 2017, but it appears they didn’t have to fight over who would keep adorable
little Rolly. The poor pooch had allegedly vanished from
their lives prior to their split. Glamour magazine even commented on the pet’s
absence from the public eye in a September 2016 article, writing: “Long story short, KyKy hasn’t posted a photo
or video of Rolly in forever, and it’s giving us the night sweats.” We’re not sure what happened to Rolly, but
we do know that Tyga has a reputation for neglecting his furry friends. Exhibit A: His pet tiger! According to the New York Daily News, back
in 2014, Tyga reportedly wanted a big cat, so he reached out to Nicholas Lee Bishop,
aka YouTube’s “Nick the Wrangler.” Bishop told investigators he “used a fake
name and falsified documents” to purchase a Bengal tiger cub “at the request of Tyga.” Bishop reportedly told investigators that
the rapper soon grew afraid that he was going to get caught with the illegal animal, so
Tyga reportedly asked a friend to keep the cat at their Ventura, California home. After neighbors reported to law enforcement
that the tiger briefly escaped from the house, Bishop said the animal was transported to
a home in Piru, California, and that’s where law enforcement found the poor animal “confined
to a dog crate in a backyard shed.” According to court documents, Bishop later
changed his story, claiming that he, quote, “had already been looking for a tiger, and
that after he purchased one to keep as a pet, Tyga contacted him and offered him $30,000
to keep the tiger at Tyga’s house for several weeks.” The rapper claimed in May 2014 that he had
no knowledge about the animal, but a series of since-deleted social media posts reportedly
tipped off the authorities. Bishop was arrested in 2017 on “federal charges
he was involved in the illegal sale and transportation” of the tiger. Sources told TMZ that after being questioned
about the animal, Tyga allegedly admitted that he had turned the tiger over to a shelter. Law enforcement officials reportedly located
the tiger at the shelter and “transferred it to a state facility for safekeeping” as
the investigation continued. Insiders close to the situation told TMZ that
Tyga supposedly took good care of his exotic pet while it was under his care and allegedly
had no clue he was doing anything illegal by owning it. But that doesn’t mean the rapper is off the
hook. According to TMZ, Tyga has been a, quote,
“deadbeat dad” to his tiger cub. The Lions, Tigers & Bears rescue center in
California that cares for the cat — now known as Maverick — told the tab in 2016
that Tyga hadn’t even attempted to financially support the tiger. Expenses were reportedly racking up, including
a grocery budget of about $10,000 a year, plus “vet costs, flea control and general
maintenance.” Though this scandal suggests Tyga isn’t great
to his pets, it’s important to note that he has not been charged with any crimes related
to these circumstances as of the making of this video. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. How this "artist" is popular is beyond me. How this artist found a woman who thought "well, he will be an awesome dad" is beyond me. How this artist isn't held accountable or doesn't get prosecuted for not paying his bills, is beyond me. Why there's apparently no one in his family or close friends telling him this is horrible to do to an animal, also is beyond me.
    Now, having said that, maybe there will be one animal he will mistreat (because this will happen again) that will bite him in his manly parts and f's it up beyond recognition.
    I think that would be awesome.

  2. Im might be late but I never knew TYGA stood for “ thank you God always ” 💀

    What if the tiger ate the dog ? 👀

  3. Have you ever seen a monkey care for a tiger? Sub monkey really, calling it a monkey is an insult to monkeys.

  4. He is a poser! And a weak one at that!!!

    With his idiotic name
    Cannot even handle himself let alone a pet, and absolutely nothing dependent on his punk a$$

  5. What did you expect from this type of people, they have no respect towards anything and anybody… SMH

  6. This celebrity has a habit of being a piece of shit, so its not surprising he cant take care of the animals he buys. hell he only releases a "hit song" once evrry 5 years.

  7. $50,000 for a dog. That's a lot of stupidity. Could have adopted a shelter pet for $45 and donated the other $49,955 to the shelter that gave you the dog.
    Why do you need a "purebred" dog? Are you some pet nazi who needs even their dogs to have "pure blood"? GTFO. Could have adopted a puppy from a rescue shelter and trained it.
    Not that this piece of shit needs to be adopting pets, but it just shows that these trashy people have far, faaaarrrrrr more money than sense.

  8. Dont let ur kids read this sry for the language but its bull shit he should be arrested charged sentence for life in prison i would say the other thing but i wont but thats not right that's why i hate some celeberities Because of who they are no one does anything about it. They just let it slid witch isnt right i think bad celebrities should be treated like all of us regular folk and get the punishments we do. But because they can always just pay their way out of binds they are outta control and no one is doing shit this is just my opnion but i dont like anyone who is mean to any animals and i dont care how old they are eaither however adults should know better so should kids at a certain age. Sry im ranting but i just dont like people who are mean to animals. Or mean to other ppl. But im also not sure if there is proof of this but. Im sure they paid someone to cover for him money lets you off the hook no matter what it is and to me its not righg or fair in my opnion also i could be mis reading this or i missherd it but if its true thats bull shit sry for language.

  9. I'm sorry but no animal is worth $50,000 that's the ugliest dog I've ever seen in my life that wasting your money it's a s i n 2 bye dogs and sell dogs

  10. Someone needs to grab onto those nasty little braids he's got all over his head and tie them to a pick up and drag him down the road. And, WTF is the dog? What did he do toss it off a bridge or something? Maybe gave it away to one of his dog fight friends. I wouldn't even put it past him. Iglet MoFo.

  11. i didn't even know who he was before kylie. i dont care if you work 9 to 5 is rich or a celebrityor is the potus nobody has the right to hurts animals

  12. Tie his hands to a tree, undress him and put 1000 leaches on his body. stand back and just watch him dry up

  13. Wow someone is really trying to destroy this guy! Wishing treating ppl right was just as important as treating pets right!!! Tiger s are not pets they are predators, killers!!

  14. I love Tyga. I'm not a pets person but I don't agree with any living creature being abused. And since I didn't see him mistreat an animal, he gets the benefit of doubt. I believe this story comes from his beef with his former management team.

  15. I see the same shit all the time. Tyga doesn’t make enough to spend like he does. He makes the same tired songs with the same tired flow. And now he’s abusing animals. Can you double cancel someone??

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