This Buck went 5 yards after the shot
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This Buck went 5 yards after the shot

August 13, 2019

(exciting music) – [Narrator] Yamaha presents
the Whitetail Diaries, chronicling hunting adventures
of the most plentiful and intelligent big-game
animal in North America. Join top whitetail
hunters nationwide. Embark on the amazing adventure that is hunting
the whitetail deer. Today on the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries, Wade is venturing out to a new bow stand that he’s
yet to hunt from. – Getting ready to head
to the stand to bow hunt. We got the rut
going on right now. We’re kind of at the
end of it in my opinion. One of my favorite techniques
in any type of a situation where I know there’s does that
are still looking to be bred is to use VS1 and a scent stick. I’ll actually fill
this all the way up and when you smell VS1 you know what you’re smellin’
it’s a doe in heat, and then I’ll spill a little
bit of it on my pants, whatever’s left over, I’ll
use it to hike into the stand. I’ll leave this wick
open all the way so that basically
everywhere I go, there’s something trailing me. I mean it’s just like I’m a
doe walkin’ through there. You can see all that scent
how it’s comin’ out of there so we’re gonna ease
into the stand. Got a pretty good
hike this morning, climb up pretty high and
see if we can’t get lucky. – We’re trying to get
into a stand that frankly I’d never hunted in
the early morning, but I was going in pretty
relaxed and as we’re walking in, I don’t know, 30,
40, 50, 60 turkeys go blastin’ out of the tree. We’re climbin’ up makin’ all
the noise that, you know, it sounded like 14 people
trying to climb up there. And we got situated about
30 minutes before daybreak and we’re just sittin’
there and there’s no more peaceful time of the day really when you’re in a tree
stand and you’re waiting for the sun to come up and
you can hear the footsteps and you can hear birds
around you start to wake up. I mean that is, that’s one
of the best times of the day. I mean, I had decided
before we got there this is the time of
year I like to rattle. Now most of my rattling I
like to do on the ground in a very aggressive
run and gun style, but in this particular
situation I thought, “You know what, we’re gonna
get down in this bottom. “It is a great oak bottom,
it’s kind of an old drain that “comes off some
mesquite flats up there “and I’m gonna rattle.” Sounds gonna carry off in a
lot of different directions and a lot of different areas
that we see a lot of deer in, we see a lot of chasin’
that time of the year, I start bangin’ away on the
antlers as loud as I could and it wasn’t long until
you could hear the scurrying of rocks behind us
and to the side of us and we had several
bucks comin’ in range. You know you’re lookin’ at an
old fighter, an old bruiser, an old brawler when
his entire main beam is broke off about two
inches above his forehead, and then you look at
the other main beam and it’s just kind of
a part of a main beam and the G4 is gone, the G3 is
gone, the G2 is still there and he just was
lookin’ for a fight. He wanted to fight
me after the rattlin’ and he was lookin’ around
at every deer out there and wantin’ to fight them
and that to me is pretty cool because we got the reaction. We drew him in and
then they start feedin’ around in that area. There’s some posturing going on. There’s some chasing
of some does. A few more young bucks
were millin’ around and it was just a
pretty peaceful morning
sittin’ up there. – We sat up here
this morning, boy, we made a lot of
noise gettin’ in I think anybody at home
can relate to that. Sometimes you just
make a lot of noise and turkeys actually roosted
right here that took off and we got up in the
stand, got settled in, and let the morning kind
of clear out a little bit and I hit the antlers
and we had two or three good deer
come runnin’ in with a couple other bucks
posturing, chasing some does. So it’s definitely a good
set and we’re gonna get on out of here now, try to get
back in a little while later ’cause I feel like
these deer are gonna be up on their feet
most of the day, but right now my
tummy’s growlin’. I’m gonna go fill it
and then come back. – [Narrator] The
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought
to you by Yamaha, ATV and side-by-sides,
real world tough, Cabela’s, it’s in your nature, Garmin Rino seven series,
wherever you hunt, make it Rino country. Welcome back to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries
with Wade Middleton. Now as Wade returns to
camp from his morning hunt, Angel already has the
Bradley Smoker going as she makes some venison
hamburgers for lunch. – Okay, one of the
hunters favorite recipes that I make out at camp
is my bacon-wrapped venison smoked hamburger. I’m gonna show you how
to put it together today. It’s super easy so here we go. Let’s get started. First, we’re gonna
start off with a pound of what I use is whitetail
burger ground meat. And then let’s start off, I’m
gonna throw an egg in here. And then I always use
Tony’s for everything. Then a little bit
of bread crumbs. I know some people
don’t like bread crumbs, but when you’re using wild game, especially venison hamburger, you need something to bind it. A little bit of mustard and then Worcestershire
sauce, about two tablespoons. You wanna just mix
all the ingredients together just like this. Just take like one pound will
yield about four hamburgers so you just quarter it, just
take about a quarter of it and then I just wing it,
put my little circle to it. And that’s about it. And then take your bacon. I like to put like a
little x mark on it. X marks the spot
for deliciousness. I know that’s a little corny. And there we go. If you notice here, I’m
putting my hamburgers down on this black mat right
here and what this is is the Bradley Smoker magic mat. It makes clean up a breeze. Okay, I’m all done here. Let’s head out to the smoker
and put these suckers in. I’ve got my Bradley Smoker
preheated to 250 degrees. I’m gonna put these in there
for about an hour and a half, come back later and
put some cheese on top. Let that smoke for
about 30 minutes. Put a fried egg on top. (upbeat music) Okay, it’s been about two hours. At about an hour and a
half, I put the cheese on. And they’re lookin’ pretty good. And there you have it. The insane bacon venison
smoked cheeseburger. – [Narrator] As Wade waits
to get back into the field, he spends time practicing with
his new bow from Cabela’s. – On this particular hunt,
I’m gonna be shooting a Cabela’s Fortitude
bow that’s rigged out specifically to my
needs and what I like. I’ve got a six-pin
Spot-Hogg sight on it. I’ve got a drop-away rest. I’ve tricked this bow
out basically in a manner that I’m comfortable with
everything and all the assets. And I spend a lot
of time shooting. I’m just as apt to be
shooting in the spring and the summer as I
am in the winter time. In fact, I probably shoot more
in the spring and the summer than I do during hunting season because I’m really
focused on my equipment. I’m wanting to make sure
my equipment is ready. I wanna make sure it’s dialed in so whether I’m in the
backyard shooting, or out at the camp,
or at a friend’s, I’m really paying attention
to every little detail about my equipment
because in bow hunting, any little thing
that goes wrong, any little setting
that’s off a little bit, any little mishap, the
wrong anchor point, something being
loose on your bow is gonna have an adverse effect and it’s gonna make
it impossible to have, or a lot less probable at least
to have a perfect kill shot. Cabela’s has a wide range of
archery and hunting equipment, specifically for the archer
whether you’re looking to get outfitted for a new bow, or whether you’re
looking for sights, whether you’re
looking for rests, whether you’re
looking for arrows, whether you’re
looking for advice, whether you’re looking to
test bows on the range, there’s so many assets
available at a Cabela’s store for you to go try out to find
what’s gonna fit you the best. There’s certainly a lot
of different pro shops across the nation
for you to go to, but Cabela’s is just an
absolutely phenomenal resource when it comes to having a
large amount of inventory. – [Narrator] When we
return, Wade heads back out to the bow stand
for one of the most exciting hunts he’s ever had. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Smith and Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most, Bradley Smoker, food
smoking made easy, ConQuest Scents, hunting
scents and dog-training scents, GrovTec, go hunt,
we’ll carry the gun. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton. Wade heads back out to
the four-way bow stand where he sat the
previous morning. The stand showed
all kinds of promise so Wade hopes he’ll get
lucky in the afternoon. – So back where we
were the other day. Started here that
morning, snuck in here in the dark, jumped
about 50 turkeys. You can see turkey sign all
over the place right here. There’s a big creek
that’s runnin’ right here. This is a giant flat over here and I’m gonna try
to rattle again ’cause when I rattled
the other morning, rattled in several bucks
who just came runnin’ so we’ll see what
we can get done. We got in here a little
bit late honestly, it’s 3:17, I’d like to have
gotten here about 2 o’clock. Got an overcast day,
little mist in here. Toward the end of the
rut, no wind at all. We’re gonna have to be pretty
stealthy to get drawn today, but that’s okay, we’re into
the late season of bow huntin’. Get set up, climb
up into the stand, and hopefully we’ll
find something to shoot at here in a minute. (antlers rattling) Good buck, good buck. – I just, I don’t know, the
conditions were perfect. It’s about upper
40s, maybe low 50s. There’s a little
mist in the air. It feels like that one
of those afternoons that anything can happen and
I start bangin’ on the antlers and deer are kind of comin’ out, and it’s almost a repeat of the
morning a couple of days ago where this busted up
eight point comes in, and the same buck
that we rattled in that was missin’ his main beam, he shows up and all these
other little bucks show up, and when you’ve got
that kind of traffic comin’ in from every angle
after you’ve rattled like that something else is gonna happen. I knew that busted up
deer liked to fight. I mean he came in before,
obviously he’s broke all of his antlers off from fighting
and he starts side-stepping and he starts
pinning his ears back and he starts puffin’ up and
the deer he’s puffin’ up to is an older mature eight point that I’ve kind of got my eyes on that I really hadn’t
had a good look at and he’s off to the right
side of me over there and we’re about 20 feet up
and I mean when they got, I can’t see the initial battle, but I can hear
the initial battle and then you can see
it all unfolding. (antlers rattling) – Wow, what a fight. The one that’s all
busted up, we rattled him in yesterday,
he just got thumped. That eight’s a good
eight, he’s a shooter. He come right underneath
Kevin’s stand filming. No shot. He’s still over there postured
up with that busted one. You saw what happened
when they got together. That’s what you
call a brawl, buddy. Heavyweight fight, listen to
him, he’s out there blowing. – At this point,
I’ve only been up in the stand about an
hour and 15 minutes. There’s been a few
small bucks come in. This giant fight has broken out. The busted up antlered
deer has been run off. He’s blowing off in the
distance, he’s snortin’. And he’s makin’ all
kinds of commotion. And that eight point, he is
just puffed up and is mad, he’s wantin’ to thrash anybody that’s out there at this point. And we glanced over to the
left and what’s comin’ out of the brush is just a
magnificent, perfect ten point. (dramatic orchestral music) – [Narrator] More to come when the Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries returns. The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries
is brought to you in part by Thompson/Center,
America’s master gunmaker, Sawyer products, we
keep you outdoors, Wiley X, absolute,
premium, protection. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton. Wade is camped out
in a tree stand with his eyes on a
shooter, but a hefty ten point now has
his full attention. – I’m looking at the
ten at this point here, and I’m kind of thinking,
“Wow, this deer.” He’s on a path
that’s gonna lead him from my left, from my right,
13 to 15 yards from the stand if he stays on the same course. The wind couldn’t be better. I know Kevin’s got the
perfect footage already, and I’ve actually
placed a Garmin VIRB out about 22 to 25
yards in front of me on that very shooting
lane, aiming back at us, in a perfect vision,
in a perfect dream, in a perfect world, and when
I first sat in this stand back in the summer, I thought,
“If a deer walks behind “that tree, left to
right, or right to left, “what a perfect place to draw.” What a perfect place to draw. And that deer is just steadily
comin’ across that trail. (arrow wooshes) – I mean smoked him. He didn’t go five feet. I mean he’s right there. That’s never happened to me. Wow. Wow. If he’s down, he’s already done. As a bow hunter, that’s the most great feeling that
you’ll ever have. I mean the shot was only
literally 13, 14 yards. We sat up here last night
or yesterday morning… Wow, we sat up here yesterday
morning and rattled, rattled in that busted
one, another one. They got to fightin’, they
got to doin’ everything. I’ve never seen that deer
on this kind of camera. I don’t know where he came from. I saw the other deer lookin’
out there that were wrestlin’ and fightin’ and there was so
much goin’ on in this creek. He just came in, he
stopped, he posed, cleared the whole area. And I smoked him. I smoked him. I didn’t even know what to do. I’m so excited when
I make a great shot and that was a perfect shot. That deer didn’t
go, it’s five yards. It’s five yards from the shot. Wow. I’ve done this a
long time and I just, you talk about being shook up, that’d shake you up right there. I think Kevin even had a
heart attack over there. Wow, I mean,
there’s no tracking. There’s no tracking. Cabela’s Fortitude
bow right there. I’m shootin’ about
67 pounds on it. I mean, it’s flyin’ fast. I’m shootin’ an
A/C/C Cabela’s arrow with an instinct rod head
and that’s the result. That’s a mature
deer, he’s run down. You can see his
(mumbles) from here, they were just dirty. Golly, I can’t believe that. Wow. Wow. Wow. Golly. What a great buck. Thank you, buddy. What a great hunt. – As a bow hunter, to
just walk that short of distance and put your
hands on the antlers, it’s such a great animal
and know that it’s not only going to feed
everybody for a while, but you’re gonna be
able to share the story and share the moment
with friends and families and viewers out there,
I mean, it’s just one of those deals
that you almost… I can’t find all the
words to put it together because that was a
pretty special afternoon
of hunting there and that’s one of those ones
that’s gonna be hard to beat just from the hunt
experience itself. I always hate to say
some things are perfect but I think that
was about as perfect of an afternoon of deer
huntin’ as I could draw up.

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