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Things Don’t Go As Planned

August 14, 2019

– So, the doctor said she didn’t think I was really sick with germs
and she was thinking that I was really sick from foods, and not going to bed at the right time, I’m like … what is she talking about? (upbeat music) Hey guys! It’s me and I didn’t get
to go to day camp today because I threw up 2 times last night, and I think I’m gonna go … down if it’s allowed. – Parker threw up in
the middle of the night, 2 different times and he
was really sad about it. It’s now like halfway
through the day and he’s been staying home with me. We stayed in the room
today and he’s recovering, even though he actually woke up with as much energy as Parker always has. He’s been stomaching his
food but we’re gonna give him a full 24 hours so he
doesn’t spread anything, So he’s missing today. It’s been really helpful to
mommy because I needed a rest, so, I’ve been resting and I
think frustrating Parker a bit cause he’s been poking me a lot, being like “what can we do now?”. But he learned a new trick,
What’d you learn how to do? So he’s working on, graphing a minion. He also learned all on his own
how to operate the bath here. He really wanted to take a bath and I was like totally asleep, and he was like “how do
I make the water stay in, how do I turn it on to not
to hot?” And I was like, Just mess with all the levers dude, just push all the things. Cause that’s how I do it, that’s what I figured out at hotels. So, he did it, and you had a bath. And now you’re feeling
all clean and fresh. – My hair is … really just everywhere. – Yeah – But daddy’s gonna get me
an applesauce and a oatmeal! (laughing) – The other thing kid’s and
Christopher have all been like, go go going today and
actually I’m really glad that we had the rest
day I really needed it, I definitely think I’m
anemic and I’m having a lot of trouble staying awake. (laughing) so this has been helpful for me. Look at my hairdo. My nightgown that I’m
wearing actually says “messy hair don’t care” so. – I can do your hair. – I’ll live it, gotta
live my T-shirt slogan. – I can help you do your hair. – You’ll help me? – Yeah do it better. (laughing) I did my hair so good! Remember that? – I do remember that, it was really good. – So I can do your hair,
just need these to help you. – Thank you sweetie. All right we have a final look! Parker do you wanna explain
what’s happening here? – So there is three
braids and one ponytail that has a ponytail, on this side, and then it has a little
tiny ponytail on this side, and that’s the whole thing. These are still out. – Some loosies? – I wanted that to. – And Parker’s doing so
well that Christopher’s actually gonna take him to
the nurse station right now. And see if he can get cleared for the rest of the day’s activities. (laughing) (baby babbling) Duncan’s in here. We don’t know if what caused
Parker’s stomach upset was food or, an actual illness. But we’re hearing today that a lot of people had trouble after dinner so, we’re kinda thinking
that’s it’s possible that it was a food thing so if
maybe he can get cleared for the rest of the day’s
activities if it was food. We’ll see! He certainly has a lot of
energy and is eating fine now, and he seems a lot better so I don’t know. – So the original plan
for today was for everyone to do archery but Parker
got sick last night, and it didn’t seem like he was gonna go. So I took him to the
nurse and the nurse said “he’s probably fine but
don’t put him in day camp”. So we’re keeping him out of
day camp but they said he was cool to do other activities
as long as I was there, and archery is something we’re I’m there, so we’re gonna go do that still. How’re you feeling? – Good, and I need daddy to open this. – Anyway so Parker will
be going to archery but, Bailey thought he wasn’t,
and so she decided to do something else. She’s going up here again, I guess one of her friend’s parents signed up for this and they aren’t gonna do
it and so they were like, “oh do you wanna do this?”
So she’s going up here again, by herself with her friends. Without me, just with her friends. (upbeat bouncy music) So now we are taking a little
hike to where the archery is, the ropes course that Bailey’s
on is back there in the trees you can’t see it from here. There’s all these zip lines up above us. Last year Bailey and I
went on the zip line tour, Super fun, didn’t get to
do it this year but it was super fun last year
so check out those vlogs if you get a chance. We’re kind of along this
ridge halfway up the mountain. So there’s mountain up here above us, and then a drop off here, and there’s all this water going through, there’s like a beautiful
little creak down there, People zip lining over our heads. And we’re trying to find the
archery area I’ve never been to it before so not
totally sure where it is. (soft acoustic guitar music) Look how big this tree is! It’s so big! Like if I stand up next to
it and put my arm out as far as I can, if I’m up against
it, it doesn’t even fit in the frame like I have to
kinda go this way or this way to see the edge of it, it is so huge. And that’s what most of
the trees here are like, these giant, huge
redwoods, super cool trees, and that train ride that we
took yesterday went through an area that had never been logged. This family bought this big plot of land and in their will said
“nobody can log this area, it is protected” and it’s
been that way ever since. So the trees there are just
huge, they’re thousands of years old, and they’re giant! This area has been logged, What happens when a redwood
gets cut down or falls down, is that it creates a
cathedral and all these other, smaller trees shoot up around
the stump it’s super cool. (soft music) So we asked someone how
to get to the archery area and they said we could take the
scenic route or use the road and the scenic route, it’s
very likely we’d get lost, they were right, we’re lost! We’re here and the trail
is closed ahead of us. And so we can’t go any further, and I think we took a wrong turn somewhere so we’re gonna retrace our steps, and hopefully we don’t get more lost as we look for the archery signs, cause I haven’t seen a
single sign for archery yet. We found the archery area
but we’re a little bit early, and they have a little
shooting range for slingshots so the boys are trying that out right now. Nice shot (upbeat drum music) Nice shot, good one Did you get it? – And then you pull all the
way back as far as you can, good job, good job! So close! – [Parker] It did 2 back flips! – [Chris] 2 back flips? Oh nice shot! Ooh Jacob! So you’re going for the deer? That’s far away. Oh you almost got it! Yes, Nice one! Oh, right between his legs! – [Woman] Nice! – Whoa! – [Chris] What happened? – [Woman] Oh no! (laughing) We got it on video! Okay one more, can you shoot that? And then we’ll fix this. – [Chris] Jacob got a bullseye on his tag. – [Woman] let’s go, Okay. – Whoa! – [Chris] Aggressive! – [Jacob] next to the trees? – [Parker] yeah that’s what I said – Aw so close! – [Chris] Turkey! – Right in the center Nice – I did it! – [Chris] Nice shot! Good job Parker! All right we did it, we did the archery. In my head I was much better
at it than I actually was. But I thought I was gonna be good at it, and then I was just not,
hadn’t ever practiced. – There was this this guy
who was really good at it and he just hit it right in
the middle of the deer’s heart. – So that was a lot of fun. That’s something that
definitely takes practice, you’re not just like instantly good at it, or at least I wasn’t instantly good at it, maybe somebody is. I thought you were really good at it! You guys did a great job. – I hit it 2 times in a row and I did once and then I did yeah, so yeah. (laughing) – I don’t know what he’s saying. But I liked the way they
had it set up because it wasn’t just like, a line of targets and a line of people with bows and arrows. It was like, on the
hillside and all the targets were like staggered, and
there were different types of targets, which I think
made it a lot more fun. And a little more challenging. So like when you hit one target
that’s kinda closer to you, you could go for one that’s on a higher plane that’s further off, or a different shape. So I don’t know, I really
liked it, it was fun. I’d like to do it more and be good at it. (uplifting drum music) – Whoa, there’s a Jacob there. – [Parker] Hi dad! – [Chris] Hey Parker. – Good evening! I cannot go to day camp sadly, but tomorrow I can which is pool day! And I’m super excited about pool day. So the doctor said she didn’t think I was really sick with germs
and she was thinking that I was really sick from foods, and not going to bed at the right time, I’m like … what is she talking about? (laughing) – I can tell you what
she was talking about, she was talking about how
you’ve been staying up late, getting up early, and eating
food that you’re not used to. And you also rode a train
yesterday and a bunch of rides so you could have had motion sickness. – [Jessica] And you were
out in the sun all day. – You’re at a different
altitude than you’re used to. There’s a lot of stuff going
on and trying to adjust to it, and that’s what she thought was going on. So, he’s on 24 hour, not
going to his classes, and then he can go to his class
tomorrow if he feels better. – But she also cleared him to do one on one fun activities with Christopher. And me but I haven’t been much
fun lately, I’ve been in bed. – What’re you talking about you’re here! – I’m here now! – So we’re on a, kind
of a date with Parker. – Yeah, which I’m excited about. Will you show my bump? I feel like we never show this little one. – Oh my goodness. – This tiny tot. – Look at that tot. – Oh my gosh, not so tiny! – Little tater tot. – Mostly tot! – I don’t know, I feel
like now that Parker knows what we do while he’s in
class, he’s not gonna wanna go to class anymore. – Do you wanna go back to you camp? Or do you like the mommy
and daddy camp better? – I wanna stay at camp. – [Chris] You wanna stay at day camp? Whoa, day camp must be pretty awesome. I’ve never been to day
camp so I don’t know, but apparently, it’s pretty awesome. Better than a mommy and daddy date. – But I do like mommy
and daddy date, and baby. I still am pretty excited
to do day camp again. – Yeah you get to go back tomorrow. – Yeah I know, and that’s pool day. – [Chris] You know what else is tomorrow? – Pancake Ridge! – [Chris] That’s right we’re
going up to Pancake Ridge and making pancakes. – Yeah pancakes! – Yeah! – We love pancake day it is
one of the cool things that they do here, its a hike, the kids have a flipping competition, and you eat all the
pancakes and they’re huge, and fluffy, and delicious, and
good, and cooked over a fire. Pancake day! Would you recommend that
they watch pancake day? – Yes, it’s really good,
it’s like a triangle, and a sherbet cheese. – Hi! Lets talk about what we learned today. We learned the reason
there are a few loosies in Jessica’s hairstyle, It’s cause Parker wanted it
that way, no other reason. We learned that if you go bow
hunting for plastic animals, make sure your name tag is out of the way. And finally we learned that nurses know a lot about human health, and how to take care of people with nausea, unless they start talking
about your bedtime. Thanks for watching everybody,
we’ll see you next time. (laughing) this morning is another one
of our favorite traditions which is going up on a long hike to where they cook up pancakes over an open fire, and we eat those pancakes. – Hiking in the very early morning coldness is not my favorite. – It wakes you up, it’s the
beginning of a fresh day! – [Jessica] How’s your pancake Duncan? – Good

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