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Thimbleweed Park™ – PC Game Review

September 8, 2019

Hey everyone, Pushing Up Roses here and today I have a review of a brand-new adventure game that just came out — Thimbleweed Park. This was a successfully kickstarted project from the creators of classic LucasArts title Maniac Mansion and they’ve rebranded themselves as Terrible Toybox. The key players responsible for this game are
Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick and David Fox who have all worked on LucasArts adventure titles. Now considering THAT fact you’d probably assume that Thimbleweed Park is going to be freaking amazing. Well, I have some news for you guys And this is hard for me to say because I love adventure games, and LucasArts were a big part of my childhood but well IT’S AWESOME. First of all let’s just get this out of the way:
this game is not an homage. It’s not “inspired” by LucasArts games. Stop saying that. It’s the same creators. They aren’t honoring themselves. No, if anything, this is a brand-new LucasArts game or a spiritual successor. It has its own story and new characters and its own identity. That being said, how does this game compare to previous LucasArts titles and how does it play in modern times? Well, most notably it has that familiar humor style:
clever with a touch of silly. AGENT RAY: You know anything about the body found by the bridge? BUM: A body? I thought that was a log wearing a suit. ROSES: Engaging dialogue trees as well, which has been a staple of LucasArts games past. The difference is this game has WAY more emphasis on story and I find handling multiple characters is way easier here. You see, I get very stressed out when I need to control multiple characters who have to hold different inventory objects And completing puzzles using different characters overwhelms the crap out of me. But for some reason, I found that this game handles it well. It might be because each character does have a set of specific objectives to do, so, I feel like that gives me a sense of direction at least. The characters are also well written with decent voice acting. I really like Agent Ray here. Her voice is fantastic. It perfectly fits the cynical “let’s stick to the case” type of character. AGENT RAY: Take a lot of notes. Sit back and learn, and I’ll wrap up this case and we can both get the hell out of here. AGENT REYES: Your reputation certainly precedes you, Agent Ray. ROSES: We also have Agent Reyes who is accompanying Agent Ray as they solve a mysterious murder in Thimbleweed Park. Delores, the niece of a strange inventor named Chuck Who lives at Edmond Mansion Mansion and wants to be an adventure game programmer Franklin, Delores’s father and Chuck’s beleaguered brother, who also wants to be an inventor And Ransome the Clown: an insult comic who has been cursed to wear clown makeup forever after insulting a gypsy at one of his shows. RANSOME: Hello *beep* faces. I’m Ransome the *beep* Insult Clown I hope no one gets their feelings hurt easily, and if you do, It’s your own *beep* fault for not being able to take a joke! ROSES: Early on, after seeing some trailers, I thought I wouldn’t like this character at all, but after playing through some of his story I came to love him. Initially, I just kind of thought, “Oh yay, another crass character, wonderful,” but he’s actually interesting. It sounds a lot like Bianca Del Rio. I cannot unhear it. BIANCA: They say that Red Bull gives you wings.
No it don’t. Red Bull gives you BACK ROLLS! ROSES: I don’t have to tell you this game is gorgeous, but I’ll do it anyway: This game is gorgeous. Not only in aesthetic, but in the way that atmosphere presents this intriguing world to explore everything from the murder scene, to the streets with all these interesting looking shops, to the mansion, to the creepy circus.
The cemetery is particularly striking. I have a thing for cemetery screens in adventure games. They give me life! …ironically… I do not want to spoil too much of this game for you since it is so new, so I’m going to be as vague as possible. There have been some strange things happening in Thimbleweed Park. Besides the current MURDER case, Chuck, a simultaneously loved and despised inventor who provided the town with automation technology in the form of various computers,
also died a few days before. Are they connected? There’s also this conspiracy known within the town: The characters keep mentioning signals and brainwashing waves. PIGEON PERSON: The signals are very strong tonight. AGENT RAY: What signals? PIGEON: The signals. The signals are very strong tonight. Using the five characters, you need to unravel the mysteries of this bizarre little town. Something the game does really well is combine humor with tension, things many players will welcome. That’s actually really tough, it’s hard to be funny while also being taken completely seriously. The characters have humorous quips, but they’re often juxtaposed by this ghost town. It gives the game a lot of depth and a more well-rounded personality. You know, like me. It’s also chock full of references to its predecessors. You don’t need to understand them to enjoy the game, but for long-time adventure fans, it feels nice. It actually feels like being acknowledged in some way, and sure, the devs could have been stroking their own egos, But these games are throwbacks to my childhood and I like reminiscing because if you like those titles, you will like this one, too. So puzzles! Let’s talk puzzles. These puzzles are tricky but the devs stuck to their belief that dead ends and random Death Scenes make adventure games less enjoyable. And thus you cannot find yourself in an unwinnable situation. DELORES: If this were a Sierra On-Line graphic adventure, I’d be dead now, but those MMucusFlem adventure games treat their players much better. ROSES: Sick burn, sick burn you guys. …so what happened with Zak McKracken exactly? That being said I did get puzzle fatigue a few times in this game It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but some of these puzzles harken back to the “golden years” of adventures You know, I find that a lot of modern titles steer away from heavy inventory object puzzles that lean towards the harder side and, that’s okay, Any medium needs to evolve with the times and people’s tastes change in terms of enjoyment levels. Thimbleweed doesn’t shy away from those difficult puzzles, though. They aren’t so tough that you become desperate, but they will cause you to think. The game is so new I played it without a guide or any hints and it truly, TRULY made me feel like I was back in the 90s playing one of my favorite adventure games. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with using a guide to complete an adventure game Whatever floats your boat, but it is a different experience playing without one. I find myself very impulsive and will look up a solution too early on. Frequently, if I give myself enough time to think about the puzzle, the answer will likely come to me and it might even be one of those “Duh! I can’t believe I missed that!” moments. The game is meant to be set in the 80s, 1987 to be exact, the year Maniac Mansion came out, but that’s not an overly dominant aspect of this game. There are just enough references to the decade without whacking you over the head with pop culture It feels very appropriate. MAN: What’s on your feet? BOY: The latest and greatest Reeboks. I just got them. Aren’t they rad? ROSES: The few nitpicks I have relate to the very meta nature of this game. I expected a different kind of story when I first booted this up, but it ended on a completely opposite note And I’m not sure how to feel about that and if you play this game You’ll know what I’m referring to but I can forgive it because of the enjoyable experience I had, and, you can tell that the devs made a game they really wanted to make it’s very obvious that they had this idea down pat a nd followed through with it. It took me about 13 hours to complete, and I’m pretty certain I missed a few bits here and there so I may go ahead and revisit it. Although again, I’m being completely honest I just don’t know what to think about that ending. Regardless I 100% recommend this game even with my nitpicks It feels like a brand-new LucasArts game, but better, way more improved. It’s better than Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island because how can it not be? Those games are 30 years old. The devs took what they did really well and made something familiar and new at the same time Resulting in a great adventure game title
with a modern flair, and I really look forward to more from Terrible Toybox. Hey, everyone. Thanks for watching my review of Thimbleweed Park Hope you give this game a go because it warmed my adventure game love and heart. If you want more adventure game retrospectives, then check out my other videos and remember to read the description. Seriously—Read it—There are links in it. As always, see you in the next one.

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  1. Really well done review with so much of the game's details covered that it really helped me in deciding whether this game was a purchase or not. While I'm not one for adventure type games, this one really entices me to give it a chance.

    Keep doing what you do because I enjoy the content you make.

  2. The "If this where a Sierra on-line graphic adventure, I'd be dead by now.." bit was genius! Thank God Kickstarter is a thing.

  3. So many people complain about the games ending, but idk man. I loved it. I kept thinking about it for days after beating it. The whole breaking the 3rd wall thing worked well with the rest of the humour in the game. That theme is also carried quite well throughout the entire game in my opinion. It felt like you're in on the joke with the developers. I for one, appreciated it. The game keeps randomly popping up in my mind thought my days. Any game that does that usually eventually becomes nostalgic. It was a great game.

  4. Wow, SO GOOD! Really great writing, fantastic music. The puzzles are interesting and I love the addition of the to do lists. But… I have one issue.

    I love nostalgia. But I've never been nostalgic for crappy graphics. I feel like maybe it was a good way to sell the game on Kickstarter, but in practice is less fun. It sounds good in theory, but when you're in it for two hours, it starts to grate. And it's sad that what looks like great artwork is knee-capped by the resolution. There's a reason Tim Schafer is re-releasing his old games with high-res graphics. Because let's be real, old graphics looked like garbage. ESPECIALLY old computer games. Old console games translate better. Because an adventure game is about the details, a platformer on SNES doesn't require close examination. So how come now we're deciding to display something that could look great… in super low res?

    Limited pixels also means limited visible inventory space. I've never been nostalgic for like, clicking through line after line of inventory in Police Quest 4 to select my note pad. And the items look SO BAD. There's not enough pixels!

    Just like I remember!

    I don't wanna think, "Oh right, this reminds me about that thing I hated from King's Quest VI, when I couldn't identify most of the items in the pawn shop because it was in VGA." Or, "Oh, right! I used to hate dragging my cursor down to the verbs and then back up to the characters, and now I get to do it AGAIN!"

    And why stop with crappy graphics? Make me climb a mountain by clicking on small bricks over and over again. Make me evade the Sequel Police. Make me modify autoexec.bat then restart the computer to play. Make me troubleshoot for twenty minutes because there's music playing, but no SFX and DO I HAVE A SOUNDBLASTER 16 OR IS IT PRO AUDIO SPECTRUM?

    Pixel art actually used to look better, because we were using smaller, crappier monitors! In a strange reversal of logic, old, crappy monitors display old crappy graphics… BETTER! So my 27" 4K monitor is NOT the best place for reliving this particular thing. Now, if they bundled it with a 13" CRT monitor…

    And to nitpick just a little more, the art isn't even truly VGA… the 256 pixels somehow get smaller and more numerous when the characters walk farther away from the camera.. Seems like a strange oversight for a game trying to tap into this old adventure game 256-color thing.

    And again, other than that, it's a great game. But I'm secretly hoping that it's part of the plot and I'll get to the point where I flip a switch and all the graphics turn good and I can really enjoy the art. Hopefully…

  5. Have you ever heard of or played the 1995 point and click adventure game "Elroy Goes Bugzerk" created by the short-lived company "Headbone Interactive"? that game was a huge part of my childhood

  6. Im so conflicted about whether I should play this. I personally prefer the art style of the monkey island games over the strange "bobble head" Zak and Maniac Mansion ones.. but this could still be good.

    Think it might be a case of meeting your childhood hero, do or don't?

  7. Great review! Same vibes, great game – ending was…. well, I'm gonna say it – pretty awful! A lot of loose ends left there..

  8. Hey PUR, may I suggest reviewing Leather Goddesses of Phobos? It's a weird adventure game from the 80's. Love your channel, cheers.

  9. oooooo! Sick Burn! You are the best! I love adventure games! Ever play Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth?

  10. MINIMUM:
    OS: Windows 7 (fully, FULLY patched)
    Processor: 2 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or better
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 1 GB available space

    This for a graphic adventure game akin to Maniac Mansion

  11. Ok, I know that this is off topic a bit but I just watched "A.C.O.R.N.S.: Operation Crackdown" and their's a snake character that reminded me of PUR and I had to share.

  12. After watching 3 minutes of the review
    Stopped, bought the game, showed the game to my brother who also bought it
    And now instead to study for a test, I am immersed in this game….

    I blame you for my addiction to this game,shame on you 😉

  13. Aaah damn I didn't know about this game, really want to play it, now ! Thanks for yet another amazing review !

  14. Hi PUR! Do you have any plans for more let's plays? Since there has been a lot of new adventure games and remasters recently, it would be great to see you play through one of them. Keep up the good work!

  15. Reminds me of Paradigm. I love that point and click games are returning. One of my top 3 favourite games next to rts games and sandbox modes in adventure games.

  16. The ending was disappointing. Too many loose plot ends remained, such as why wasn't Willie acquitted, why did Agent Ray black out, where did the signals originate from and so on.

    There were obviously remnants of unfinished puzzles as well but that's forgivable since the game is large in its current form. I wish they had taken a bit more time to flesh out the ending.

  17. Now I have to buy though I am edgy of difficult P&C adventure games just because KQ5 and Discworld tortured me as a kid.

  18. Thank you for not actually spoiling anything. Great review! I will now try to avoid the comment section

  19. I liked the ending. But I really felt I had a lot of loose ends with all the other characters, besides Delores. I just went with her in the end…. didnt know doing a certain thing would exclude me from finished the to-do-list for the other 4 people.

  20. I liked the ending. Its clear its supposed to be symbolic about our own lives and how free will doesn't exist, and how its easy to conclude the world and everyone in it shouldn't exist. #Antinatalism

  21. The guy selling starships in bottles… Is he wearing a Next Generation uniform? In 1987? Immersion broken! Universe ruined! 😉

  22. Loved the game, but at one point the constant praises to Lucasarts game felt less nostalgia and more the the devs stroking their own egos. And the burns at Sierra kinda felt like beating a dead horse. Almost literally, just kicking Sierra's old and dusty corpse for giggles.

  23. Great review, as always, but… no mention of the (great) soundtrack? I know it plays in the background of the video, but it deserved more attention than that.

  24. If there was a real Pigeon Brothers I would totally have them do my plumbing! Feel like the original Monkey Island still stands up today, sure the graphics are dated now but the humor is just as fresh as it was and it's just so much fun to play 😀

  25. Cool to see a new game review from Roses again, I didn't realise how long it's been until looking over the last few months worth of uploads.

  26. You have to be kinda stupid(or sadistic) to die in either Maniac Mansion or Zach McKraken.

    Speaking of the those games, it is most like those two game, both gameplay and art direction wise.

    The ending is very meta, and not what I was expecting. I kinda guessed part of what was going on, I was kinda wrong as well.

    As for being better then Monkey Island 1, I wouldn't say that. There is something very special about that game.

  27. Maybe next you could review Paradigm? It's an absurdist comedy adventure game that doesn't make much sense but the art style is grotesque yet beautifully detailed.

  28. What I hate most about this game is not anything from the game itself (besides the cursing clown's humor possibly) but it's the spec requirements needed to play this game I mean the fact that this game requires a 2Ghz processor is insane IMO.

  29. Great review! I just got this game yesterday. I've been binging on all of your classic adventure game reviews because these were the games I grew up with and loved. I'm not sure if anyone's suggested these newer games yet, but you should check out the Deponia trilogy (and the 4th game too). The folks over at Daedalic were clearly fans of classic adventure games and really managed to pull off the spiritual successor to Monkey Island. The other game is The Dream Machine. So moody and surreal, I've never quite had a game manage to cause me to feel quite like it. It's so unique and strange. Thanks for the reviews!

  30. Finished the game yesterday. It is good. But I do think it would have benefited from some more development time. You cannot talk between characters (like Indy and Sophia could for example) outside of scripted instances. A lot of the location are pretty empty in what you can look at, compared to games like Monkey Island. Most likely this was done to save on voice acting costs as every object needs to be voiced by 5 people. To many times characters say the exact same word for word in dialogue trees or object descriptions.. All that said, it IS a good game. It just could have been better with some more time and budget.

  31. This is second modern old-fashioned adventure I'm playing all my nights after you review. First was Kathy Rayne and it was AWESOME! And so is this one!

  32. How do you record your video game footage, PushingUpRoses? BTW, I think this is the best P and C adventure game for many years (and definitely better than the Curse of Monkey Island).

  33. It handles multiple chars as well as DotT did. If that game overwhelmed you then lord help you — GREAT game!! I think TPark might be even better though. Also, for all the hate the ending gets I think it's utter genius. I have my reasons (many of them) but am too lazy to write them here right now – lol. But yes, amazing ending and an amazing game. 9/10 minimum score.

  34. I'm guessing you used a guide at least 5 times for the greatest P&C adventure ever made: Day of the Tentacle. Or wait, is it Thimbleweed Park? Or is it Indy and the Fate of Atlantis? That was always my favourite and it can be completed in different ways and through three core paths. Has Thimbleweed Park outdone my old personal favourite adventure games? Do you know what? I think it has. The ending probably seals the deal (best ending to an adventure ever for many philosophical and existential reasons, but it's generally hated by most players).

  35. The best puzzles in adventures I've come across come from Thimbleweed, Tentacle, LeChuck's Revenge, and the most mundane and dull come from Full Throttle. The most absurd come from Discworld… never did finish that first game. I did need to run a couple of alternate saves for Thimbleweed to rush through to some places to see if I'd missed something and that helped me to solve two puzzles I was stuck on (need a pretty good memory to clock on to some solutions so a quick playthrough can reveal some blind spots). EVERY. SINGLE. PUZZLE. in TPark is devoid of "moon logic". Every puzzle has a logical solution and that's why it's so rewarding to progress through the game. Its tempo and puzzle design is virtually flawless (hard mode). Casual mode is very watered down but I think it's a very good entry for those totally new to the genre.

  36. I see some references at 2:43 like the testicle from Day of The Tentacle in the crowd.

  37. Oooh, I might have to get this! Maniac Mansion was my favorite point and click adventure game growing up.

  38. Oh I wish I had known about this kickstarter, I would have supported it. I loved Maniac Mansion .I gotta get this game.

  39. Thimbleweed Park is a great little game, and I am a sucker for metahumor. I really enjoyed the use of multiple characters, who have their own opinions on things, and side stories. I finished the Casual route recently and am starting the Hard Mode now.


    I wished it had a more "self-contained" ending, so to speak. Nothing wrong with just having a malevolent AI taking over a town of 80 to 3000 people. And I felt disappointed because you've been with these characters for 10+ hours but their stories are just conveniently wrapped up within ten minutes (though I have to admit Ransome's end did warm my heart).
    I love the batch of indie games that's been coming out of crowdfunded projects lately, but I feel like (or with the games I've played) they seem to have amazing stories and great characters, but suffer from weak/rushed endings. Frankly, I'm kinda tired of the whole "oh no, I'm in a game" existential crisis plot that seems to be pretty popular lately.

  40. I really like that the game integrates the hint system as a number that you call on the in-game telephones.

  41. I've just completed the game and I have to say I really enjoyed the game but the ending just felt too lazy and didn't really complete the story. I won't spoil it but if you've seen the ending I'm sure you know what I'm talking about…

  42. Just finished this on the Nintendo Switch! It was a great game. Kinda wish it had a little more throw backs to Maniac Mansion, but still, a lot of fun!

  43. I did not like the ending of this game. I feel the plot kind of fell apart during the second half. The agenda of every character is to get into the factory, for their own personal reason, but only one of those characters gets a genuine payoff. Had that character been made out to be the “protagonist” of the game, and the others simply supporting characters, it might have been okay, but I kept getting the feeling that the two agents were the main characters… and there wasn’t enough payoff for them.

    It’s a shame, because the game is genuinely enjoyable and the puzzles are smart.

  44. Considering that there's an easy mode for casual players, I feel that the ending we got for this game would've been so much better as a punishment for those people who play the easy mode.
    In fact, considering the copious amount of references to Maniac Mansion, I would have loved to have seen multiple endings where the main conflict could be resolved in different (but satisfying) ways, depending entirely on each character's unique skills.

  45. Love your videos! Hate this one. As a fan of adventure games, I can mostly just despise this tryhard game for how awful it is….but I also like some of the graphics..

  46. Maniac Mansion is my favorite game of all-time. I just beat this yesterday with no guides. I love it and all the throwbacks, but I feel it's a dumbed down version of MM. Still loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've only played casual mode, though. I look forward to the advanced mode.

  47. This is the absolute most stupid hard point n' click I've ever played… and yes, I have played Discworld. There are just too many indicator absences, and far, FAR too much guesswork to do by chapter 6. There is a reason there is a built in hint line…

    You say the answer just came to you if you gave it long enough. How did you know that Delores had to go to the trampoline to spot ransom to get that one remaining joke book page? How did you know that zapping the door would get it to open in the hotel? How did you know that suddenly, only at that specific time, Ransom was no longer "afraid of heights" and could climb that radio tower???

    Unless I'm missing something, and a lot of it, this game went way out of it's way to achieve good ol' fashioned moon logic.

    Daedalic point n' clicks are objectively superior. Why does no one review them? PUR, why don't you be the first to review some criminally underrated Daedalic games???

  48. Like Hugo house of horrors which I played when I was 9 in 1993 on the school computer in my class took me 10 mins to beat our teacher let a boy in my class install game and the kid had cheat codes 😊

  49. i don't mind some thought but i'm not a fan of difficult puzzles.

    cursed to be a clown forever…well…could be worse…

  50. Sometimes I wonder what games might have been made if PushingUpRoses were a bit more like Dolores. I keep comming back to this channel to see this channel to see what adventure games I missed and ofter buy them afterwards

  51. Thank you! Your recommendation lead me to getting a steam account and this game! I just beat it! 🙂 love your videos!

  52. Oh man! I played this game and loved it, but it isn't until just now watching your review that I saw all the Easter eggs hidden in Ransom's audience! I was too busy watching him and his targets. I see Nurse Edna, Dr. Fred and Green Tentacle, a young Guybrush, Zak McKracken and one of the aliens in cowboy hat disguise…even other characters from this game on the edges of the audience that I missed.
    LOVE IT!
    Kinda sad I missed it the first time around, but happy to have something more to catch now!

  53. I've been playing Beneath a Steel Sky for the first time and my biggest complaint so far is that progress feels very slow and the "clues" for some are really obtuse or basically nonexistent. I love adventure games, but I greatly dislike it when you just brute force your way through the puzzles or get randomly lucky rather than being able to logic out whatever the developer wants you to do. I found Sierra and Lucas Arts were much better about this, which is probably why they were so successful…mostly.

    On topic, I just recently heard about this game and definitely need to get it. Now I'm excited. Hero U: Rogue to Redemption looks good too, and is made by the lovely couple that made Quest for Glory.

    Who says adventure games are dead?

  54. This game is really really good

    Just don't play it on the "normal" difficulty
    Is not well done
    Play it on hard, it's not really hard

  55. Me: (watches review) Oh an ambiguous ending? Alright, it's all up to interpretation, maybe I won't find it that bad.
    (plays game and sees ending) That's 8 hours I'll never get back.

    Until entering the factory, the game was really good tho.

  56. Of course it's 1987.. did you see all the 1987 references, like the radio-station KSCUM 198.7 (an otherwise impossible FM frequency, btw).

  57. Your channel is amazing, I love your adventure game reviews, gives me the nostalgic feeling I seem to always crave, so thank you.

    I have yet to play this game but might give it a shot based on your review.

  58. It was good, but not great. Unfortunately the ending completely destroyed the game for me. It was on its way to being amazing then took a sharp turn of the edge of a cliff.

  59. I love that the Dr & the Mrs plus the tentacle from Maniac Mansion is in the clown audience! Great video!

  60. I didn't know Bianca Del Rio is in this game! Especially when the clown was cursed to wear that makeup for all eternity hahaha

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