THEY’LL NEVER EXPECT IT!! | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)
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THEY’LL NEVER EXPECT IT!! | Gmod: Prop Hunt (Funny Moments)

January 29, 2020

M: Wait, whose team should I be on? J: Yeah, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be picking Oh THIS level! M: I don’t think me and Sean… we haven’t… W: I’ll change to you, Bob.
B: Okay. M: They had fog in here?
J: And a bartender! Whoa because it’s a VAPE bar duh. I get it! Wait a minute hang on It’s a vape bar, did they add FOG???? Am I supposed to be spawned in seeing you guys right now? We’re the hunters we can’t see anything I can! and I’m moving No Wade come on don’t lie to us you can’t see anything We are NOT over this way, I’ve got some weird out-of-body thing going on where my body’s lagging behind my body But I think I’m gonna do it It’s all that vape man It’s gettin’ to ya I’m just going to put my head in a corner for a minute and give you guys a second to work this out okay? I saw them walk in and I could still see you in that room just being like “What the fuck do I do?” Tike you went in to take a shit, but shat everywhere know how to clean it up so you just close the door That was a solid hint. Are you guys- are you guys done hiding yet can we come find yooooou~ I’m ready 😉 OH YA we were this guys penis last time! I remember this! It’s all coming back. JUST STOP, STOP HANG ON Won’t let me be it won’t let me be the thing I want I need some privacy I have a solution *shush* That’s a good solution. I like the sound of that solution. Hang on just- hang on, wait- ya- thank you. Thank you nOOO Wait guru dodo peeking thank you. Hey girl, I cannot fucking grab this *laughing* I want it so badly>:( He’ll probably just end up killing himself, just leave him alone. I- I tried to be the dildo the floppy- nOOOOO I JU- NO>:( I moved it, I moved it. Alright Jack where are you at… What you do to me oh oh shit literally SHiT!! Looks like you guys are in quite a pickle (hint hint) wait wait wait you want to see a joke he wants a joke. Mark go hide, go hide Are you a poo, are you poo no… I’m- I’m the forbidden dildo :1 Are you Mr.Hanky “Forbidden dildo” Wade I need some privacy and to forget that mark said that You’re the exit only dildo ( ° ʖ °) Give me a minute hang on if I could, if the, but if it, if I, can we, alright it’s not gonna work Let’s just kill mark… nOO You don’t know which one I am (oof) The forbidden dildo is gone for now. Thank you, but my legacy lives….. I hope not 🙁 You know… bad legacies are still a thing too nobody took the opportunity to call mark a piece of shit today. I don’t know, I think it was implied, Yeah, the comments will take it over. Hey Bob come here a second You find something? Yeah, there’s like an egg under this couch Where… See if I can scooch, no, you can’t scooch the couch 🙁 Don’t shoot- don’t shoot the egg… If the egg wants to live I think the egg should come over here. Eat the egg, be da egg Well… That’s a warning shot Eggman. Well. You can keep shooting the egg wh- *confusion in prosses* That looked like something but- Shockingly it wasn’t the egg. I gave you a hint earlier said you’re in quite a pickle! ahhh- So shoot every penis in the room Good shot *sarcasim* That was too good of a hint! I gave you that hint before Mark became shit! We were clearly distracted by the giant shit! Okay, I mean I get it I get that. Oh there is an egg under it. There’s also a floating Toblerone No it’s meee! Double check that Toblerone!!! its a perfectly normal toblerone why are you still hiding as a toblerone Shit Was there a corpse at your last young yeah, there was it was just hanging out. There’s a poopoo Well that dick flopped, but I don’t think that was him. Do you go in the secret room? Are you in the secret room? No I’m actually a pretty legit spot There we go All right, okay god this vent sucks That’s not, it’s not seeing this do you guys see what my flashlight turns on what whoa what the hell just happened Okay wait you’re not you’re hardly that are you? Well, I know there’s a jerk no no that’s always a bed. That’s that’s all that’s not me cheatsy pickles. Just in case okay You missed Why was it why was it a turd next to this man wasn’t he a poo? It doesn’t make sense why it was there there’s turd-theres one right next to this guy as well, there’s a like a poo emoji! hmmMMMMM hMM That was a piece of toast Look he IS a phone That was your hint This one’s gonna be my cure. I am a phone. This is my way Okay, this was gonna be my killer’s where’d he go, where’d he go He’s over there! He went- awww… He went in there 🙁 totally still wins Lose in such a tiny man. I was sitting in that side table watching way to run around I was gonna be really angry if you made them grenade right next Can’t be any of these things Lame should be an eyghon. It always were whole time bomb I thought you were the green vase on the table Yeah, oh no uh oh, uh OH, UH OH It’s not letting me change Hey, hey…… Did you find Mark….. You want me to you want to get you want me like wedgie out of there, but no I’m good. I’m just stupid Knaw we can- Couldn’t find it you’re here. Why don’t you become this? Oh? It does work. Good job. Buddy doesn’t work okay? Now. I’m right here. Are you sometime? I’m a hide right here. Become this 🙂 Cold toast need Wait I want to see if this works. Where’d it go oh? Haha, he left with this wait. What do you want me be over here beep boy wait? That’s not what I thought I picked up not that This stay there be an IHome Can’t. fuck you can’t sit still toast motherfucker>:( oh- OK OK whoa! “Sit still toast motherfucker” yo almost shot me- I’m out, I’m out. Are you this phone by Toby whos flipped upside-down noooo (sneaky sneaky :3) You shure… McDonald’s heard B: He was a piece of toast on top of the line- M: I was the original toast and then… M: Sean took my toast… J: I took the toast ’cause someone offered me the toast! J: It was all I could be! M: I was the original toast! It was me the toast the whole time! J: HE was the toast motherfucker! By Joe my toes my joke are you saying you were the toast the whole toast and nothing, but the toast the whole Exactly yeah leave those words. I hate this game. I don’t like what you guys are doing. I like this oh Wait I don’t think you’ll unstick them, I think you’ll just also Didn’t mean to right click there, but I did unstick you yeah, they’re working you get down. Oh my god. Good wait You’re goddamn genius. That’s what you are you guys that doesn’t sound right at all wait. You might want to check what you There’s no big macs in the bar Course there might be big bad, Oh a fire with a Big Mac. That’s the dream How we’re gonna mock it? God I can’t have a Big Mac same Can’t have alcohol why I mean, I mean well. That’s fine for me. I miss Pizza Pizza I Need like some more seconds hang on you have three soup. No. That’s not enough one blast off I fired 21 but ok tiny vine fact nice Thanks Thomas Nice meme ok I See what somebody tried to do No Secret button or something in this map. I cuz there’s there are I believe Bound to be secrets. There’s a considerable lack of a probably There there isn’t much vaping where that person Actually vapor pipes ok guys. I’m actually gonna look this up I know I know there’s a secret you’re gonna look at all they were looking at beeping Actually gonna look this up what? I can’t find any secrets for it alright. I’m back on the hunt. What did I miss detective mark Blair’s here? Wait I’m incredibly sorry I got super excited about Right and I was just over there hanging around dodging Its own is that one of them no no no I met him up with me That was Wade that with the door closing. I was a pickle jar trying to get up on the shelf I see I was a face trying to become a penis or Just gonna go to the save spot, but gonna be fuckin penis. I want to be If you get it wrong then we win yeah, yeah That was About this I’ll be right back, I’ll be right back okay I’ll call your bluff Party on tonight boys Circle back to it. He’s still where to go where’d the other penis go wait. Where’s the other penis? I lost my penis No, this is more important here, I’m gonna set it down like this pick it up from right where I’m standing Pick it up from right here wait. Why aren’t you listening to me? Fucking hey you so much right now So the tip is right at you now pick it up pick it up pick it off Now walk towards it I don’t know. I just really wanted to see if you would do it But you someone to understand what I wanted you to do that it Darn sense you guys It’s fine everything’s fine, don’t worry about it sure you trying your best everybody okay. I lost you anyway, so have you Do you want to see some tricks Here from the audience, please All right nice you’re right Okay to position myself remember if you want to come stand right over here, okay, okay? Very brave for volunteering, okay, sir if you could please just go ahead and squat down for me Hang on didn’t work right hang on. Do you know what you’re losing the audience If you do it again, please I’m trying I’m trying Get him there’s a good trip. Oh he did a number on you whoo That’s a lot of blood from that’s a nice trick Bob Okay That wasn’t the first time that happened don’t forget to rate me That’s piracy we do not condone the illegal download of movies Unless that a whole hard drive full of I am Legend, I don’t care Wade, Wade! This is between us ok! Look you want to see you want to see what I’ve got for you you bet Your data right now a little show hang on Is it Cory In The House? It betterr be Cory In The House. I’ll settle for iCarly iCarly I mean Malcolm in the middle or else. I’m gonna be busy Monitor for jokes but oh How you’ve had like five seconds No No, no I’m not just gonna not just gonna do what you tell me you turn There’s a ball of anger somewhere It’s very tempting, but I won’t Would you kill the prop Are you doing no, how did you know? You’re just like finding me in ways like what the fuck We have we have someone we have a friend Dead Come he just rolled and you said that was fight material old enough to come back that’s Always current What are you killing my bartender I’m try and he’s not doing it oh No Mike have any pupils or his eyes just wide it out. Yes so much Rachel Getting got in the head that many times is gonna Weiser’s Awful, Oh. Also if you move back and forth he kind of blinks. Okay, you guys have fun with that Wait wait wait pickle friend. Oh, man. I already where the fuck. Did you just go he’s Big Mac friend. Oh, I see Come can you become the cigarettes whoo? I want to be all yeah fucking Marlboro Lights Dog Cigarettes, yeah I’m 13 and ready to ruin my life Wow Don’t smoke kids way to call out all the 13 year old smokers Wade Yeah, way to make them feel self-conscious. Hi. I am on top of my bigger brothers No no no you’re a carton those are boxes Man way to go do me like this. There’s no the curtains here. I’m just saying man I’m just laying there still calls are still very dumb, so I’m on top of the boxes there pretty dumb. They’re pretty Good job guys here Yeah do that click yeah, there you go, okay? I B:Was just sucking on Jack that was not necessary W:You mean you committed murder!?

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  1. 8:23


    ~the best thing Bob has ever said and will ever say as long as he lives~


  2. ummm I hope they don't know how to use a dildo 😨😨😨😨😨😨 yep that is what I was thinking when they said 'dildo'

  3. I remember when I had no idea what a vape pen was or what vaping was and assumed that it was some weird sort of dildo knowing these 4.

  4. please help-

    my alarm fucking base boosted the " SIT DOWN TOAST MOTHERFUCKER " part and I legit thought Chihiro from my danganronpa game was fucking with me wAH

  5. It is a little sad that Jack's actual name is Sean and I have a sad name Sean and I am going to go see my brother Sean and yes he is a jr.

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