There’s a BOXTROLL in our House!  (FGTEEV GAMEPLAY / SKIT with BOXTROLLS iOS Game)
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There’s a BOXTROLL in our House! (FGTEEV GAMEPLAY / SKIT with BOXTROLLS iOS Game)

August 19, 2019

Chase where are you man? I downloaded your app. What was that? Uh? What was that? What what what who was that? it’s a black, so Are you a real box roll? Yeah? Don’t touch me I’m afraid [of] you guys ah I Think he’s Tom The box job, are you dad hey Dad [oh]? [no] Take this pot show never don’t ever come in my house again. Oh Okay What last row? Here adaptable minute okay guys Wanna watch troll who is about to play a game called boxtrolls I’m here with an empty box. Ha I thought you were empty You’re not oh, we need to reintroduce ourselves. My name is juice. What’s your name? Yeah, alright. Dude. Are we ready. [I] think I’m like a little stuffy here, and let’s go, [Oooh] What’s Gonna happen they’re going down? [oh], no? [oh-oh-oh], I can barely see I Can’t really reach the iPad [I] can’t reach it Now can’t choking over here. Well looks like up muscles. Though. Yeah diesel [muscles], what’s this [alright] select your box [role] which one you want to be fish or Shoes. Oh look at that. You move it weird which one should we be chase fish. Yeah, whoa? Let’s see this one, whoa whoa, whoa Yeah being you know it’s about your box if you’re happy. You know it going your box hello I’m inside of my back now alright. Let’s play this we now we know the box troll. Oh, what’s up guys? I’m [matthew] TV daddy. This is my son chase [this] [sets] your TV channel [in] case you didn’t know wait wait Let’s see if you hear this I Fired it in the box, but oh look at this tap to jump [so] look tasty just tap it We’re just checking this out for the first time. We saw it, and we thought you know why oh he’s in the dark now. [oh] Hold to jump higher. Oh, nice. Oh Here you I died I fell Jump hello, okay, and jump nice. So chase was like Daddy came He watched boxtrolls right after he told me he wanted to play a game [for] [ft]. TV So I thought wait a minute. Swipe down a slide. Oh cool, so I thought wait a minute Why [don’t] we just play boxtrolls? [oh] I missed all those? So here’s the good idea let’s do it. So that’s why we’re playing this super outdated game called boxtrolls jump Yes Whoa, I’m sliding Well, what’s that don’t land on traps like that alright cool? So now I know not to do it. Oh I did it again I won’t do it this time though I’m not gonna go in the trap see I didn’t say what above into the trap haha well I’ll get out [of] my way drop. Can’t get out of the trap oh I feel like I’m stuck in a bog [pan] come on jump booing. Yes. I missed it it. Oh Mr.. Gristle bunny I got the bag I tease those guys are trying to get the white hat right what happens to that guy? Who eats too much cheese? Huh? Talk to eggs for tips. What are you Gonna? Tell me eggs Hard-Boiled advice few hints [you] jump on Mr.. Gristle’s. Oh. Yeah, okay? Use a wrench full [of] waku we’re good Thank you eggs Okay My beer oh, there’s levels. I love when it’s leveled one press the play button there you go chase and Alright Chase is Gonna. Take a turn. You got this eggs alright Chase is gonna try use a funky wrench to escape the trap try and Chase go Hey, you can’t you can’t throw [at] the boss? Try it [okay], you can’t reach it tight Okay, we’re having boxtroll difficulties cool How about this you try that hand I’ll do this hand go. I’ll jump and now you jump go Press it up. Okay now Jump [look] oh You got [trap] slice Okay, here we go We already or coming don’t get stuck in that trap can’t come yes, you did it chase [oh] Oh, you’re the Java and slide. Oh no John on his head fine. Okay. Get those get those jump oh Okay, we’re coming up We need to get fitch to the market one pound fish Three four five four one pan fish [I] used to listen to this song a long time ago Well, we jump on top get the gears. [oh] nice jump. Whoo good job cheese You okay get your little quiet over there you focused Yeah, what’s your name um eggs? [yeah], and you’re playing as fish Chase are you a real box troll? Yeah, you are. Yeah, I thought so what’s your secret power? You say it now because I play a lot I will take turns Cheese would you get you got 95? Want to see if I can beat your score? Yeah, I think I could Cuz I’m not grown [up] even though Pretty much acting like a kid. I’m a kid up. Yeah You want to get out of the box yeah, let me take the box op It’s ready okay, and one two today. Go hey. You’re not a box troll Yeah, boy [here] go boy. I thought you were a box troll. Oh, Inc. Is Gonna help us oh I like ink – okay here you try ink All righty [Chase] is trying ink and ink don’t stink. I’m stuck in this box I can’t breathe so my face is Gonna turn pink Well, where’d your friend go? [oh] no? It’s not you trapped [oh] [no], don’t continue. You have to jump on the red hat hey, let’s see I [can] help you – all right – play ready and And if you hold it down yes, oh, you got the bell. It’s like a super treasures ah You trapped your friend cheese. [oh] here. We go jump on the red hat you want me to do that part are you ready in? 102 3 oh [misters] red hat [oh] you’re getting [geared]. Ohno Joke, huh slide down, we we What what else close me in and? Jump and swipe down to go fast like that, and it’s right down all do we did it how much did we get this time? I’m really losing Visit [Hailey’s] revving is belly like [there’s] [my] [dad] this box is [really] uncomfortable, oh I’m like really uncomfortable We like recorded like two videos in One day So we’re like should we change our shirts So people don’t think that like we’re dirty and we wore the same clothes two days in a row, but anyways I’m like I’ll just put flashes on well now you’ve revealed our secret without a box. What do you do I? Like to play the system [okay], like a paper cut when I turn my neck I’m like ah ah ah It seriously hurts But I have muscles. They’re not they’re not really it’s just it’s just makeup or when I push against the box see ya Alrighty and jump what oh? There you guys swipe up. Oh, what’s the wrench? Press that jump on his head uh-huh good job [Jeez] [oh], [no] Oh good you can get out of the trap if you have a wrench don’t get stuck in that Good job cheese. Chase is a pro. You like this game and now jump [no] oh [hahaha], you got stuck on [me]. Shy [alright] Do you know that when you when you jump up you watch this ready jump up, and then swipe down? See so jump up, and then go down. You know how to do that final watch feet. Oh, there’s a wrench And I go out. I just got hit in the head watch this you’re ready jump up watch Jumba and I was with down You’re not to do that already Almani, oh haha whoa, whoa, oh Now you get out I know but I could only get out one time Alright so watch it when I say I say push it down [you’re] right now yet in go push it down. Yeah like that dude You’re a pro. No no no okay, ready, [and] Wait till we have a big jump ready and one two three good. Well, you did it chase and I messed you up Alrighty [no] whoa, okay. Good job. We’re getting their teeth all right, we’re gonna get to the end come on strike down Chase ah Do it ready in oh we’re here. We made it Found it. No, not [no] [not] We made it no, we’re not I’m pretty sure that’s the right response, but I’ll have to check with [the] Souris even lots of lots of bad guys [yeah] I know, and you know what I wanted to say rest in peace to the fish stories because it passed away It’s one of those extinct dinosaurs true Story But his brother dictionary survived all right? Sparky [we’ll] help you collect more cogs. [oh], thank you sparky. Who’s that boxtroll? [oh], there’s that [where] the white hats are oh, oh? It’s a wrench [alright], what’s this one? Oh? It’s a magnet see the magnet so watch the gears. They’re Gonna come to me See see the gears yeah now. They just go to you like Magnet charge attract to attack tag Oh the whole talks about [Shine] later later micro video [cut] down the video Some of you guys know I’m talking about [hey], oh, [well]. [I] got to poo Poos Well, I’m stuck I’m stuck in between was it is that it but [oh] your swipe da right dude swipe down and swipe oh We’re not here. We’re not here, but we could be there [ow] I hit my head ready in [oh] Hoo that was [a] cool. No. No, hey double Duo That that that that that that that? That’s oh, you should eat your head right. Oh man, 2d side-scrolling graphics looks cool oh Well no, no no I don’t know [while] [I] was about to just ground pound into the trap like take that cage like oh wait now now I’m in here pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Well, this is a pretty easy game We didn’t always like we watched like a quick little snippet of it, and we thought okay to add Sparky to your team so if we want him chase we can buy him, but you had to keep trying alrighty guys, so I think we’re done whoo Where’d you get more, right? Yes? [oh] man? We need to do better. [oh], who’s that guy [oil]? Yeah, oh, that’s the red hat all right? Here you try last round. Oh, what’s that mean? You break it use the barrel [buster] to break through barriers. Oh cool Going how do you use the barrel buster? I’ll get that and you break it boy ah here you try Alright last round guys alright. Chase make sure you break all the boxes kay Do you see a box? Chase you there cheese hello She saw guys chase left, so I’m gonna play say something [ba] [bye]. [oh] you’re here Well get the bell. It’s like Supercharges right oh boy [Leonard] right Chase Well go back and get that one. Oh, you can’t go back. Oh break it break it. [oh] you lost it Fine. [oh] you lost the barrel buster Okay, you got a jump you lost a barrel [buster]. How’d you lose a barrel buster? Is it cuz you got trapped jump nice, oh Boy the poopoo you poopoo watch let me show you how it’s done alright, whoa Wait, you used one of my finger more jigs That’s [alright]. I forgive you chase Hey, I use your [keys] you use my cheese, [ya] [know] using my cheese. That’s my stinky cheese, whoa What still what do you say still is it? How does a box troll talk? We’re done Yeah, we did Dad But got to like we only just have to love this okay try again No, we’re done Well look at this [four] five. [oh], what’s that number [ten]? I’m getting kind of hot in this box want to say goodbye to these peeps alrighty guys. Thank you so much for watching Chase is Gonna put on this box again, and we’re gonna go dance and have a little fight I’m gonna fight [uk] from you know in the hallway alright, you guys wait taste We got tell them [bebo] beliefs, but no no dude down there, dad Chase it’s not nice to beat up people you [need] to let them beat up themselves Wow, they really went through a hit like that Billy-Bob about Career fuck you Wanna fight Wow

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