“There are no cars left,” they said | Barn Find Hunter – Ep.39
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“There are no cars left,” they said | Barn Find Hunter – Ep.39

November 17, 2019

(strumming guitar music) – There’s a Mustang. There’s some pickup truck cabs. Oh yeah, there’s some stuff there. ’57 Ford. Some kind of convertible. Oh yeah! This is all a result of talking to a guy while we’re eating lunch. We were having lunch at a deli. This is the fourth location
that he’s turned us on to. We had no idea who he was and look at another Starliner. A ’60 Starliner. So Tom Cross doesn’t know about this. I gotta check this out. (lively music) Pretty good stuff here. We wouldn’t even know about this if we hadn’t talked to that guy at lunch. I called him up last night and thanked him and I’m gonna do it again today. But now we’re gonna go see a guy who we heard about yesterday. We made an appointment to
go back and visit today. Boy, these roads are rough. And this is where our
first stop’s gonna be. So what we try to do in the show, give people encouragement that there’s still old cars to be found. Well, let’s see what
you have if that’s okay. – Well, we can work inside
or we can start outside. Yeah, I got a ’47 International pickup, firetruck. – Wow, this is quite a building. Holy mackerel. Is this where you live when
your wife kicks you out? – Oh yeah. No, I live in the house. (laughs) It’s still a work in progress, But I have a upstairs loft with just a place to gather and everything. Pool table, bar, work out place over here on this side. But right now it’s full of junk. You know how it is. And I’m still working on it day by day you know how it goes. – So tell me about this fire truck – It’s a ’47 International. We go to car shows and stuff. We don’t have anywhere to sit
and eat except for in chairs so I’m gonna make a bar
over on that side there with some stools, swivel stools that way I have a place I’m gonna put umbrellas on it and all that, but it’s still
gonna look like a fire truck. It’s actually an ’85 Ford E-350 ambulance chassis. So the engine bay and
everything offset in there which worked out good because of the power
breaks and everything. – So is it diesel? – It’s gotta 464 in it. – Geez. – Yeah. – So it’s automatic, a big block with automatic power steering. – Yup. – In the fact that the
engine’s offset makes this – Made it easier
– brake – for the power brake booster
– booster. – and everything. – It worked out great. – Of course you know I
hadda build the firewall and everything because
it had sinken into it. But I still got plenty of
leg room and everything as far as how I built it anyways so. – Yup. – But you know I’m trying to fix up the inside a little bit (Tom laughs) – That’s cool, man. – And this roads tires – Did you build this? – Yes. A friend of mine had it. – I’m looking at this.
I’m looking at this. That’s pretty cool stuff connecting rods. – Well, this is where
they chopped the top at. I didn’t do the chop. It’s kind of rough and everything and I wanted a way to kind of mask it. – So that’s your idea? – That’s my idea. I just used some copper wire. I stripped the insulation off of it and I just weaved it in and out of it. – Man. – It’s a tool theme. We work in oil field around here. I got a tool theme on it. I got all kinds of tools. Sockets. – Alright. So I saw the
stuff in your backyard. – Yeah, let’s go to the backyard. We can check that out for sure. – So we’re going to see Roland’s tomorrow. – Yeah. Yeah.
– Mustang guy. And then you got a guy
right on the corner, right behind you here? – Yeah. Yeah.
– With some Mustangs? I haven’t talked to him yet – So out here I’ve got of course we have the
old chassis for that ’63. That belongs to a friend of mine. And I got an old T-Bucket here. I guess about a ’26. It’s in real rough shape. Got a frame for it and everything. It’s gonna be a true rat rod. I got a little V6 came out
of an S10 I wanna put in it. – So you’re going to build this? – Yeah, eventually. – Alright. So that’s not a T frame though. That’s not a Ford frame. – The bottom one innit. This one is. It’s original to the– – This one. – Yeah, and that ones not. It’s a home-made frame. – But this ones not. Because Ford never had steering like that. – Really? – They never had leaf spring. That could be a Chevy frame. That ain’t a Ford frame. – They told me it was a– – A Ford frame woulda hadda a leaf spring running across the side and bolting underneath here. – Cool. Good to know. – But what difference it make? A rat rod this… – Got a ’53 model Plymouth Cambridge. Got a flat-head six in it It actually runs. – Oh really? – To be honest with ya. But I’ve had it so long, it’s just sittin’ out here. I paid a thousand dollars for that car. I hadn’t never done anything with it. I’ve had it for over two years and just been sittin’ here. Everything’s still six volt. – I wonder if you can
just make it road legal the way it is. – Yeah, you can. – You’d get a lot of
attention at the car show. – I actually have a van over here that I was gonna put that body on and put the air conditioning and the dash and everything, incorporate it in here. But I decided against that and like you said, I
think I’m gonna try to, one of these days, just get it back together the way it is and just drive the way it is– – So it’s got three on the column? – Yeah, three on the tree – And if you went through the
hydraulic brakes and stuff, I bet you can make it a good car. – Oh, yeah. Of course
you’ll have to go through all the brakes and all that and – Yeah, this thing is – And course the window. I got the window in the back seat. – Oh, no kidding. – Yeah, it lying back here in the back. I think these two windows
need to be replaced but they’re flat so
they’ll be easy to cut. – Alright. Whaddya got a ’40? – Yeah, over here I gotta it’s a ’40 model– – Pontiac?
– Pontiac – Silver Streak Deluxe. – So you’re neighbor’s
got a ’40 Pontiac Coupe. Aubrey. – Yeah, that’s a little hot rod style and everything. – Right. – Actually, he still has the engine and everything that this one does. It’s all locked up. And I got it from him. And this one, the interior’s all original. There some tore up stuff, but the headliner’s still in it. The seats are still good. – Oh yeah. – Suicide doors. Looks like cat’s been in there. (laughs) But the material and
everything is still just… – 54 thousand miles. – Still got the original
dash and everything. The clock. Got all the bezels and everything– – So that’s never been a hot rod? – No. – That’s the original car. – The way it sits is the
way it’s gonna be rollin’. Once I get it goin’. I have a 350 engine and
all that I wanna put in it. – On that chassis. Just
leave it the way it is. – And just leave it the way it is. Cause it’s a stout chassis and all that. The big engine was in it. It’ll handle a 350. – This has been last on the road, I guess, in 2009 – Yeah. – That’s a good selling point.
Apparently someone had it going and and of course I got everything to it. All the plates and everything. I have the original fuel tank in it, too. Believe it or not it’s clear and free of rust. It’s pretty and shiny as you
can see on the inside of it. I couldn’t believe it. This actually, this front end is just sitting on this. It’s not bolted down. The hood or anything. – So this car was tan originally. – Apparently, it was tan, yes. And someone has redone it. I did a little bit of work
to it on the back side. Took the back bumper off of it. Finished in the holes and everything on it and all that and to make it smooth. I don’t want any bumpers on ’em. I think it takes away from the look of it. – And finally you have a – A friend of mine has
this stored out here. It’s a… I can’t tell you what year model it is. I forgot. But it has a V6 in it. – That’s a weird engine. – Yup. He’s got it stored out here really. Just to help him out because he don’t have any place to put it and it’s his grandpa’s truck. It’s been in his family forever. – Well, that’s cool. So nothing here’s for sale. These are all projects. – No everything’s for sale (laughs) – I sell, trade, horse
trade, whatever, barter. – So someone might watch this and wants to buy ones of these cars. Give me a price on that. – This one here is far as I understand is probably the way it sits, it’s probably a five to
seven thousand dollar car. – It’s a ’40 Pontiac. – ’40 Pontiac. Silver Streak Deluxe. – So what do you want for that one? Now that we know what you paid for it. – I’d take any offer for right now as far as I’m concerned. Someone wanted to give me
five hundred bucks for it I’d take it from ’em. – And you got a title for that? – Yeah. I got a clear title to it. It’s a New Mexico title but it is a title. But I got clear titles
for all these vehicles. – So it’s a running
car. Five hundred bucks. – Yeah. – Shoo! – It’s crazy. Wow. Can I drive it
back to North Carolina? – Yeah. (laughs) Just jump in it and go. But this is about all my junk I got. – That’s cool.
As far as cars and chassis and stuff. – You are the second person we’ve met from Dennis yesterday, just
meeting him in the diner, in the deli. – Dennis’s a great guy. – Great guy. He went home and went
through his phone book and says yeah, this guy, this guy. He starts sending me these names. Thanks for seeing us on Sunday afternoon, man.
– You bet. – Thank you. – No problem. Thank you. – This is a blast. This is Jeff Roland, guys. Can you guide us around and tell us what’s going on here? So did you build this? – Yeah. (engine rumbles) – We’ve gotta see the helicopter. Oh, that’s huge. I wanna buy this one. What would you say? 25 hundred. I like that one. That’s pretty cool. Okay, so where’s this K-Code? You have any idea?

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  1. Hey Hagerty Dudes…I can't tell ya how much I enjoy Tom and the Barn Finder series, but man. This episode is a little too short. 9 1/2 minutes is more like a teaser for what's coming. Thanks for your consideration. Have a great day, and Ill be looking for my subscriber "bell" to go off.

  2. They blurred out that Confederate flag…GOOD! I still don't care much for the episode itself as the cars are kind of boring but here's the thing that anyone needs to know about confederate flag, here is what ends the debate: there is only one flag that matters in this country, guess which one it is. I'll give you a hint it stands for treason, racism, slavery, segregation, and white supremacy.

  3. I am absolutely amazed at the finds that you come across in your travels, you have the most incredible job. I find myself transported when I watch your videos, the camaraderie amongst car guys !

  4. bust buy, back in 1968, bought a 1950 Studebaker coupe mint running from a widow that didn't drive $50.00 the overdrive on that car was awesome, down side = vacuum windshield wipers, harder it rained faster you had to drive, thats why they got the tag "suicide wipers"

  5. Tom, for another great find… there is a car junk yard in Huachuca City AZ on Rt.90 called Ft. Auto Parts that has a lot of classic old cars that the next time you find yourself in the Tucson would be worth your time to travel there to see. It is roughly an hour out of Tucson on the way to Ft. Huachuca the US Army Intelligence school.

  6. Dont buy into this guys!!!
    It's all fake
    I worked for people that would buy a old car and put it somewhere in a yard or a field, wait a month of so, throw some dirt on it and BANG, LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!
    it's all bullshit to sell it for more money

  7. Another episode exploring the bizarre mental condition known as 'car collecting'. Which is in fact just plain old hoarding, in one dimension… Be nice to see some actual 're-store-able ' vehicles. Look forward to the next one…

  8. Yes there are old cars out there. However, unless I want to literally sell my kidney on the black market I couldn't afford to buy a hubcap off of any of the cars that I know of for sale. Most of the old guys want about 70 grand for a rusted out, half buried and gutted Pontiac Fiero because they've watched too much Barrett Jackson.

  9. Have you ever found a 1939 Murcury. I'd love to find one and fix it up.chop top . sweetttt. You find some awesome vehicles.

  10. They walked right by the best old vehicle the man had at 1:29 . Why wouldn't you have shown the short bed Ford truck with the 2004 up Crown Vic police car running gear??

  11. We used to tell what year a car was by looking at the red plastic cover for the brake lights. At least thats the way it used to be. Like a simple "64" imprinted on the plastic.

  12. 0:21 pretty Shure the brown car is some sort of Plymouth fury or belvedere matter of time before it's colored red edit: NVM it's a starliner

  13. I have a place for you!!! Drive 2 mile's north of denton tx. at the side of the I 35 freeway is an old racetrack and what's next door will blow your mind!

  14. OK, after a while you figure out what the deep psychological forces that compel folks to restore old cars. The great thinkers and philosophers of old realized thousands of years ago that certain forms and designs are timeless and pleasing to humans. The folks that are restoring these cars are seeking to restore and revive ancient and timeless forms that have been swept aside by modernity. Art and form are part of the human psyche that can't be totally extinguished.

  15. hey i know a guy thats got a barn full of hornets hudson that is looks like 47 to 53 AND A PICKUP PLUS TRAILERS FULL OF PARTS LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO SEE IN NORTH GA

  16. Why waste time on American wrecks. American car industry has never produced anything worth saving. And that first bald guy, got a Muslim beard??? H'ugly, truly h'ugly.

  17. Lol they blurred out the confederate flag it’s funny how that stuff had exist for so long and all the sudden people start making a big dead about it

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  20. Buddy had a '39 Pontiac, titled car with a nice redone interior that would run and go and needed cosmetics and couldn't get four grand for it. Eight cylinder, at that. It's a sedan, people don't like sedans.

  21. Just found this show. I am a UK guy living in the Czech Republic and I love this show. Informative, easy going, great music too!

  22. There's a 70-72 Buick Skylark convertible around the corner from me, been sitting outside in the guys driveway since the 80's. What a shame.

  23. Give that man a ROUND TUTIT I gunna round to it in the next 60 years or so. He never is he knows it why not sell a couple off to people who will and with the money well who knows. At the moment he is just a used car dealer trying to sell

  24. The reason not to much barn finds is because disgusting recyclers but government let them getting away with this


  26. 63 GMC v6 hemi style eng spark plugs down through the valve covers I have one 4×4 original just gave to oldest daughter.

  27. You can find junk still ! but a large majority of the good cars have been bought up over the last 20 years by foreigners, euros Australians etc.. most people don't realize that.. they don't buy fixer uppers and most Americans these days wont fix a car up or know how compared to past decades.. Americans sell them to these foreigners because of greed rather than keep our American history alive they sell it to some rude foreigner for a bit more than an American will give. pretty sad

  28. I just saw an old 60s fishbowl bus rotting on the side of the road being used as a firewood shack. Had an ok looking engine in it so i climbed the hill to find a house surrounded by a hilltop of vintage cars, trucks, fire trucks, RVs, boats, etc, as far as the eye can see, and more out of sight. 10 miles out of seattle. Stuff's out there.

  29. I had a 1955 Ford 1 hundred it had leaf springs on all four corners. It came with all kinds of extra parts . Wish I had it now.

  30. Lucky they didn’t have a Jolly Roger flag on display or you all think yer in aPirates cave ! After hearing them there Prices!!!

  31. There is no way Tom drove that woodie from North Carolina to Texas. I wish he would cut the bullshit and just tell you the woodie is trailered.

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