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October 9, 2019

[Quackity]: How are you? [Quackity]: Wanna date me? [Laughing and squeaky punching noises] [Aksel]: Oh no this game is lagging for me [Sam]: This game lags for everyone [Sam]: It doesn’t matter what computer you have [Sam]: It lags for everyone [Quackity]: Today we’re pursuing the online dating carreer [Quackity]: And trust me [Quackity]: It’s very profitable [Quackity]: You’ll find the right guy [Quackity]: He’ll fly you out to his trailer for free. [Quackity]: THERES PREMIUM MEMBER BENEFITS! [Quackity]: For a game as sophisticated as this [Quackity]: I think it’s worth it. [Quackity]: $9.50 A MONTH?! [Quackity]: 15 thousand likes [Quackity]: and i’ll buy it [Quackity]: Also Club Penguin raid is on its way [Quackity]: I- i’m in- [Quackity]: I’m in an actual horse [Quackity]: How fucking cool is this dude [Quackity]: “Press page up” [Quackity]: How does this game have page up as a jumping [Aksel]: Cause’ this game was made in 1945. [Quackity]: “Residents who are 18 or over can explore even more…” [Quackity]: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! [Quackity]: OH MY GOD [Quackity]: Sam let’s get the fuck out of here [Quackity]: What the fuck [Quackity]: (Laughing) [Quackity]: What happened to your face? [Aksel]: Hello [Aksel]: I’ve come equipped [Quackity]: I’m taking off all of my clothes. [Quackity]: What happened to me? [Quackity]: I don’t need this shit [Quackity]: I need none of this shit [Quackity]: WHAT THE FUCK Hey kids! This is the family-friendly censorship pants Every time someone does something not family-friendly The censorship pants will help us censor So you can keep watching these videos with your mom and dad [Dad]: Jimmy and Jessica [Dad]: You are both adopted [Dad]: And truth is [Dad]: We’re taking you back tomorrow [Quackity]: I’m naked [Aksel]: You can literally just walk through my legs [Aksel]: Hey fella [Aksel] You know, if the ladies don’t work out [Aksel]: We can always help eachother out [Quackity]: No what the hell? [Quackity]: I need to change my clothes [Quackity]: I need to put clothes on [Aksel]: Well you’re the idiot that took them off [Aksel]: I’m gonna go find some ladies [Aksel]: Goodbye A few moments later… [Aksel]: UUUURGH! [Aksel]: WHY DO NO WOMEN LIKE ME [Aksel]: I DO EVERYTHING FOR THEM [Aksel]: I AM THE NICEST GUY [Aksel]: BUT THEY ONLY WANT THE CHANCE [Aksel]: I’M ANGRY. [Aksel]: UUUUURGH! [Quackity]: Oh I can have big anime eyes [Aksel]: Oh my god. What the hell has happened to you? [Quackity]: Goddamn- [Quackity]: I look fucking hideous! [Aksel]: Dude my fuckin’ models are not properly loading in [Aksel]: Why is my mo- [Aksel]: Why is my model just like this? [Laughter] [Aksel]: I didn’t even do this [Quackity]: I’m Keanu Reeve [Quackity]: The one and only [Quackity]: Can I have Ice Cream please- [Quackity]: Oh shit- [Quackity]: AW FUCK I WENT A LITTLE TOO FAR [Sam]: The machine broke
[Quackity]: (Laughter) [Sam]: What the hell? [Quackity]: Stop touching my leg so seductively-
[Sam]: I’m trying so much [Quackity]: Time to change my appearance [Quackity]: I’m gonna be taller, [Quackity]: Thicker, [Quackity]: OOOH. [Laughter] [Quackity]: Hey [Quackity]: Ugly lizard [Quackity]: W A N N A D A T E M E ? [Aksel]: Step away from the woman! [Aksel]: I’ve come here to take MY girl [Aksel]: Listen baby I know that i’m only 5’1 [Aksel]: But i’m 5’1… i’m joy [Aksel]: You know what i’m sayin’? [Quackity]: Just take me [Quackity]: Take me you don’t need none of these people just take me [Aksel]: Hey i’m totally okay with the whole lizard thing you know what I’m sayin’ [Aksel]: I’m all for gay people in 2017 so you know I’m progressive [Quackity]: What? This is a bot! [Quackity]: We were flirting with a bot! [Aksel]: Dude this horse isn’t even loading for me [Quackity]: I- I see the horse. I can see it [Sam]: Second life is objectively the worst game of all time [Quackity]: Alright let’s go to decorate headquarters [Quackity]: This is annoying to play, like genuinely annoying [Sam]: What’s happening to me? [Quackity]: (Laughter)
[Sam]: Jesus Christ [Sam]: What is going on with us? [Laughter] [Aksel]: I have a theory about second life [Aksel]: The worse your computer is the better it runs [Quackity]: Hey pal [Quackity]: Hey pal I need fuckin’ help over here [Quackity]: Stop staring at that tree and look at me [Quackity]: (Laughter)
[Sam]: Why is there a horse in here? [Quackity]: Angelus Llorien, Angelus Llorien [Quackity]: What did you just say to me? [Quackity]: What the fuck did you say to me? [Aksel]: What did you say to my friend? I’ll beat your ass [Aksel]: I’ll do it right now [Quackity]: I bet you don’t look like that in real life [Aksel]: I ain’t scared to beat you up i’ve beaten up men before. [Angelus]: Really bothered. [Angelus]: ugh [Monkey Noises] [Aksel] Can you shut that fucking monkey up before I kill it [Aksel]: Cmere you bitch [Aksel]: Motherfucker [Aksel]: AAAAAH! AAAAAH! [Aksel]: The monkey has posessed me! [Quackity]: Stop laughing at my friend asshole. [Aksel]: Listen here you British cunt [Aksel]: If you don’t get me down [Aksel]: You will stay in the European Union bitch [Laughter] [Aksel]: The monkey has another victim [Aksel]: I’m not gonna help you this time because I don’t wanna get stuck again i’m sorry [Quackity]: “Hello this is your warning to stop harassing members on this sim.” [Quackity]: Let’s go to “What’s Hot Now” and let’s go to… “Toxian City” [Aksel]: Keep it calm bois [Aksel]: Keep it chill [Aksel]: Keep it chill we’re next to a woman [Sam]: Dark RP boys G-Mod [Quackity]: What the hell [Quackity]: I’m going through walls someone help! A few moments later… [Quackity]: I- I still don’t stop going through walls. [Aksel]: 75,000 People on IMVU [Quackity]: Look at the initial website it looks so welcoming! [Aksel]. No. [Aksel]: No. [Quackity]: Why can’t I be pale white [Quackity]: This is offensive. [Aksel]: What the- yeah these fuckin’ skin tones they’re too fuckin’ dark [Quackity]: See this is a much better creating system [Quackity]: Instead of letting the player do whatever they want to their face. [Quackity]: Imma be… [Quackity]: Imma be Tommy W i z o w. [Sam]: Tommy Wiseau [Quackity]: SHUT UP. [Quackity]: You can wear 2 types of glasses at the same time what the hell is this game [Quackity]: You can wear all the glasses at the same time if you want to [Quackity]: Oh my god [Quackity]: Of course you get a fucking eggplant as a whole costume [Quackity]: It tells people what country i’m from! [Quackity]: Ok friend requests… [Quackity]: Sam and Big Muscle Man… [Quackity]: PRESSED IGNORE ON BOTH OF EM’ [Quackity]: SEND THEM AGAIN. [Aksel]: Dude they put the- [Aksel]: I get what you mean now [Aksel]: They put that fucking “ignore” button in a really stupid place. [Aksel]: I hate you Tommy Wiseau
[Quackity]: WHAT THE FUCK? [Quackity]: What are you doing?! [Quackity]: Stop! [Quackity]: Stop harassing me! [Quackity]: This is awful! Can’t you move your character or something? [Aksel]: The way you move is the yellow little spots… [Aksel]: Hey Tommy Wiseau i’ve always been a big fan of your movies man… [Quackity]: Oh my god… [Aksel]: Big fan man… big fan of your movies man… [Sam]: Love you Tommy.
[Quackity]: Stop! [Quackity]: Asshole stop it! [Quackity]: If you get an access pass… [Quackity]: You can like… booty dance and do weird shit with other people… [Aksel]: Mmm… Tommy. [Aksel]: We need to go to a club. [Quackity]: Yeah this ju- [Sam]: Why do I need to when I got Tommy Wiseau here. [Quackity]: Stop. I’m very concerned. [Aksel]: On the search bar put in “dating” [Aksel]: Do you like a Merry Christmas? [Aksel]: There’s like a Merry Christmas
[Quackity]: Yeah there’s a merry christmas… [Aksel]: Yeah let’s go [Aksel]: Now watch me whip, whip. Watch me nae nae. [Aksel]: Now watch me whip… whip. [Aksel]: Oi, stay away from me you dirty pervert [Aksel]: Oh guys everyone get on the piano seat [Aksel]: Let’s play the piano together come on [Quackity]: Hey! [Quackity]: There’s a guest over here… [Quackity]: I’m- i’m a… I’m finally get- I’m finally… [Quackity]: OH SHIT I STOPPED HER LEG! [Quackity]: Hey there… [Quackity]: Babe. [Quackity]: How are you? [Quackity]: Wanna date me? [Quackity]: (Reading) “You guys need Jesus” [Quackity]: (Reading) Have you heard the word suicide? [Quackity]: Uh oh… [Aksel]: Look at thi- look at this- [Aksel]: O O O O O O H Y E S . [Quackity]: (Reading) “Get the hell off me slut” [Quackity]: (Reading) “I ain’t your sex toy”- [Quackity]: NOBODY SAID SHE WAS! [Aksel]: Let’s go back to chat rooms… [Quackity]: Go to search and search up “furry”. [Quackity]: Let’s go to the furry library. [Quackity]: Can you see it? [Sam]: There’s furries here. [Sam]: Oh lord
[Aksel]: Oh my god… [Aksel]: There’s furries. [Aksel]: Oh… my god. [Sam]: I’m gonna punch this guy in the face. [Quackity]: I’m gonna punch the big furry… [Quackity]: IT LOOKS LIKE I’M PUNCHING HIS CROTCH! [Quackity]: “Sorry, you have been booted out by the room owner.” [Aksel]: Aw fuck I got booted out for kissing the owner. [Quackity]: Let’s search up “YouTube” [Aksel]: “Cry Little Sister” [Quackity]: Alright let’s go there [Quackity]: That sounds kind of scary, but let’s go there. [Quackity]: Aw hell yeah we’re dancing! [Aksel]: Woah what the hell? [Quackity]: WHAT THE FUCK? [Quackity]: You guys hearing this song? [Quackity]: Okay, fuckin’ turned the music off. [Quackity]: It’s so loud! [Aksel]: I closed it, I couldn’t be in there anymore. [Quackity]: “Singles” [Quackity]: Let’s- let’s search up singles. [Quackity]: Should we go to “18+ Romantic Island” [Quackity]: Oh these guys are having a conversation here [Quackity]: Come over here! [Aksel]: Hold on i’m making out with this girl [Aksel]: I’m on the dance floor with the ladies. [Inaudiable] [Aksel]: Tommy Wiseau’s in the building [Quackity]: What? [Quackity]: “do not touch me” [Aksel]: Oh god damn it I got booted out. [Quackity]: Uh oh. [Quackity]: Oh shit I got booted out too [Quackity]: We keep getting booted out this sucks! Outro Incoming… [Quackity]: BOOM THIS IS MY TWITTER [Quackity]: THIS IS MY INSTAGRAM [Quackity]: THIS IS MY SNAPCHAT [Quackity]: THIS IS MY DISCORD [Quackity]: GO FOLLOW ME ON ALL OF THOSE PLACES [Quackity]: BY the way… [Quackity]: I just wanna thank you guys very much for watching this video [Quackity]: Because I really do appreciate it [Quackity]: But before I go any further [Quackity]: Thank you to Aksel and Sam for helping me out with this video [Quackity]: And thank you to my Patrons [Quackity]: Who have been helping me out by supporting me [Inaudiable] [Quackity]: Also I know that a lot of people have been asking [Quackity]: The Club Penguin raid will happen. [Quackity]: It will happen, we doubled the like goal [Quackity]: But we doubled the like goal and that raid is coming [Quackity]: Be patient. [Quackity]: I wanna give you guys the best raid because I need to upgrade a part of my computer that allows me to stream [Quackity]: But as soon as I get that over with [Quackity]: The first thing i’m gonna do [Quackity]: Is i’m going to make the Club Penguin raid [Quackity]: So be ready. [Quackity]: Anyways thank you guys so much for watching, I really do appreciate it, and I hope to see you in the next- [COUGHING] [Quackity]:… In the next video

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  1. Somehow 3rd grade me was playing Second Life, thinking it was kinda like The Sims. I think it gave me a virus on my laptop weeks later.

  2. just a heads up. Second life isn't really a dating game. or a game at all. it's more of a 3d chat tool that you can blow your money on.

  3. I played imvu when I was 10. I had a damn sad time in that shit game because my "iMvu bEst Friend" betrayed me. Still got some good memories tho. Found my online best friend there and were friends for 3 years now ^^ (I was such a emo kid I hATE it)

  4. Used to play imvu because I like decorating my homepage ? and draw my own DP. Oso used my avatar as cosplay purpose. Damn i missed those days.

  5. Not sure about imvu but as far as second life is concerned you were all in the trolly part of it, SL is actually a fun world and just like people invest into fortnite, cod, coins etc into other crap that is just for apparel, if sl is invested in abit to avatars look really nice, as far as dating goes I met the love of my life on sl and live with her currently or more, like she moved across the US to be with me. If sl is a bad "game" then I guess Facebook and other social media is trash to? Because it's the same either way.. Just a 3d aspect on it. This video was abit over judged sl isn't game in the first place lol its a social platform.

  6. Every avi in IMVU nowadays looks like either Nicki Minaj or Kylie Jenner. That's why I'm still using that old avi ??
    The body is just plain ridiculous- thin arms with BOMBASS…how does that even work!????

  7. Ah IMVU,childhood,when you were searching for clothes just to add at wishlist and you were dissappointed because you had to donate for more credits,or stealing accounts just because you were wearing noob things. 🙁

  8. Ug Second Life is more than just a "dating site' Only creepy fucks like you pop on looking all basic . thinking a noob like you could ever find someoen day oen . no decent woman would date a creep on day one . maybe after ya got a decent avatar . ya was on for a few months . ya wen to clubs and got to know a few people ya might get lucky / but uh the fact ya might wanna consider is how many of teh "girls " on sl are really girls and how many "girls" are guys. lets be real .

    SL is a platform that some businesses use in private sl servers to showcase 3d rendered models of products . If ya spent any amount of time its a clothing place . potentially a chance for clothing designers in sll to make a name for themselves . there are clubs where potentially new djs gets soem exposure. There are tribute bands . live singers and much more

  9. IMVU aint a dating site, it was started as a RolePlay game where you can also chose to date or not to. It often aint even real just RolePlay.

  10. Second life is more like a old fashioned VR chat place than an actual game. But it also has games in it. Some are really fun if you find a good "sim" for it. For example I remember a place you can go to to dog fight planes. Good times. But it's really hard to get started on SL and thus not many stay. It's understandable to say the least, it has its issues.

  11. first of all, Second Life is not a dating game (and its not a game)…lol…. Have u even gone through its website?? It's a Virtual World. And in terms of dating…It's a pretty good platform to meet people around the world, do Roleplays and whatever you want. And Idk which shit PC / Internet connection you are using that it lags like that…It works smoothly 90% of times in most cases if you have a decent pc with a reliable connection 🙂

  12. Neither are dating sites unless you are a reclusive loser, simple as. Secondlife used to be full of fantasy roleplay about living in medievil times and all sorts, these days? Its just a place for whores, sluts, moral-less biggots with no concepts of real life

  13. Truth is a lot of people anywhere and everywhere struggle and simply suck at any kind of getting to know others beyond "fun" alone. Let alone a relationship. It's hard in real life. It's hard online. But both can be worth it.

  14. Geez there was no point to this video these guys didn't said anything worth it didn't bothered to make a video worth to watch they just said a bunch of stuoidities and acted like morons,what is your mental age?5?.

  15. second life is no dating game. I was a creator there and all i did was making money.
    Dating game …. whahahahhahahaha,,, all u see there is a women avatar but the person behind it is a man in RL.
    Dunno what you date but ok. Not my life tho xD

  16. I remember doing this in roblox, while using a hentai t-shirt. Oh man i got banned within hours. Not the site just those clubs. it was a blast my dudes.


  18. Wait what, who the fuck graduated from their mums basement too a bloody trailer park? Don't ya think you could of told me before my 40th birthday? Cheers internet fuckers.

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