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The World’s Greatest Archery Fan | Groupies

August 13, 2019

(BELFAST, IRELAND) Ladies and gentlemen, shooting for the men’s target
archery championship of the world,
on target number one, representing the
Russian Federation, Balzhinima Tsyrempilov! (GROUPIES) I first got introduced to
archery because of Andrew, and him watching it
all the time. (LORRAINE HORNSBY
ANDREW’S MOM) Do you want to go
and shoot some arrows? Maybe just watch this one
I noticed before. The last one? OK. Because Andrew is diagnosed
with severe autism, when he was a young child, he couldn’t communicate
if he was hungry or where he wanted to go. Whereas now he can be
articulate with other individuals, and I do put that down to the
sport of archery. See I’ve requested her. I love playing archery, but I like watching archery
best of all. Cheering on for my
favourite archers, it’s my favourite thing. I’ve travelled to watch archery
in Edinburgh, Istanbul, London, Paris, Lausanne,
Copenhagen, and Dublin. This is a picture with me
and Jorge Jiménez from El Salvador. The first time I took him
to a tournament was in Edinburgh in 2010. I got a quite a few
badges on my hat. I thought it would be so nice if I could just make this
journey with Andrew, and just see what the impact
would be. Seeing him in his element,
and how much he enjoyed it, and how much he cheered on
for all those archers was just amazing. This is the poster I got
from Istanbul 2011, and I got it from another guy
called Casey Jones. In Lausanne, I met
Jake Kaminski as well, and he gave me this black band. There were people he had been
following for a few years at this point, and they took
an interest in him. Well, this T-shirt, I got it from Brady Ellison
in Istanbul 2011. And… And he won
the gold medal there, and he took his T-shirt off,
and he gave it to me. I guess I actually thought,
“I… I like this sport too,” and I enjoyed watching it, and I thought,
“We could do this again.” The next archery competition will be the Indoor Archery
World Cup Final in Las Vegas. I would like to go to Las Vegas for the Indoor Archery World
Cup Final, but… ..they probably might have sold
the tickets out already. Dead centre. Andrew has always had it on his
bucket list, shall we call it, that he wants to go to Vegas, and it’s just going to be
a lovely surprise that the World Archery Federation
has made the arrangements that he will actually
be going to Vegas, staying in the hotel
where the event is happening, and he’ll be able to meet daily
all his favourite archers, so he hasn’t got a clue at all. I’m so, so…
I’m so bad at this. No, you’re not.
It’s just funny watching you. – Seven.
– Come on now. – Good man.
– OK. – Think that was good, Andrew?
– Yeah. – You think you did well?
– Yeah, I did well. Can you remember, Andrew,
our first trip – that we went to in archery?
– Edinburgh. It was fun. It sure was. I got a chance
to meet some of the archers. Well, do you know something?
I’ve got a surprise for you. – Yes?
– Yes. Oh, it says surprise on it. You have to read it
out loud now. The World Archery Federation would like to congratulate you,
Andrew, on being the World Archery’s
greatest archery fan, and invite you to
a very special event. Depart Belfast,
9th of February. Five nights at the
South Point Hotel and Casino. Indoor World Archery Tournament
2017. – What are you going to say?
– Watching? – Uh-huh.
– The Las Vegas shoot? – In Vegas?
– Uh-huh. – No way!
– You are. You just can’t
believe it, can you? I cannot believe it! – Are you in shock?
– I’m absolutely thrilled! Archery has certainly brought
me and my mum together. Archery has become a special
connection that Andrew and I have, and when we go off
to see tournaments, it’s time for him and I
to be together. Archery travels with my mum is the best thing
in my entire life. – There’s our hotel back.
– Oh, so it is. I will take Hannah
there someday. Would you like to take Hannah? Yes. You’d better start playing
on the machines then and win. Win the lottery. Very funny. – What’s wrong, darling?
– I’m just really nervous. Don’t be nervous.
You know it’s Brady, and he’s a good friend. I’m wicked nervous shooting
against Brady. You’ll be fine.
It’s not a competition. It’s just going to be where
you’ll be shooting for fun. I know. So there’s no pressure at all. Big smile, and let’s go. OK, we’re ready. My favourite archer in the
world is Brady Ellison. Brady will be in here. He’s an Olympic archer, and
he shoots with a recurve bow. – Do you see him?
– Yes, I do see him. What’s going on, buddy? – Hey.
– Go and see him. – How you doing?
– Fine. Good. You want to shoot
together? – Yeah.
– There you go. The first time I met Andrew
was in 2010 in Edinburgh. This kid in the stands, yelling
my name. No idea who he was. They sat next to my parents.
My mom’s like, “You have to come up here
and meet this guy.” I sat down next to him,
he knew who I was, what tournaments I’ve shot in, where I’ve placed,
what scores I’ve shot. He knew stuff about me
and my career that I didn’t even remember. You know what? How about you
shoot one of my arrows? This one’s only got one
so we’ll go below. Yup. There you go. Look at that one. Remember when you got me
this T-shirt? – Istanbul.
– Yes, that’s correct. Yup. When Brady won the World Cup
Finals in September 2011, we went and said
congratulations to Brady. I gave him my shirt,
and he immediately, like, took off his shirt, put it on,
and his mom said that she couldn’t get it off him
for a week. No problem, buddy. Good lad. Go get your bag. – That was amazing!
– Was it? That you had a dream come true. Did you take pictures
of me on my phone? I did, and I took a video. Andrew’s above and beyond not only World Archery’s
biggest fan, but archery’s biggest fan
just in general. – Oh, that’s your target.
– Thank you. Since it’s the first time
we shot together, I figured I’d sign it for you. Oh, what’s it say? “Andrew, I’m your biggest fan. “Thank you. Brady Ellison.
Vegas 2017.” Well, fantastic. We’ll have
to get that framed. Thank you. Thank you. We’ll see you soon. Yep. – See you soon.
– How good is that? The Vegas Shoot is the largest
indoor archery tournament in the world.
We’ve got 3,500 archers here. World’s best archers compete for the title of Indoor World
Cup Champion. Today I’m going to watch
the elimination matches. Matteo Fissore, he’s going
to be shooting. And I will cheer on for
my favourite archers. Here he comes. Good luck, bud. – Yeah, good job.
– Ten, ten, ten. Nine points. Ten. During the matches
I’m a wee bit vocal. He’s done it. 150. Well done, Mike. It’s almost like I’ve got
my own commentary system sitting to my side. You know, he just gets excited
and happy for them. Oh, split again. All right, come on, Brady. It was OK when Brady lost to Jean-Charles Valladont
of France. The match is over. It was a great match
between those two. – Well done.
– Thank you, buddy. We’re quite a close-knit
family in archery, and Andrew’s really
part of that. The passion he brings to
the sport is really special. There’s two there if you want. You excited? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Hello, everyone, and welcome. We are getting set for gold
medal matches for the Indoor Archery
World Cup Final. After the elimination round,
we move into the other arena where they were
doing the finals. – Victory.
– Yes! We got to sit in the VIP area, which Andrew thought
was just amazing. Right on the line,
but it’s in, though. We’ll be bringing out
Andrew to the main arena in front of the 5,000 fans we
have here at the Vegas shoot. We’ll be giving him some
recognition for passion and the energy that embodies what we want in our fans
of the sport. Congratulations. The trip to Las Vegas
has definitely topped all the
archery trips so far. Oh, I’m so excited! It was really very emotional
for me because I just see Andrew and
how much he’s progressed. What you’re looking
at right now is the World Archery
Fan of the Year Award. Andrew’s been to all
the World Cup finals to watch Brady shoot.
It’s a really cool thing. Congratulations. There you go.
Hold it up. When I got the award, I was
feeling a wee bit nervous, but in the end,
I was feeling very joyful. It most certainly has been the
biggest crowd I’ve ever seen. I’m so proud of you.
Well done. Let me see it.
Oh, you’re shaking. I love knowing that I’m the mum
of archery’s biggest fan. Being Andrew’s mum is
an absolute gift. He is inspirational to me and he’s an amazing young man. I can’t remember what my life
was like without archery. I love archery because
it’s the best sport in my life.

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