The Virus – Animator vs. Animation Shorts – Episode 1
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The Virus – Animator vs. Animation Shorts – Episode 1

August 16, 2019

*Drawing and animating flower* (Stretching) The Second Coming: Look’s like Alan is working on an animation. (Goes in adobe animate) The Second Coming: Hey! The Second Coming: Need help? Alan: (Proceeds to go to text mode) Alan: [Y] Alan: [Yeah, can] Alan: [Yeah, can you h] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me m] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me make it] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me make it look mor] Alan: [Yeah, can you help me make it look more natural?] The Second Coming: Show me. The Second Coming: Can do. (Takes out pencil) (Proceeds to draw stick workers) The Second Coming: {Erase the flower} The Second Coming: {Erase time bros!} Erasestick: {Okay!} The Second Coming: {Next Frame!} Framestick: {Okay!} (Drawing and erasing) The Second Coming: Next frame! Framestick: Okay! The Second Coming: {Done!} TSC: {Alan it’s done!} TSC: {Bye!} The Second Coming: {Try now} Alan: Seems good! Alan: [High five!] (Computer fan whirring) TSC: It is hot here can you please turn on the AC (Touches the PC) Alan: [Ahh! It is so hot like lava] TSC: 92°C?!?! The Second Comind: It was 24°C! How in the world did it turn into 92°C? The Second Coming: Wait, What;. Alan: [ViraBot in the non-Milky Way Computer World turned it into 92°C temp] Alan: [It is an auto-downloaded virus] Alan: [Let me just end it’s task.] System: The operation could not be completed.

Access is denied. Alan: [TCS, where are you going?] Alan and TCS: [What is all of this?] ViraWeb? ViraMail? ViraStore? TSC: {ViraAntiVirus?} What about the Control Panel? You have been denied permission to access the Control Panel. Access is denied. Alan: No!! Why did it download? TCS: Well I don’t know! Yes!!! WHAT?! TSC: Draw me a hammer TCS: YOU NEED TO BE FREAKING TRASHED! No You can’t trap me!! (heheehehe) Missile Launcher Something crazy is going on out there and the animator is distracting him It is a spider but its a virus type! It cant get into a flash game! OH NO……It can…. Die bi*** Alan: NO YOU DON’T TOUCH MY STICK FIGURES You can’t stop me. We must find da wae The Second Coming: Brother! Red: The Chosen One! Blue: He’s here! Alan: He is back? Orange: Brother! I missed you TCO: {I am here to save you brother and my other cousins!} Time is here! We shall see… Indeed… (Fight starts!) To be Continued Hey guys, I finally got an Instagram account, please follow me on Instagram. It’s awesome and I also have a Facebook and Twitter those have existed for a while, but all will be there, too. They’re also awesome But yeah, I hope you enjoyed this first AvA short I will be continuing it after I make another minecraft short. So if you don’t want to miss the next one subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. Jajaja noooo.
    Estaba sudando de lo que iba a pasar y me dejaron con el gusto en el paladar(por decirlo así) jajaja

  2. Я сделал Русскую Версию!
    I create russian Version!
    What about englich version, and 2 part?
    Что насчет английской версии, и второй части?

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